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This mini portfolio highlights recent projects and gives a snapshot of my work.

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Sarah Klauer MiniFolio

  1. 1. Sarah Klauer MiniFolio: Project Snapshots April 2016 763.227.0835 @futurelucia
  2. 2. Contents • Introduction • Brand Strategy Toolset • Market Pantry Re-Brand (Owned Brand Strategy) • Up & Up Packaging (Owned Brand Strategy) • The Connectory (User Research/Digital Platform) • Flexi (Digital Tool/Productivity) • Ripe (Food Industry) Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  3. 3. Bio Sarah Klauer (MBA, LEED Green Associate) is a passionate storyteller and creative implementer of strategy. She has more than five years of professional experience in business strategy, marketing, writing, and market research. Sarah currently works in community energy program management at Center for Energy and Environment, where she designs and facilitates workshops, and works to integrate design thinking. Previously, she was a creative strategist at Target Corporation, focused on their owned brand portfolio. Sarah’s passion for design, sustainability, brand stories, and organizational management led her to become part of the fifth cohort of MBA in Design Strategy students at California College of the Arts. Sarah has earned her LEED Green Associate credential, and helped to found the CCA chapter of Net Impact, a nationwide organization that builds links between business and sustainability. Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  4. 4. Design Process Research, brainstorming, development, and iteration lead to good design and successful projects. Often a project needs to explore ambiguity and go wide before coming together into its final form. Designing For Growth by Jeanne Liedka is one of my favorite tools. Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  5. 5. Brands Worked With Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  6. 6. Strategy Toolset Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  7. 7. Positioning Statement Framing a Brand REASON TO BELIEVE BENEFIT COMPETITIVE FRAME TARGET MARKET As a passionate believer in the home, IKEA enables people of all backgrounds interested in affordable design to make everyday life better by providing functionality, delight, and self-expression. We believe quality and design should be affordable to many. We call this“democratic design”, and it’s made up of five elements that form the starting point for every product we design. Home. We believe it’s the most important place in the world. At IKEA, we want to inspire many people to make the most out of their home, making every day life more enjoyable. We are a values-driven company with a passion for life at home. Every product we create is our idea for making home a better place. We to offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. We think about home furnishing beyond form and visual appeal, designing products that also solve some of life’s daily challenges. We want to reach as many people as possible and enable them to create their dream home at an affordable price. Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  8. 8. Design Thinking Facilitation Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  9. 9. Brand Naming Workshop Facilitation Naming Workshop Detailed Agenda (Not for distribution) Objective: To explore < redacted > Brainstorm mind-set: As we brainstorm, withhold judgment (evaluation through legal etc. lens will come later) No filibusters. (30 seconds per idea) Everyone gets to speak Build on the ideas of others Have fun! 12:00 – 1:00 Sarah to set up room with stimuli, tools, check digital capabilities, etc. (Should be straightforward and will likely not need assistance.) 1:00 - 1:05 Arrival, settle in 1:05 - 1:10 Introduction - General Overview and Welcome (1 minute) - Set objective (1 minute) - Review agenda (1.5 minutes) - Review brainstorming mindset (1 minute) - Watch video if people didn’t watch on their own 1:15 - 1:35 Guest Mindset - Target-centric mindset (Ice Breaker) (5 minutes) - How does < redacted >make her feel? (5 minutes) - What products, services, and brands is she passionate about? (5 minutes) 1:30 – 1:40 Brainstorm around brand territories - Confidence (Feel good, walk with head held high, my identity) (5 minutes) - Femininity (5 minutes) 1:40 – 2:15 Brainstorm around brand territories, pick favorites as we go along Idea Storm | Prompt Stations (6.5 minutes) Discuss/Look at favorites (~ 4 minutes extra on each) - Floral Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  10. 10. Brand Pyramid Building Meaning ELECTRIC DRIVE CABRIOLET No gas. No oil changes. Just Instant torque. Milage: 122 city/93 hwy Automatic convertible top PURE COUPE Everything you need and nothing you don’t. Milage: 34 city/38 hwy Solid roof PASSION CABRIOLET Go topless. More sound and more sun. Milage: 34 city/38 hwy Automatic convertible top PASSION COUPE Sporty, fun and loaded with extras. Milage: 34 city/38 hwy Panoramic roof ELECTRIC DRIVE COUPE No gas. No oil changes. Just Instant torque. Milage: 122 city/93 hwy Panoramic roof I get: a cost effective, low gas milage/electric, safe, progressive car. I feel: smart, fun, ecologically responsible. I am: a hip urban environmentalist. I’m saving the world and my wallet while having fun. PRODUCTS+FEATURES PHYSICAL EMOTIONAL ASPIRATIONAL MEANINGFUL Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  11. 11. Competitor Mapping 2x2 Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  12. 12. Market Pantry Re-Brand Target Creative Project Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  13. 13. Market Pantry Re-Brand Role Sarah Klauer Portfolio In the early stages of this project, I helped communicate guest feedback, crafting strategic statements and displays to inspire designers. I crafted product set-specific strategies and participated in brand re-positioning workshops.
