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ERIKS & Loctite Number 1 for Maintenance


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ERIKS and Loctite working together to improve reliability and performance.
Maintenance or OEM, Loctite's proven formulas have saved customers £1,000’s and improved their design and process capabilities over many years.

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ERIKS & Loctite Number 1 for Maintenance

  1. 1. LOCTITE & ERIKS In Partnership
  2. 2. Bonding, sealing, cleaning & lubricating and much more. All backed by expert knowledge and training when required. Maintenance or OEM, our proven formulas have saved customers £1,000’s and improved their design and process capabilities over many years. How can we help you?
  3. 3. 29.07.133 Maintenance focus Every maintenance engineer should have LOCTITE in their toolbox
  4. 4. Hero range – maintenance essential products  Have a team of 5 or more maintenance engineers?  Ask for a training & live demonstration of the maintenance essentials kit  Maintenance essentials wall chart & pocket guide is available for all
  5. 5. 29.07.135 Product demonstrations – “Live”  If your maintenance team requires product training, we can set up & support at your factory location  Product demonstrations  Sampling  Tools to support your engineers - Maintenance essentials wall chart - Maintenance essentials pocket guide - Engineering LOCTITE technical hotline 01442 278100
  6. 6. Save URL Shortcut on your homescreen Maintenance expert guide  The Maintenance Expert Guide is free and available for:  Your mobile device  To download as pdf  To order as a copy
  7. 7. 29.07.137 Extra support for mobile & web users Access from anywhere for additional Support & help  From your Smart Phone download our new mobile guide   Web users – simply access via the web   Product info’ & application help at the click of a button  Easy navigation to find the right product  Quick access to product key features,  TDS and MSDS and application information
  8. 8. 29.07.138 Maintenance expert guide Mobile page examples
  9. 9. Application examples  Gear boxes  Pumps See the mobile site, website or new pocket guide for application examples
  10. 10. Application examples  Live case history videos available on our web site   See LOCTITE in action  Look out also for special prize draws on the web site  E.g. Win a Loctite radio
  11. 11. LOCTITE is spreading the message LOCTITE is the maintenance expert for all bonding, sealing, cleaning and lubricating tasks
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