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How To Save Time In Digital PR - From Ideation to Outreach

Digital PR is manual. Whilst we’re surrounded by tools that enable us to save time on outreach and researching contacts, being savvier on alleviating tedious processes throughout ideation and outreach will enable more time for you and your team to focus on what’s important - being creative.

Here I outline actionable tips and tricks that have helped me automate the most time-consuming aspects throughout the digital PR campaign process.

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How To Save Time In Digital PR - From Ideation to Outreach

  1. 1. @sarahfleminggpr How to Save Time in Digital PR: From Ideation to Outreach Sarah Fleming, Kaizen Agency @sarahhflemingpr
  2. 2. @sarahhflemingpr We are SPOILT with the amount of tools we can use to help craft our creative campaigns
  3. 3. @sarahhflemingpr Look familiar?
  4. 4. @sarahhflemingpr But sometimes we forget about the ‘tools’ staring us right in the face...
  5. 5. @sarahhflemingpr
  6. 6. @sarahhflemingpr Saving time in the Digital PR process ultimately starts with becoming more savvy with our tools
  7. 7. @sarahhflemingpr
  8. 8. @sarahhflemingpr How to: What this talk will cover
  9. 9. @sarahhflemingpr Building client trust from day 1
  10. 10. @sarahhflemingpr What qualities do your BEST clients have?
  11. 11. @sarahhflemingpr 1. Clients that say “you’re the experts” 2. Give minimal feedback and approve things fast 3. Clear on the value you’re adding as an agency The Perfect Client Formula
  12. 12. @sarahhflemingpr DATA & RESEARCH OUTREACH 2 DATA & RESEARCH3 OUTREACH 1 Avoiding delays throughout your campaign process starts with building client trust
  13. 13. @sarahhflemingpr 2 31 Our god-tier approach to saving time
  14. 14. @sarahhflemingpr Prospective client: “As I expressed, (working with our previous SEO agency) was all very positive but there was a distinct lack of action when it came to establishing links.”
  15. 15. @sarahhflemingpr Proving why we live and breathe links Page-level link features: ● PageRank ● TrustRank ● Quality of links ● Quality of link sources ● Anchor text distribution RANKING FACTORS Backlinks Content Relevance Technical Factors User Signals Local
  16. 16. @sarahhflemingpr Your competitors have 121different tier 1 publications linking to them that you don’t have These publications include: Proving proactivity re: attaining links
  17. 17. @sarahhflemingpr Prospective client’s traditional PR agency: “We cannot ask journalists for links on nationals like the BBC, beyond encouraging them to use where appropriate. It’s a tactic that journalists tweet about regularly as bad practice.”
  18. 18. @sarahhflemingpr Proving why granting outreach to tier 1’s is CRUCIAL 1 national link from one campaign resulted in 91follow links and coverage on high-tier publications 1 national link from one campaign resulted in 1090social shares across high- tier publications
  19. 19. @sarahhflemingpr Proving why granting outreach to tier 1’s is CRUCIAL CNBC link went live
  20. 20. @sarahhflemingpr Building trust starts with proving how your agency will be better than your prospective clients’ last!
  21. 21. @sarahhflemingpr Prospective client 2: “The other ideas pitched to us that we liked were interactive or had a strong data research component.”
  22. 22. @sarahhflemingpr Are interactive campaigns WORTH the time?
  23. 23. @sarahhflemingpr Data from Aira Agency 2018 Whilst interactives CAN allow greater performance
  24. 24. @sarahhflemingpr It’s important to never forget the selling point
  25. 25. @sarahhflemingpr
  26. 26. @sarahhflemingpr Content formats should NEVER be the initial driving force for a campaign
  27. 27. @sarahhflemingpr Leading your campaigns story first will save both you and your client time and money!
  28. 28. @sarahhflemingpr How to save time throughout the Digital PR process
  29. 29. @sarahhflemingpr First of all, why is it important?
  30. 30. @sarahhflemingpr Spending more time devising AMAZING creative campaigns = less time on outreach
  31. 31. @sarahhflemingpr CONTENT STRATEGY DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT CONTENT STRATEGY1 DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT 4 Allowing your team to create campaigns like this... 200+ pieces of links & coverage earned Outreached and updated over time
  32. 32. @sarahhflemingpr 1 4 and this!
  33. 33. @sarahhflemingpr How to save time in the Ideation stage
  34. 34. @sarahhflemingpr Some of the best ideas come to me out of office...
  35. 35. @sarahhflemingpr But being switched on about current performing content all the time is so important
  36. 36. @sarahhflemingpr Utilise the news as an ideation tool
  37. 37. @sarahhflemingpr Google’s News Finder Tool
  38. 38. @sarahhflemingpr Editorial Standards Process
  39. 39. @sarahhflemingpr Global Relevance CONTENT STRATEGY IDEATION DATA & RESEARCH DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT OUTREACH CONTENT STRATEGY1 IDEATION 4 5Niche Regionals Nationals International/Non-English Global Number/Type of News Sites Global UK Only
  40. 40. @sarahhflemingpr How to save time in the Creation stage
  41. 41. @sarahhflemingpr The secret to saving time in the Creation stage is Quality Assurance-ing EVERYTHING
  42. 42. @sarahhflemingpr As well as self-checking all data and research you collate!
  43. 43. @sarahhflemingpr Use a data bank to bolster your campaign’s sources
  44. 44. @sarahhflemingpr Make sure you have a standard design upload process
  45. 45. @sarahhflemingpr How to save time in the Outreach stage
  46. 46. @sarahhflemingpr Importing prospect lists can easily be automated
  47. 47. @sarahhflemingpr Implementing macros for your prospect lists in Excel 1. Open your media list export 2. Go to View > Record Macro 3. Name your macro 4. Store in “Personal Macro Workbook” 5. Choose shortcut key ie. “Ctrl+Shift+T” 6. Press OK (you’re now recording) 7. Filter out unnecessary columns that BuzzStream won’t care about. Make sure you alter anything by whole columns i.e. deleting columns or creating tables 8. Rename columns to BuzzStream-friendly names i.e. “Person Email” and “Publication Name” 9. Hit stop recording macro 10. And voilà!
  48. 48. @sarahhflemingpr Steal prospect lists from similar campaigns
  49. 49. @sarahhflemingpr Steal prospect lists from similar campaigns
  50. 50. @sarahhflemingpr Be proactive turning brand mentions into links “Your chance of success doubles when you reach out the same day that an article is published” - James Brockbank, MD at Digital Loft Agency
  51. 51. @sarahhflemingpr Optimise your outreach strategy for sell-in headlines
  52. 52. @sarahhflemingpr How to Save Time in The Digital PR Process 1. Build client trust from day 1 to avoid delays 🤜🤛 2. Only recommend interactive campaigns if they add story value 🔮 3. Utilise social media and the news as ideation tools 📲 5. Implement an editorial standards process for every new campaign idea 🗂 8. Steal prospect lists from similar campaigns 👩💻 6. Quality Assurance all your data and research 📊 4. Use Google’s News Finder Tool for ideation & coverage searching 🔎 7. Utilise Excel macros to speed up filtering prospects into BuzzStream 📮 9. Follow up with unlinked brand mentions on the same day 📬 10. Optimise your outreach strategy for sell-in headlines 💸
  53. 53. @sarahhflemingpr Thank you! Grab the slides at @sarahhflemingpr