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CIPR plan 2018


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The CIPR 2018 plan to reassert public relations as a strategic management function and the value it brings to organisations by Sarah Hall, President 2018

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CIPR plan 2018

  1. 1. YOUR CIPR 2018 PLAN Sarah Hall President, CIPR uk
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION TO YOUR CIPR 2018 PLAN This plan is rooted in the eight objectives outlined in the CIPR’s Royal Charter (section 3). It has been prepared in consultation with CIPR members, its Council and Board. My commitment to members is to report on outcomes against this plan each quarter. Sarah Hall President, CIPR @hallmeister
  3. 3. TO PROMOTE PUBLIC UNDERSTANDING OF THE CONTRIBUTION OF EFFECTIVE PUBLIC RELATIONS IN ENCOURAGING ETHICAL COMMUNICATION AND IN ENHANCING THE EFFICIENCY AND PERFORMANCE OF ALL SECTORS OF THE ECONOMY All communications to support public relations as a strategic management function message Media campaign led by CIPR and syndicated to nations and regions (including crowdsourced content) Group funding to be aligned to the national plan with resources allocated accordingly; synchronized drive to achieve organisational goals Media card to be introduced with proactive communications aimed at mainstream media and business press Client guide, endorsed by sector bodies, to help create a more informed market Develop training opportunities for non-public relations audiences (e.g. crisis communications) #PRPays campaign targeted at employers and the business community about the value of PR and its role in organisational success, including promoted posts featuring CEOs and finance directors
  4. 4. TO PROMOTE FOR THE PUBLIC BENEFIT HIGH LEVELS OF SKILL, KNOWLEDGE, COMPETENCE AND STANDARDS OF PRACTICE AND PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT ON THE PART OF PUBLIC RELATIONS PRACTITIONERS Drive to professionalism and member recruitment Further alignment of CIPR training and qualifications to the Global Alliance’s Global Body of Knowledge (GBOK) project Business management competencies training to be clustered together and promoted individually and as a package Targeted campaign aimed at and featuring HR professionals about the value of hiring a (Chartered) CIPR member Monthly Twitter chat
  5. 5. TO ACT AS AN AUTHORITATIVE BODY FOR THE PURPOSE OF CONSULTATION IN MATTERS OF PUBLIC AND PROFESSIONAL INTEREST CONCERNING PUBLIC RELATIONS Influence curriculum of business and management courses Identify requirements for business interventions such as Brexit and GDPR Provocative speakers once a quarter (via Influence magazine / Board)
  6. 6. TO REPRESENT THE INTERESTS OF MEMBERS IN PUBLIC FORA Board composition to ideally include two people of colour and one younger practitioner (co-options as necessary) Events to be more diverse and inclusive; Influence magazine and newsroom content / venues also to be considerate of this Events to have an equal split by gender and include people of colour and from lower socio-economic backgrounds
  8. 8. TO ESTABLISH AND SUPPORT ANY COMPANY OR OTHER BODY AND TO CO-OPERATE WITH OTHER BODIES AND ORGANISATIONS AND TO ENGAGE IN JOINT ACTIVITIES OF ANY KIND WHICH MAY ADVANCE THE OBJECTS OF THE INSTITUTE Partnership working with PRCA, Taylor Bennett Foundation, PR Company, Global Alliance, CIM and other appropriate bodies on ethics; gender and diversity; social mobility etc. iPRovision partnership and promotion Career Ready partnership to promote public relations as a career choice within schools and to aid social mobility and diversity within the profession
  9. 9. TO ESTABLISH CHAIRS, LECTURESHIPS AND FELLOWSHIPS IN PUBLIC RELATIONS AND TO AWARD PRIZES AND SCHOLARSHIPS Reintroduction of the Sir Stephen Tallents Lecture – speaker to be Cluetrain Manifesto author David Weinberger President’s Medal award Sir Stephen Tallents Medal award St Brides anniversary event 70 at 70 initiative Introduction of a series of Fellows and Chartered Practitioner dinners around the UK to replace the single Fellows Lunch (ideally aligned to a 70th anniversary celebration in the locality) Working group to identify potential candidates for the Honours list; promote Fellowship and oversee 70 at 70 initiative
  10. 10. TO PROMOTE KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING OF ISSUES AFFECTING THE PRACTICE OF PUBLIC RELATIONS Speaking opportunities at non public relations sector events Platinum: #CIPR70 anniversary book National Conference New working group led by Jim Hawker looking at how we reach the wider industry, especially those in digital, media etc.