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Extended Project Presentation

  1. 1. Extended ProjectThe Body Shop: Inner Beauty Advertising Campaign Sarah Innes
  2. 2. Brief: Aim of ProjectBriefFor the Extended Project, there are four types of Project to pick from:• Write a dissertation• Produce an artefact, like a sculpture, model or DVD• Develop and showcase a performance (sport, drama or music)• Conduct an investigation/field studyFinal DecisionQuestion: Can an advertising campaign change the way girls use make-up?Company to Re-Brand: The Body Shop (make-up range)Companies to Research:Aveda - http://www.aveda.co.uk/home.tmplThe Body Shop – http://www.thebodyshop.co.ukDainty Dolls – http://www.harrods.com/brand/dainty-dollProduction: Advertising Campaign – Poster, TV advert and website banner•
  3. 3. Project Proposal :Advertising CampaignQuestion: Can an advertising campaign change the way girls use make-up?Plan: I stared to research into advertising campaigns which target young girls to buybeauty products and the belief that girls need to look a certain way. I researcheddeeper in the matter by finding out how these campaigns effect the emotional mindsof these girls, making them think that women shown in the media are the norm. Afterseeing these images of skinny ‘beautiful’ celebrities it triggers some young girls inthinking that this is what you should look like to be popular like these celebrities,resorting to anorexia and extreme beauty requiems to achieve this look. I looked intowhy this happens, researching into documentaries, books, article and interviews tofind the answers for why girls feel they have to look a certain way.
  4. 4. ResearchNicola Roberts: Dainty Dolls Make-upDainty Dolls is a make-up range founded by Girls Aloudsinger Nicola Roberts. She set it up due to the life timeproblem she has had finding make-up products whichhave the correct colour pallet for her skin shade. As Nicolahas very fair skin and ginger hair, much of her lifeconsisted of making sure she always had a tan and darkerhair, she was ashamed with how she looked. After a lifelong battle with the way she looked and the many bullingreports in the Media, (2002) about her being a ‘uglyduckling’ she finally had the will power to embrace whoshe really is, taking of the fake tan and dyed hair shefound peace with herself and though that she decided tohelp people in her situation making sure they understandher story and that there is a make-up brand now out therethey can use to help be true to their colour.
  5. 5. The Body ShopThe Body Shop is a health and beauty chain shop; it advertises their products as beingmade up of naturally sourced ingredients enhancing the natural beauty of thecustomers and protecting the planet in the process. The stores sell many differentproducts such as make-up, skin care, hair care and shower products.“I just want The Body Shop to be the best, most breathlessly exciting company – andone that changes the way business is carried out. That is my vision.”Anita Roddick,(2009) Human Rights Activist, Founder of The Body Shop.The Body Shop does not advertise their products not through TV, radio and evenposters, their techniques is very different, they only advertise their beliefs such ascampaigns against trafficking in women. In 2009 the store launched a campaign toStop Sex Trafficking of Children and Young People, with the celebrity support of JamieOliver, Robert Pattinson, Sienna Miller, Nicole Kidman, MPs and many more thecampaign and The Body Shop got a huge boost of media attention also including thepublic.
  6. 6. Eating Disorders – How the media affects young childrenEating disorders is a widespread problem with men andwomen; it has dramatically increased among pre-teens,Alexandra Fawcett, (2009), Anorexia: beyond the statistics,The Guardian where admissions went from 36 in 1996/7 to81 in 2006/7 – a rise of 125%.From a very young age women and men have beeneducated to look and act a certain way. Every week in thetabloids celebrities are slapped across every page; sharingtheir crash dieting tips and being criticised for gaining a fewpounds. The main question asked is this the message wewant to send youth of today. Dove’s Real Beauty Campaignis one of the only advertisements on the market that usesreal women to advertise their beauty products. As a maincompany in the fight against body image problems in younggirls, Dove also holds various self confidence work shopsaround the country to encourage young girls to thinkpositively about themselves and love their bodies no matterwhat size they are.
