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Dynamic a&p presentation


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Presentation sldies for BMA349

Published in: Business
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Dynamic a&p presentation

  1. 1. DYNAMIC A&P TINY TEDDY PRESENTATION A presentation for consideration on the advertising revamp of the product ‘Tiny Teddy’ by Arnott's
  2. 2. “Dynamic A&P is an advertising and promotional agency with fifteen years experiences in making the good, better. Dynamic sources out clientele who could benefit from an advertising revamp, we endeavour to create more success for your organization with our strategies. As a agency we research your product, view your current advertising and promotional campaigns and evaluate any changes which could benefit you. Our dedicated team then present a professional and informative presentation to our desired clientele. Our goal is to explain how by using different media outlets, targeting different audiences and using different communication tools can provide your company with more revenue and company growth.” - Adrian Walch - CEO & founder of Dynamic A&P
  3. 3. TINY WHO? AN ANALYZATION OF CURRENT STRATEGIES  Tiny Teddy is a product of Arnott's and their product success is largely credited to the reputation of the brand of Arnott’s.  Tiny Teddy currently has no major advertising or promotional releases for the product itself.  The last promotional material released for Tiny Teddy revolved around their savoury biscuits which was released in 2004, this product was discontinued by 2005.  No cross-sale growth, or change to product since 2010.
  4. 4. REVAMP THE PROPOSAL To revamp Tiny Teddy our idea is to expand on the existing product using the following methods;  Altering the target market slightly to include adults as a target, not solely children.  Broadcasting television advertisements  Displaying advertisements throughout the internet.  Creating an online intellectual game for children under 12.  Reposition within supermarkets for easier access
  5. 5. WHY ALTER? Current Target Market  Under twelve years old  Frequent television viewers  Impressionable  Brand orientated  Receptive Altered Target Market  Parents of the ‘conventional family’ lifestyle  Desire the most reward for their money  Demand a constant high standard of value  Habitual buyer who is brand orientated  Sub-consciously wants acceptance of others NOTE: Altered target market is not designed to deter or take away any attributes of current target market, this is a suggestion in how to increase and develop the target market
  6. 6. WHY TELEVISION? BUT WHAT IS THE AD?  Based in/around school environments  Shows children engaging in enjoy the product  Reflects friendships being formed over sharing the product  Presents the children as happy and health kids  Air the ad during ‘after school’ television viewing hours BUT WHY WOULD THAT WORK?  If children see this advertisement, they imagine it could happen if they had the product to share  If parents of our newly desired target audience saw  Research shows that people who see an advertisement on television are more receptive of it, than social media.  Television advertisements reach a larger amount of different audiences at every screening.  For a product on Arnott's size, investing in televisional advertisement presents no foreseeable loss of profit
  7. 7. THE INTERNET TOO? BUT WHERE? We aim to place Tiny Teddy advertisements on the sides of  Parenting blogs  Children clothing websites  Toy websites  Nutritional blogs  Interactive children websites IS THAT PLAUSIBLE?  Discreetly placed and carefully constructed advertisements which do not cover the screen, or interfere with what an individual is viewing are viewed for 0.8 seconds longer than ads that do.  Advertising on the internet and advertising on social media are two different things.  We want to advertise Tiny Teddy on the internet because it will captivate more of our newly constructed target market.  We want to bring Tiny Teddy into the spotlight, therefore using multiple communication tools is a necessity
  8. 8. A GAME? WHAT IS IT LIKE? The game involves different levels, for different ages and the levels include;  Spelling the Tiny Teddy characters names  Using the Tiny Teddy characters in maths sums  Using the Tiny Teddy characters to finish sentences  Using the Tiny Teddy characters in memory type games AND PARENTS LIKE THIS?  Parents are more likely to buy a product for their child if it influences them in a positive and encouraging way.  Children are more likely to want a product which they can form a bond with, not just eat.  Creating an educational and interactive game a relatively new concept in the advertising world  Its an under appreciated cross- marketing strategy.  It’s a creative and in-expensive way to ensure the product remains on both the adult and child of the target market
  9. 9. MOVE IT? Move it, reach it, sell it  Currently Tiny Teddy's are stretched across the mid-row, mid height in both Coles and Woolworths.  Moving the product to be within a more confined space of three products wide and three shelves down will enable both parent, and child to reach the product.  Giving both target audiences opportunity to take the product off the shelf, could increase sales.
  10. 10. Overall Dynamic A&P believes that making changes to the targeted audience and altering advertising and promotional communication tools to present these changes will increase sales and revenue overall for the Tiny Teddy product. Dynamic A&P also feel as if Tiny Teddy is a product which does not need to stand within the Arnott’s product light and that it carries the characteristic and potential required to makes it own reputation and brand, which is why Dynamic A&P have decided on the following plan to revamp and alter the product of Tiny Teddy. The methods of advertising and communication tools explained and presented within this presentation are the tools in which we feel will benefit this product, and bring forward even greater success for the product