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Marketing campaign

  1. 1. Marketing CampaignA New ‘James Bond’ Film By Sarah Innes
  2. 2. Press JunketsLocationMayfair Hotel London – This hotel is well known for holding major events such as BFI film festival and LondonFashion week, this hotel fits in well with the classy James Bond film and it also offers many well suit rooms to holdthe press Junket such as the screening room.Screening Room - The May Fairs screening room holds seating up to 201, In front of the 8m screen a stage,available with optional speakers podium, provides an energising and inspiring platform for multimediapresentations. This room offers a stage for the cast and crew to sit and a screen to show case pictures of the newfilm and a option to show clips. The room holds many seats for the press, allowing enough room for cameraequipment and lighting.Newspapers and TV channels which will attendThe Times, BBC News, Daily Telegraph – TA, High middle and upper class Conservatives.Sky News, The Guardian, MTV – TA, 12-24, average age of viewers is 21.Empire Magazine – TA, Male aged 16-30, TV GuideI have decided to invite this group of press to the press junket as this group is a good representation of the target audience groupof media. As well as getting the news of the movie to the target audience this group of media will also create a good write up forthe new movie considering the pros and cons of the storyline and the cast. This will help create attention surrounding the releasebecause of the amount of published write up which people have read in well established film magazine such as Empire reasuringthe public that the movie is well worth seeing.The Eon Production company has hosted many press junkets before for the James Bond Movies, the latest one which they hostedwas for the new James Bond Skyfall (2012) movie. This was held in London in November 2011, the principle cast and directorattend this event, helping to create a big hype for the new movie as they shared a few secrets of the new movie including the wellwaited name Skyfall and the new Bond girl Bérénice Marlohe. This press junket created a big buzz for the new movie as the fanhad something to wait for, this also helps to create extra attention for this movie with the award companies as they can expectthis movie might be a consider for award in 2013.
  3. 3. TrailerThe new James Bond movie will be a 12 certificate , this means that the movie trailer will be shown in advert breaks and inmovies which are suitable for children 12 and over. The target audience for this film is men and women age 13 to 59, the bestadvertising strategise for this film is to play the trailer in the slots of TV programs and films which people in the target audiencewill watch and enjoy. This will make the film instantly appeal to them as if it appears at the correct time the trailer will make theaudience want to see the film when it comes out in the cinema.TV Advertising Slots for TrailerSpartacus: Vengeance – Showing the James Bond film trailer in the advertising slots in this TV advert will help raise awareness tothe target audience which will watch the show and would be interested in the new Bond movie. This TV show will attract thetarget audience for watching the James Bond trailer due to the historic action drama which the movies target audience willenjoy to watch.Grimm – I will show the James Bond trailer during this TV show due to the connection of the target audience between the TVshow and the James Bond movie. Getting the target audience to see this trailer will help show them the story of the new JamesBond movie which will create a buzz to make them see the movie in cinemas when it is realised.Unforgettable – I will play this movie in the TV advert break of the show Unforgettable show due to the sharing the same actiongenre and audiences as the James Bond movie. This trailer will bring in more audience to the new James Bond film boosting theBox office release total.Movie Advertising Slots for TrailerThe Hunger Games (2012) – Showing the film trailer before The Hunger Games helps gather the younger target audience for thenew James Bond movie. This movie will invite the younger James Bond target audience due to the connection of the actionadventure which both movies share and which the target audience is drawn to.This Means War(2012) – By showing the new James Bond trailer before the viewing of This Means War will help gather in themiddle age of the target audience, making them want to see the movie when it comes out in cinemas. This movie will invite theJames Bond middle age range of 22-34 to the cinema because of the comedic twist of CSI agents and the fight for love.The Bourne Legacy (2012) – Playing the new James Bond trailer in the cinema before Bourne Legacy will help bring the movie tothe attention of the older target audience of James Bond, making them want to see the movie when it comes out in cinemas.This movie will help draw the audience aged 35-59 due to the history of the Bourne movies being twisted special agent movieswhich started in 2002. This movie also shares the same target audience as James Bond to make sure that the correct audienceknows about the release of the film and wants to see the movie.