  14. 14. Up & Up Packaging Target Creative Project Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  15. 15. Up & Up Packaging Toolset To inspire and inform the team, I developed a variety of tools to support the project. These tools were adopted for other major firm projects.
  16. 16. Up & Up Packaging Example Refresh Outcome Before After Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  17. 17. The Connectory Collaboration with Reut Kovetz Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  18. 18. The Connectory Process Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  19. 19. The Connectory Research + Insights We interviewed 25 designers, as well as industry professionals, designing the study to get the best insights. We uncovered four key issues: • Interacting with end users is extremely important for designers. • Seeing users in context is vital. • Designers find focus groups and surveys limiting. • Finding end users is a real barrier for designers. Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  20. 20. The Connectory Ecosystem Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  21. 21. The Connectory Screen Shots
  22. 22. The Connectory Screen Shots Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  23. 23. Flexi Collaboration with Evan Brown, Justin Lokitz, Laura Smith, Fangshu Zhu Organization Task management Support work-life balance Usable and simple Get things done Give back control Reduce noise Minimize distraction Grant Understanding Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  24. 24. Flexi Research + Journey Mapping 8am 10am 12pm 2pm 4pm 6pm awesome!terrible. arrive at work check first email of the day morning meeting email drudgery work on shared documents communicate with team on action items personal email at lunch make personal appointments at lunch after lunch email drudgery project meeting guiltily check XKCD project wrap up check email before going home Observations: - Email drudgery ranks low - Work on shared documents has lowest points - Project meetings and personal tasks rate highest - Email is the most repeated task STYLE ONE: TIMELINE Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  25. 25. Flexi Research + Journey Mapping Correspondence A communication. Any action or activity that involves a dialoge or exchange of information Email is the fourth most preferred way to communicate. Most people have different email for work and personal; many use the same device for both. "I like email communication because it gives you time to think about what you're saying." "I wish we used instant messaging (instead of email) because it's faster and I can keep adding questions." Lifestyle is on the go so I have become accustomed to using it more than any other device. If an e-vite comes in it will stay in my inbox until it's handled via task management processes, then email is deleted/ archived. I use a desktop at work, but if something needs attention after work I use my laptop which has remote software, but the UI makes everything so tiny that it's frustrating. Occasional b-day card is the only snail mail. Task Management Time management. Any action or activity twhere tools and tricks are used to manage one’s time or tasks. Information Gathering Exploration with intent. The purposeful seeking and/ or gathering of information. Content Creation If you build it, it counts. Any originated material made with any tools. loveit.hateit. Many people use the same calendar for both work/personal. My company uses Time Matters software that is sycned with Outlook calendar which can be pushed to phone. The syncing is not always 100%, so there is a lot of double checking the source. "I forgot about it (physical calendar) a lot." I use a dry erase board to carve out my schedule for the week then takes a pic of it with my iphone and use that for reference. Scheduling co-workers' time was listed as the 3rd most difficult remote task. Dry erase board for home. Used to keep checklist electronicly but wouldn't check. Don't like that its never empty - and don't want a bigger board. If more detail is needed for work then I have to Will bring laptop with me to class and simultaneously pull up song tracks via spotify / youtube and sheet