Beyond the basics


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Beyond the basics

  1. 1. Beyond the basics: Advanced social media New networks and tools to reach your community
  2. 2. What’s next: Mobile*• 51% of adult cell phone users access information on their phone• 59% of adults use mobile internet• 55% of cell owners access a social site on their cell phone• 60% of Twitter users use it on their phone• 1 in 4 smartphone users say they MOSTLY go online on their phone. *info from Pew reports: links at end.
  3. 3. How to use mobile to your advantage• Live tweet from the field• Respond and ask for sources in real-time• Double-duty: note taking and tweeting• Take and post photos• Search for tweets near a breaking news location using advanced search on computer.
  4. 4. Readers are creating content• 64% of cell owners have sent a photo or video. Nashville flood photo, @TonyYoungBlood uploaded on Yfrog, site used to post to Twitter. Instagram photo by @iowa_jeremy
  5. 5. Instagram• Current Instagram accounts:@dmjuice, @dmregister Submitted:@lukelars for #ialeaves• Free to iPhone/iOS device users• Solicit feature photos (such as #ialeaves) for in- site• Promote feature stories• Add creativity and interest.• Interaction in-app through liking, hashtags, comments.• 12 MILLION users.
  6. 6. Quora• Best for finding niche communities• Site built off of Q&A• Examples: best restaurants, silicon prairie, lawyers for tech companies• Follow questions, answer questions, vote answers up or down.• Identify experts
  7. 7. LinkedIn• Follow companies• Search for people• On company pages, see: job function composition, years experience, company growth, employees who have changed title, compared to similar companies.• Some post job openings
  8. 8. Storify• Curate social media – Response on Twitter/social media to news event – Show a Twitter conversation/eve nt chronologically
  9. 9. Storify search •Twitter •Facebook •YouTube •Flickr •Google •Rss •Embed any web address •Instagram •Soundcloud •Breaking News (org)
  10. 10. Keys to interaction success for live*• Different cycles: event cycle, analysis cycle, conversation cycle• Actual social mining, not just putting it out there and hoping it happens.• Choose the right event: Newsworthy spectacle, focused audience, desire to participate. *From ONA11’s Live Events session with Tyson Evans and Brian Hamm of the NYTimes, ESPN
  11. 11. The interaction cycles• After: analysis, highlights.• CoverItLive chats replay, ESPN replays still get high PVs.*• Curation of reaction (like Storify)• Same platforms, different conversation: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.• Examples?
  12. 12. Resources: Social media peak times from Facebook• Include a question or ask for feedback: 64 percent increase in engagement.• 5 line text with post gets 60 % more engagement, 4 line text gets 30 percent more engagement.• Spike times: 7 & 8 am, 10 am, 4 & 5 pm, 12 & 2 am.
  13. 13. More resources:••• Ask me!