Recurring angular cheilitis


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Why does angular cheilitis keep recurring despite you have carried out the recommended treatment?

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Recurring angular cheilitis

  1. 1. Recurring Angular Cheilitis
  2. 2. Why Does Angular Cheilitis Keep Coming Back?• You’ve applied the cream. Your angular cheilitis has cleared up nicely (big sigh of relief). But then it’s come back again.• If this has happened a number of times you will be mighty frustrated by now.• So why does it clear up?• And why does it keep coming back?• Are you going to be stuck in an AC loop forever?
  3. 3. What Is Angular Cheilitis?• Angular cheilitis is inflammation and cracking of the lips (cheilitis) at the corners (i.e. the angles) of the mouth.• It starts with dry lips. As the skin becomes tighter normal activities such as eating, talking and smiling cause the corners to crack.• At this point infection takes hold in the form of fungus or (more rarely) bacteria.• Bacteria and fungus love moist conditions and they multiply and grow with a vengeance.• Licking your lips or using lip balms will make the situation worse as you are adding to the moist conditions.
  4. 4. How Creams Work• Creams work by killing off the bacterial or fungal infection as your body has been unable to do this on its own.• With the fungal or bacterial infection gone your body can get to work on healing the wounds. This is what has happened when your condition clears up.• But the cream has dealt with the symptoms and not the cause.• If you continue to get dry lips (usually caused by a nutritional deficiency) the same conditions will be created as led to your previous bouts. And your angular cheilitis will be back again (and again).
  5. 5. How To Get Rid Of Angular Cheilitis• Getting rid of angular cheilitis permanently requires 2 things:• 1. A topical treatment that can easily be made at home, that contains no drugs and is kind to your skin and your body. It also gives results within hours.• 2. Dealing with the underlying cause – so that there is no chance of your angular cheilitis recurring. The condition is internal and needs to be addressed internally.
  6. 6. • For recurring angular cheilitis treatment which will give you a permanent solution• go to
  7. 7. • For recurring angular cheilitis treatment which will give you a permanent solution• go to