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Future trends of african american students

This is for my Intro to American Education class, this is my midterm

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Future trends of african american students

  1. 1. Future Trends of African American Students SARAH HELSEL
  2. 2. Parents of Students  The difference between the percent of Casucasian and African American children whose mothers got at least a high school education has declined from 1999 to now  This is good because when kids see that their parents have achieved things and worked towards their goal it motivates the kids more.
  3. 3. Disciplinary Actions  There have been a number of studies shown that African American kids who misbehave are more likely to suffer worse consequences and punishments than Caucasian kids who misbehave, even if they do the same offence  Its been shown that over the years this problem has been getting worse, in 1972 African Americans were only getting suspended at twice the rate as Caucasian people, now they are almost 60% more likely!  There has been discussion on ways to fix this and trying out different ideas and so far the ideas are making an impact and they will continue to be used to decrease this likelihood
  4. 4. Drop Out Rates  The drop out rates for African Americans, although it had some ups and downs, has been gradually decreasing in the past few decades  It is predicted that the Drop out Rate for African American students will continue to decrease
  5. 5. College Graduates  Although the rate of African American College Graduates remain low (about 46% of black women and 35% of black men in a study done in 2006), it has shown steady progress over the years  It is believed that this progress will continue for the years to come  African American women are showing a steadier increase in collage graduations than African American men, but it is believed that both will continue to grow
  6. 6. College Graduates  There are some colleges where the percent of African American graduates is higher than the percent of Caucasian graduates  This is huge because in the past African American college graduation percentage has always been lower than Caucasian, but as of recently that has changed in some colleges meaning it can also change in other colleges in the future.
  7. 7. After School  In a recent study it was shown that African Americans who earn a 4 year degree have almost identical incomes to Caucasian people who have a college degree  The inequality between African Americans and Caucasians in the workforce has become less and less over the years and it is likely to continue to become less until it is virtually nonexistent
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