music (if he doesn't have it already) for reference when teaching. All research is done online. if paper research is needed, that gets deligated. General searching with webbased search (Google). Company based intra-extranet. Navy has intranet - but do very little public searching-lots of encryption but more safe. Navy bandwidth is HORRIBLE -- I leave and go to an internet cafe to search. Private work uses a CRM system - access style database which is slow but tailored. I can do a limited search on my BlackBerry vs. full report pulling on laptop (need VPN to get reports). My wife has iPhone and personal searches - but BlackBerry searches are difficult due to clunky page layout. Starting to use my laptop more and more for I only use Word - and typically a template is used (no real original source create) and do not use phone for any work searching. Do not create any other artifacts in my personal life (no budget, non electronic email etc). "WorkP - MSFT suite is used: W,ord, Excel, or PowerPoint.“ “Both work using templates not a lot of new original work but source content coming from others - (which is new within the last 5 years and is a more efficient use of time.” "Is there a way to create [spreadsheets] on an iPad?" I generate almost all content in the browser (GoogleDocs) but it gets frustrating when it crashes. "Always go to my laptop" for data imput. Most content creation is with regards to recording music. Use iphone "Voice Memos" to record quick song compositions - then e using FlipBoard to read s! It’s the only way I do it. Unfriendly interface. Too many tabs and windows on phone/tablet. Capability limited when using smart phones. Function limited on tablet. Browser crashes. Using iPhone to take pictures. It's difficult to schedule coworkers' time. "I hate things beeping at me!" Organize events with friends using FB. computer, but never have Email allows me time to think. Real time is efficient! Love talking to clients/friends face to face! Texts are expensive. Small screen is frustrating. I’m relying too much on my phone! I need to make a paper trail for phone calls Smart phone for everything. I need to have separate work and personal calendars. I’m a“List Person...” Paperless! I shouldn’t do my personal stuff at work. I
  26. 26. Flexi Business Model CHANNEL •  APP store •  Advertorial marketing •  In-app purchase •  Web download •  Business to business •  Web forum •  Developer community •  Live in beta Free Trial Freemium Fee for Analytics Sell Data Premium Ad for Free Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  27. 27. Flexi Prototype
  28. 28. Ripe Collaboration with Eda Goksel, Daniel Gomez, Yookyung Bang
  29. 29. Ripe User Segment + Research We examined the ready meal industry to see where there might be opportunities. This entailed secondary research, 21 interviews, and a preliminary survey (30+ Respondents). Lack of expertise Lack of time or preference to spend time in other activities Nostalgia for a particular time or place + Preference to pay for quality LATENT MOTIVATIONS BIG INDUSTRY (81 BILLION) LOW VALUE Food Waste Unknown Sources Guilty Experience Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  30. 30. Ripe Prototype Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  31. 31. Ripe Prototype Sarah Klauer Portfolio
  32. 32. Ripe Business Model RIPE LAUNCH MODEL Revenue Streams Channels Customer Relationships Customer SegmentsValue PropositionsKey ActivitiesKey Partners Key Resources Cost Structure Restaurants Catering Media Promotion Endorsements Food Truck Parks Corporate Clients Connecting with Meal Providers BD/Marketing Management Meal Delivery Packaging Service Strong Partnerships Brand/Package Staff Delivery Platform Website/Mobile App Local Food Diversity Convenience Health Trust Eat at Home or Work Hip Personalized Web/App Service Online Community Education/Local Discovery Working Professionals in the Bay Area Foodies/Hype Followers Working Parents Walk-Ins Food Truck Delivery Social Media Mobile App/ Website Food Fairs/Shows Revenue from Meal Sales -  Subscription -  Walk-in -  Event Sales Staff Package Care Food Truck Spoilage Office/Storage Restaurant/Caterer Cut Packaging
  33. 33. Contact 763.227.0835 @futurelucia