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Discover the benefits of purchasing a complete drive train solution from one brand - Fenner - Tried and trusted worldwide for over 150 years

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Fenner Product Solutions Presentation

  1. 1. > Inverters > Motors > Gearboxes > Friction Drives > Synchronous Drives > Chain Drives > Couplings > Shaft Fixings Product Solutions One Range, One Result, One Name
  2. 2.  No other product brand can provide you with a complete drive solution – From initial electrical input through to final driven machine delivering trouble-free operation and increased efficiency Why Fenner? Simple Service Supply From Your Authorised Fenner Distributor  One contact point  One invoice  One warranty  Full product traceability
  3. 3. One Name, One Product, One Result...  World renowned for rugged construction and reliable, efficient performance  Manufactured to exacting standards in line with UK and International standards  Fenner Quality Assured Initiative  Continuous product development programme  The complete drive solution from prime mover to driven machine in one range …driven performance
  4. 4. Quality Assurance Initiative  The Fenner Quality Assurance Initiative forms the foundation on which our complete power transmission range is constructed.  Worldwide commitment to quality  Continuous quest for product development and performance  Manufactured to British and International standards  Designed to perform cost effectively throughout their lifetime delivering superb value
  5. 5. The Fenner Brand Worldwide  Over 150 years of engineering heritage  Distributors in 39 countries worldwide  Sub-licensees in 4 countries  68 independent Fenner distributors in Europe  The brand of choice for Australia’s largest distributor  No 1 brand in South Africa and the Far East  Tried and trusted in the Middle East
  6. 6. Inverters QD: Neo Constant Torque QD: HVAC Variable Torque QD: E Easy to Use Fenner inverters are very easy to install and commission and deliver optimum cost savings with built-in functions such as energy optimisation and monitoring. 98% Energy Efficient Up to
  7. 7. IE3 Electric Motors The Fenner FM: 3 Series electric motors conform to the latest European standards easily meeting the minimum performance requirements for IE3 premium efficiency. 96% Energy Efficient Up to
  8. 8. Geared Motors Series K Bevel helical Series M Coaxial Series C Helical worm Series F Parallel shaft Cyclo Cycloidial Fenner Geared Motors deliver the ultimate in flexibility, incorporating a number of design features including modular construction, highly efficient gearing and standard mounting platforms. 96% Energy Efficient Up to
  9. 9. Series P Bevel Helical Spiral T Right Angle Bevel Series W Worm box SMSR Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer Geared Drives Ranging from small spiral bevel to huge 900,000Nm helical and bevel-helical gearboxes, catering for a wide range of applications either motorised or shaft driven. 96% Energy Efficient Up to Series P Bevel Helical Spiral T Right Angle Bevel Series W Worm box SMSR Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer
  10. 10. Transmission Belts - Friction Ultra PLUS 150 Heavy duty wedge belt Quattro PLUS Premium CRE Belt Ultra PLUS Wedge belt CRE PLUS CRE belt Classical V Vee belt Built using the highest quality materials, with technically advanced production processes backed by rigorous quality procedures Fenner friction belts continue to provide exceptional performance. 96% Energy Efficient Up to
  11. 11. Transmission Belts - Synchronous Torque Drive PLUS 3 Premium Synchronous belt HTD Belt High Torque Drive Classic Timing Belt Classical profile timing belt Offering high power transmission combined with accurate positioning, Fenner synchronous drives meet most application requirements. 96% Energy Efficient Up to
  12. 12. Taper Lock & Pilot Bored Pulleys Precision manufactured from high grade iron (GG25) Fenner pulleys tolerate shock loading and achieve rim speeds of up to 40m/s
  13. 13. Accessories Belt Efficiency Kit Pulley Groove Gauge Drive Alignment Laser Belt Tension Indicator Correct installation is paramount to the longevity and efficiency of your drive. Fenner are able to offer a selection of installation tools to assist you.
  14. 14. Shaft Fixings Trantorque GTR Fenlock The Fenner Taper Lock® system is still the simplest and quickest way to fit a pulley or sprocket or any other drive component to a machine shaft. In addition the Trantorque and Fenlock shaft fixings allows the use of smaller shaft diameters and infinite adjustment. Taper Lock® Bush View our Taper Lock installation video
  15. 15. Chain Drives Fenner PLUS Lubrication Free Chain Fenner PLUS Chain Sprockets Fenner chains and sprockets provide a variety of solutions to power transmission applications using roller chain to both British and American standards, available in both Fenner PLUS and Fenner PLUS Lube Free range.
  16. 16. Couplings Rigid Fenaflex HRC Jaw Fenner couplings range from highly resilient to rigid and are all precision manufactured using high quality cast iron and the latest polymer and composite technology. Installation Fenaflex Videos Flywheel Coupling Installation Spacer Coupling Installation
  17. 17. Tomorrow’s Solutions Today Fenner products continue to deliver innovative improvements in product performance, reliability and safety. When used together as part of a drive package, the resultant gains in lifetime cost- effectiveness are complemented by a reduction in maintenance, simplified installation and through Fenner’s advanced engineering design. Total saving: 31,742kWh Which equates to: 17.1 tonnes CO2 Typical Fan Application Total saving: 55,765kWh Which equates to: 29.95 tonnes CO2 Typical Conveyor Application 75kW 4 pole standard efficiency motor (91% efficient @ 3/4 load) Single Worm Gearbox (92% efficient) System Efficiency: 83.7% Energy Consumption p.a. 782,795kWh Today: Old Installation System Efficiency: 88% Energy Consumption p.a. 367,309kWh Tomorrow: The Fenner Solution Fenner inverter HVAC design (98% efficiency) 37kW 4 pole Fenner IE3 motor (94.6% efficient @ 3/4 load) Fenner TL wedge belt pulley New Fenner CRE belt drive (95% efficient) 37kW 4 pole standard efficiency motor (90% efficient @ 3/4 load) Poorly maintained Vee Belt drive (90% efficient) System Efficiency: 81% Energy Consumption p.a. 399,051kWh Today: Old Installation Tomorrow: The Fenner Solution System Efficiency: 90.12% Energy Consumption p.a. 727,030kWh 75kW Fenner inverter (98% efficiency) 75kW 4 pole Fenner IE3 motor (95.2% efficient @ 3/4 load) Direct coupled dry fit (risk and pollution reduction) Fenner mechanical bevel gear unit (96.6% efficient)
  18. 18. Tried & Tested Australia Egypt Germany Ghana Portugal Russia Singapore South Africa Sweden United Arab Emirates United Kingdom
  19. 19. Online Support www.fptgroup.com  On-line product selectors  Installation videos  Installation and maintenance instructions  Technical data sheets  Join us online....
  20. 20. Thank you for listening Any Questions?