  7. 7. Photography Idea drawing the audience in thinking that if they buy these clothes they will be as happy as these women. The styling of the women is very plan but very effective, each women has their hair and make-up the same and dressed in similar clothing, this is a very raw representation of the brand showing howThis billboard advert featuring Chloẻ fall the women defines the clothing making2010-2011 collection, the theme being the photo very relatable for the audience.natural and beautiful, the same theme Iwant to include in my advertising campaign. Mock up Poster/ Web Banner IdeaThis poster is a good representation of theend result I want to end up with, it showsthe models having fun outside, no matterwhat the weather. The colours in thephotograph are very rich representing afield of gold, the connotation that in theseclothes they are worth a million dollars,
  8. 8. Video IdeasChanel Mademoiselle Commercial (Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign)http://vdioh.com/Video.aspx?VideoId=14999This Chanel advert is the base for the base for the Spring/Summer collection starringBlake Lively; I love this advert as it creates a scene of classic beauty. Many of the shotsfocus on the direction of the light in the room, creating a visual focus for the audienceas the camera winds its way through the hose to the model. Shots taken with themodel show a behind the scenes effect, re-creating the image of her being an icon tofollow.Set in Paris it creates a simple representation of the brand, using soft music anda mixture between the black and white in their final edit, it bring the whole look of theshoot together. I will uses these TV advert to help with the final editing of my advertas it shows a good demonstration of how you can uses music and visual colours tochange the tone of the advert.
  9. 9. Versace / Vanitas Chez Marionnaudwww.youtube.com/watch?v=3L1sr7CWJrsThis Versace perfume advert shows a great example on how to create an advert whichattracts the audience in. This advert does this by the use of close-ups, exotic bluecolours and a combination between focuses keeping the audience interested. Thedipped lights and strong movements of the model give a unique portal of the themeof the perfume, showing the audience instantly what perfume represents. This adverthelps me create an idea for my advertising campaign as it shows how close-ups canchange the way the audience watches he advert, keeping them hooked on the screenfor a bit longer.
  10. 10. Story Board - TV Advert
  11. 11. First Cut of TV Advert - Inner Beauty Make-up Collection Feedback Positive - The footage flows from shot to shot - The music is suited to the theme of the advert - The quality of the footage is very clear. - The structure of the advert is very clear. Negative - The shot of the make-up is poor quality. - The voice recording about the make-up is crackly and noisy. - The music cuts are not smooth. - Some fades are uneven.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ Improvements zsNwZO-jF0 - Change the shot of the make-up. - Re-edit the music to make it flow. - Change the volume of the voice over. - Edit the voice over to make it clean.
  12. 12. Final TV Advert - Inner Beauty, The Body Shop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7ywskUT Jzg
  13. 13. Final Billboard - Inner Beauty, The Body Shop
  14. 14. Final Billboard - Inner Beauty, The Body Shop
  15. 15. EvaluationIn the duration of working on my project I have come up with and researched into many differentideas for my project, I have chosen the best few and developed them to meet the standard ofwork needed and in the end produced a high quality advertising campaign including a TV advert,billboard and web banner. The brief was followed to a very high detail through the way Iconstructed my advertising campaign, I now believe that girls can be changed and re-educatedabout the way they use their make-up, and the advertising campaign I created has one of theonly pictures on the market which does not include air brushing. This is a constant reminder forpeople who see the advert that you can be natural and beautiful and they can start their newlook with a brand new natural make-up collection which is good for your skin and confidence. Mywhole project idea was to try and re-educate young girls that natural beauty is the way forward,my advertising was made to stand up for the amount of false adverting in the market today. My campaign encourages young girls to have fun and be the natural beauty that you were meantto be, I back up the argument with the way I have laid out my campaign in the form of the ‘happygo lucky’ vibe of my advert with the quirky music and the happy natural girl in the advert. If I didthis project again I would not do much differently, I am really pleased with the outcome of theadverting campaign as it is exactly how I imagined it, the message I have sent out in theadvertising campaign is really strong due to way the models beauty and personality shinesthrough.