  4. 4. PosterThe most effective way to advertise the James Bond film is displaying billboards and posters in the center of London, putting themup in tube stations and busy shopping streets such as High Street Kensington. I would hang up the movie posters in these places toattract the busy city workers and the student which will see the posters while walking down a street in their break or traveling towork, catching their attention and informing them of the well awaited new movie. This will also attract their attention due to thedemand of a much needed break which would include a nice evening going to the movies when the film come out.Examples of Tube Posters Examples of Billboards on Shopping Streets A spokeswoman for Clear Channel said the Cromwell Road billboards deliver an estimated 2.3 million impacts every two weeks, this adjusts the box office figures dramatically if you have a eye catching poster for the movie as many people are attracted to big billboards if advertised well. Transport Media believe the London Underground Tube plays a key part in attracting targeting audiences in London, 150,000 commuters use the underground ever hour which offers brands the opportunity to communicate to their audiences using different types of advertising products. The London Transport media which helps advertising teams place their work offer twenty different types of media products with each one being created to reach a specific audience type. With statistics coming in very high with advertisement placements in London it shows that Billboards and Poster placed int he correct location for the target audiences is one of the key tools in a movies success. If the James Bond posters follow in the same footsteps of advertisement successes as Harry Potter the movie will bring in the audience.
  5. 5. Viral CampaignViral campaigns are very important in bringing in the younger target audience in with any film, this is because 60 percent ofteenagers spend on average 20 hours per week in front of computer screens and some even higher. With the percentage being sohigh this is one of the main advertising strategies, putting web banner up on Facebook and setting up a Twitter account for the moviewill send out the message quickly of the new movie to the younger audience. Due to he amount of interactive media you can set upin the advertising posters on the web this will instantly attract the eye of the web users as if you click on the poster it will direct youto the movie website and onto the trailer which will make them want to see the movie.With the main part of the target audience being the older generation the viral campaign will not work as much as it will on theyounger part. But with the increase of time which the older generation spends online it does bring to attention the need for a JamesBond website for the new movie. This website will include the latest news, trailers and clips of the up coming movie as well asconnections to local cinemas with times and booking information. With this website being so interactive it is easy for the adult todecide if the like the movie and if they want to see it, they confirm this with the link to cinema bookings. The older generation willfind out about this website mainly because of seeing the many posters around the cities and town which will help advertise the useof the new website for more information. James Bond Skyfall (2012) official movie website with Sony Pictures. This website is also interactive with a option to like the age which will automatically show on your Facebook page, advertising the new movie amongst all our friends.
  6. 6. MerchandisingMany types of merchandising will not work for this film due to the high target audience range that this movie holds. Even thoughthe older part of the audience will not be interested in the merchandising the younger generation might, many of them wouldbe interested in buying posters of the movie as this is a very common way of expressing your personality in you bedroom quitecheaply. There are many forms of poster you can produce to sell on websites such as Amazon and stores such as HMV. You cancreate poster of a varied size and price with some of them coming in a frame and have a copy of the stars signature on it toincrease sales popularity of the film. Other merchandise which the studio would consider for a movie like James Bond is a videogame, this merchandise product will be targeted at the younger male target audience and would be made to copy the storylineof the movie to make it seem that the user is James Bond helping build a connection between the love of the game and themovie.Film producers and distributors rarely manufacture film-related products themselves, but license the right to sell these productsto other companies. The owners of licensable film properties are most often the major film studios. Studios revenues frommerchandise vary greatly depending on the films released in any one year. These companies have serious interests inmerchandising and consumer goods, as indicated by the $2.5 billion revenues reported by Disneys Consumer Products divisionin 2004. The movie Lord of the Rings took 10 percent of the budget for the trilogy and was raised by selling rights to videogames, toys, and merchandise companies. These products can be useful in promoting films, due to this the movie basedmerchandise is often part of the massive, coordinated promotional campaigns and started months before a films release.If the James Bond game and poster were realised before the movie it will help the promotional campaign for the realise of themovie in cinemas. It will help inform the younger generation about the movie and the different characters helping educate themabout the James Bond history conclusively making them want to see the movie in cinema bringing up the box office total.