Prestige Driver Training & Personal Safety Courses


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Presentation about provision of driver training on track using Police and Self-Defence Instructors as well as Race Instructors to bring down insurance risks and therefore reduce premiums on car insurance, public liability and Directors and Officers liability. These seminars at race circuits will look after your wealthiest Clients and increase attendance

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Prestige Driver Training & Personal Safety Courses

  1. 1. Corporate Training Course A Full Day Track and Road Driving Corporate Training Course B Half Day Refresher Course on Track and Road
  2. 2. Introduction “The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 is a landmark in law. For the first time, companies and organisations can be found guilty of corporate manslaughter as a result of serious management failures resulting in a gross breach of a duty of care. The Act, which came into force on 6 April 2008, clarifies the criminal liabilities of companies including large organisations where serious failures in the management of health and safety result in a fatality.” Extract from The Health and Safety Executive website, 2008 Now, the Health and Safety Offences Act also brings culpability to Managers whose staff injure persons while carrying out their work – so training in breakaway techniques during threatening situations is vital.
  3. 3. The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007, along with the Health and Safety Offences Act expose Senior Management of Companies to personal liability. If your personnel use their own private cars for business purposes then your Company should be giving training in how to handle such vehicles. Prestige Driver Training is operated by the Prestige Track Club Ltd and uses only ARDS, ADI and Police driving instructors. Delegate Profile: which personnel in your Company or your Client companies would benefit from attendance? Senior executives who drive powerful cars and 4x4s, their spouses and partners Key staff who would be difficult to replace whilst recovering from injury Personnel who routinely use their own vehicles while travelling on business Staff members who travel more than 250 miles per week on business Personnel whom you wish to reward, demonstrating that the company cares for their safety
  4. 4. Corporate Training Course A Full Day Track and Road Driving
  5. 5. Prestige Driver : Corporate Training Course A - skill components A1 Classroom briefing theory of balance 30 mins A2 1-to-1 in car circuit driving skills brake / turn / accelerate 60 mins A3 ABS Demonstration learn to steer while braking 30 mins A4 1-to-1 Skid Pan coping with hazardous conditions 30 mins LUNCH A5 Classroom briefing Personal Safety and Breakaway 30 mins A6 1-to-1 Road Driving skills ADI/Police instructor on road 60 mins A7-OR 1-to-1 Off Road for those with 4x4 cars 60 mins OR A7-AHT 1-to-1 in car Anti-Hijack Techniques 60 mins
  6. 6. Component Content: A1 Classroom Briefing Sets the standard for understanding vehicle balance and the dynamics of handling A2 1-to-1 in car instruction on track Lap by lap building up an understanding of how the car feels when balanced and when unbalanced; how braking and steering input can be optimised to keep the vehicle under control A3 ABS Demonstration Demonstrates how drivers can steer while braking to avoid hazards; demonstrates what happens to the brake pedal when ABS kicks in A4 1-to-1 Skid Pan Applies the theories and skill sets above to slippery conditions; takes the shock-element out of hitting ice thus greatly improving reaction times to hazards LUNCH The lunch break is the perfect time to discuss the skills already achieved with fellow drivers and instructors
  7. 7. A5 Classroom Briefing Personal Safety and Breakaway Input from Defend UK, licensed by the NHS and LEAs to train staff in how to deal with threatening behaviour and to calm difficult situations A6 1-to-1 Road Driving Skills ADI and Police Instructors follow the theory with practical instruction on the open road A7-OR 1-to-1 Off Road Instruction in low-range driving, including how to drive off-road in an environmentally-friendly way OR A7-AHT 1-to-1 in car Anti-Hijack Techniques demonstrated by Police and Personal Safety specialists FINAL DEBRIEF Final classroom-based discussions and round-up of theories and skills acquired
  8. 8. Corporate Training Course B Half Day Refresher Course on Track and Road
  9. 9. Prestige Driver : Corporate Training Course B - skill components B1 Classroom Briefing Sets the standard for activities on track; refresh theories of brake/turn/accelerate 30 mins B2 1-to-1 in car refresh circuit driving skills including smooth balance of the vehicle under braking, constant turn-in and smooth acceleration 60 mins B3 1-to-1 Road Driving Skills Refresh roadcraft, observation, avoidance and evasion skills with ADI or Police Instructor 60 mins B4 Classroom Debrief Round-up of activities and de-brief
  10. 10. Outcome for personnel attending Prestige Driver Corporate Training Courses Course A Delegates will receive a Certificate of Achievement itemising the components of the Courses in which they have achieved an adequate level of skill: A1/A2 Theory of Balance and Circuit Driving Skills A3 ABS and the avoidance of hazards A4 Skid Pan and coping with loss of traction A5/A6 Personal Safety/Breakaway and Roadcraft, observation, awareness and avoidance skills A7-OR Off-Road driving, low-range and care for the environment OR A7-AHT Anti-HiJack Techniques and Personal Safety There will also be feedback on areas which could be improved when attending Training Course B for refreshing skills Course B B1/B2 Refresher on vehicle dynamics on track B3/B4 Refresher on roadcraft, observation and avoidance skills
  11. 11. Prestige Driver Training Days cost from £150 + VAT per delegate, and can be run all over the UK. Prices vary according to the circuits used, the number of personnel attending and the specific content of the course. For further information and to book courses, contact: Prestige Track Club Ltd Little Abbot Macclesfield Road Alderley Edge SK9 7BN 01625 590211 / 07798 771962 Prestige Track Club Ltd is a company registered in the UK, Company Number 06582635