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Andrew Salmon: uSwitch and Encazip


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Andrew Salmon was the former CEO of UK-based online price comparison tool
Furthermore, Andrew Salmon is one of the shareholders of EnCazip Turkey, an energy company that offers consumers a unique concept in that market.

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Andrew Salmon: uSwitch and Encazip

  2. 2.  was founded back in 2000 by Andrew Salmon and George Milford Haven. It is one of the leading price comparison sites in the UK to this day.  It was a revolutionary idea at the time. It launched soon after the UK’s gas and electricity markets became deregulated, which enabled consumers to switch their energy providers - blowing the gas and electricity markets wide open to competition.  The website acted as a true consumer champion  The company was sold in 2006 to an American media corporation for £210 millon.
  3. 3. Encazip  After the success of Andrew Salmon and a group of co-investers helped to found Encazip in 2015.  Encazip has the same business model as uSwitch but adapted to the Turkish market.  It allows customers to compare tariffs online and switch their electricity supplier in a market where energy de-regulation is just beginning to take hold.  There is a strong domestic demand, along with favourable demographics.
  4. 4. The success formula “Avoid the sales driven path which comparison tools can succumb to, and sticking religiously to a policy of offering unbiased information designed to really help consumers”
  5. 5. The journey STRATEGIC VISION 1996 1998 Gas market deregulation in UK Electricity market deregulation in UK 2000 2006 uSwitch sale 20152013 Energy market deregulation in turkey