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analysis of the film trailer of st trinians commenting on pace, mise en scene, camera movements and shots. This presentation included my own opinions.

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Textual research 1

  2. 2. The thing that I find interesting in the trailer of this film is how they show us a nice peaceful setting then all of a sudden within a few seconds we set war break out and this ends up just being a taster of what to come. This is good as it gets us worried at the start for the main character as she has done nothing wrong and looks so innocent yet she is getting taken to this school where itdoesn’t look like she will fit in. Other things that I find interesting are the amount of characters that we see, the first time that we see more than 2 characters isfrom 10 seconds onwards in the trailer. Usually you would be introduced to onecharacter at a time even if they were in a group yet because of the location andthe setting that this is filmed in it seems only normal that they introduce them in a bulk. My initial instincts when looking at the first few seconds to even more than 10 seconds later is the drastic change of setting as at first we see a longdrive up to what looks like a posh boarding school yet inside it looks like a party that just hasn’t stopped yet, however which includes children of all ages and sizes.
  3. 3. The first location that we are introduced to is the outside of the school where the maincharacter is to be educated at, however we are given no indication of whether or not thecharacters are walking to the location or are in a mode of transport. However a few secondsinto it (0:04) we see a car travelling so this is our indication that they have travelled a longway to get to there. We are quickly introduced to a second location which is inside of theschool building , the time that we are shown this location is at 0:10, by being immediatelyintroduced to this location it shows us that this is where the majority of the filming is going totake place in also this is what the film is set around. That location quickly shifts onto the fieldof the school where we are shown some of the events that take place on regular days and inthis location we see all of the characters. The location that follows that is when we seeanother team arrive at the school grounds when they are travelling through the woods to getto it via bus, the shot that we see allows us to imagine what goes on in the film as the bus ishit numerous times by purple splodges. The location for the next few seconds regularly shiftsfrom outside of the bus to inside the school but on the top floor, this is done as the characterfrom the previous scene mentions something which is then demonstrated on camera whichhappens to be in a different location.
  4. 4. 0:26 seconds into the trailer we see a different scenery which is in fact in a studio where theyfilm a games contest. We are then shown to the living area that the girls love in which is theirbedroom this gives us the sense that this is a boarding school. The scene in the bedroomchanges drastically as first off we see the main character standing at the end of it, then thelighting drastically changes to where it looks like a torture scene, but then we see that theroom mates are only playing a trick on her. The next location that we are shown is in an officewhere we see a male dressed in a suite showing his status, he is also accompanied by manywork colleagues. The location that is used after the office is in a classroom that is within theschool this location is one of them in the trailer that stays on screen for the longest time as intotal it is on screen for 9seconds. It is unusual for a location to be on screen for such a timebut this is what sets the scene and is what the film is generally based around. The location isthen changed to in the school but in other areas of it such as in the corridor where the staircase is, it then swiftly moves to the front desk and then to the bedroom again. At the end ofthe trailer when each of the names of the cast are read out they show them in different partsof the film and obviously these are in different locations as some are in the city centre andsome are just in the school grounds but each of these locations signifies something to dowith their characters personality.
  5. 5. The trailer of St.Trinians has differences in pace throughout the trailer. In most parts of the trailer itis at a very quick pace however this is to create and tension and also this will help as it means thatthey can get more shots involved in the trailer.At the start of the trailer, from 0 seconds to 0:10 seconds the pace of the trailer is very slow and thisrepresents a very relaxed scene which makes the audience feel at ease. The reason that this is at areasonable pace is so that they can get the audience in a calm mind and this means that they canget them and drop them into the climax. With the editing pace being slow it means that the shotlengths are longer which allows us to connect with the characters more as we see more of them.From 0:10 to 0:14 it is clear to see that the pace of the film has suddenly quickened up within thistiming we see a total of 2 different locations. The pace has quickened up in these circumstances asthey are wanting to show as much of the action as possible and they need to show all of the bestbits as this is what will get the audience interested as this is what they will be wanting to see. Alsoanother reason for the sudden change in pace is that these are the action scenes so they need tobe at a high pace to show the intensity.From 0:14 to 0: 24 we see a range of shots, the majority that we see come from the outside of amale and a female walking and talking, however this is at a slow pace but whenever they changeto talk about something different that comes on screen and we see this at a high intensity speed, itis a clever thing to do to mix up the speeds as the audience aren’t expecting it.0:24 to 0:28 is very different to the others for the pace as in this timing we see an educationalsetting, the reason that this has a slower pace in my opinion is so that we can that the school doesactually provide teaching, however we don’t actually see what is expected as the characters areones that wouldn’t be associated with education just by looking at their appearance.
  6. 6. From 0:28 to 0: 46 what is on screen switches numerous times however this just shows us thatthere are many things which happen in the film, however the order that they are shown in the filmmay not be the chronological order in the actual film but this is just for entertainment purposes. Iwould say that the pace of the trailer in this time was at a regular speed as there are no parts in itwhich look rushed.The next time period that I have been looking at is from 0:46 to 1:06 and in this time period this isthe one that sticks out in my memory for many reasons but mainly because we are getting to knowthe characters for what role that they play. In this time period we see a range of camera shots forinstance it zooms in on the character then it looks as if it takes a picture of them so this makes thepace slow down some more, I would say that the pace in this scenario was a mixture of slow andquick pace the reason to me that it would be quick would be because they are wanting to introduceas many characters as possible however it is slow because they are wanting us to understand theirpersonalities. In this part of the trailer the editing process would have been adding in some non-diegetic sound which is sound effects that the characters on screen can not hear. In this case thereis a sort of narrator who is talking us through the characters and in the background there is somefunky music which gives it some sort of attitude.From 1:06 to 1:30 I would say that it doesn’t look as if the footage in the trailer has been sped up orbeen dragged out for longer as it looks reasonable and it looks like it would be like this in the actualfilm.From 1:30 to 1:42 it is clear that it is coming towards the end of the trailer as the speed is graduallystarting to increase. I wouldn’t say that it is very quick but it is clear that it is quicker than theprevious pace.I would say that the final load of timing is slower than the last time frame as it is just telling us ofwho the actors/ actresses are, in a way this could be a lot quicker but it is essential that we knowwho plays who but it is at a reasonable pace as they have devoted more time to the actualmovement in the film.
  7. 7. When it comes to the intertitles I wouldn’t say that they were apparent in this film trailer.There is one at the start of the film however this is just the one that states the type of filmthat is going to be watched. In the opening few seconds when this is on the screen Iwould say that this is portraying the film to be some sort of fairy-tale just because of theway that it appears on the screen. These two final intertitles are the only two others that I could find in the whole of the trailer. I would say that not much effort had been put into the trailers intertitles as these both look very basic and are ones that are required to be included. I think that it is also clever to only use these intertitles as intertitles are usually used to give away some of the plot or to involve the audience but this is a good method as it doesn’t give too much away.
  8. 8. When it comes to looking at the mise en scene I would say that there was plenty of onscreen action that I could comment on. In each shot in most cases there are at least one character present however the character involved may not be one of the main ones. In most cases the characters that are used in one shot together tend to be grouped together in another shot as they are used to represent a certain stereotype. There areonly 2 shots that I have found (picture 1 and 4 at top) which have more than 6 characters involved. By including more characters it is showing that there are some action shotsand it also represents the fact that the trailer is based around a school so there would be more than six people in the whole entire school.