Lead poisoning symptoms


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Learn the signs and symptoms of lead poisoning. Learn how to treat lead poisoning usind DMSA.

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Lead poisoning symptoms

  1. 1. Lead Poisoning Symptoms Learn To Optimize Your Health By Recognizing Lead Poisoning Symptoms
  2. 2. Lead Poisoning Symptoms Symptoms of Lead Poisoning In Adults  Stomach aches, cramping, constipation, or diarrhea  Nausea, vomiting  Persistent, unexplained fatigue  Headache, Memory Loss  Muscle weakness  Higher rates of tooth decay
  3. 3. Lead Poisoning Symptoms Symptoms of Lead Poisoning In Children  Irritability or aggressiveness  Learning problems  Lack of interest in play  Loss of appetite  Hyperactivity, being easily distracted, impulsiveness
  4. 4. Lead Poisoning Symptoms Sources of Lead Poisoning 1. Our parents, passed from mother to child in vitro 2. Old Homes (paint and lead pipes) 3. Painted Dishes 4. Toys from China 5. Canned Foods (lead solder) 6. Children’s Jewelry 7. Contaminated Candy Imported from Mexico (from processing) Various work environments mines and smelting plants. Even some cosmetics such as facial powders made outside of the USA contain lead.
  5. 5. Lead Poisoning Symptoms Lead Can Be Hiding Many Places Brand New Food Cooler, Look at The Warning Label!
  6. 6. Lead Poisoning Symptoms So Why Isn’t Every One Sick? FACT: Some people bodies are able to deal with the lead better than others. FACT: Symptoms of lead poisoning often appear after a traumatic physical or emotional event. Such events can weaken the bodies ability to deal with toxicity such as lead poisoning.
  7. 7. Lead Poisoning Symptoms If I Am Lead Poisoned What Can I Do? Your body has a natural ability to get rid of toxins, this process is called “chelation” Exercise and eating well certainly help as the better shape you are in the more able your body is able to heal itself. However, if you are very symptomatic and feeling sick you need a product called DMSA. This is the only approved product to chelate toxic heavy metals such as lead and mercury.
  8. 8. Lead Poisoning Symptoms What is DMSA? DMSA is a chemical that has been used for over 20 years in hospitals and by the government to treat lead poisoning safely and quickly. It is safe for children and adults. You can buy DMSA at www.dmsachelation.com
  9. 9. Lead Poisoning Symptoms Thank You For Watching Live a longer, healthier life by ridding your body of lead. For More Information Please Visit: www.DMSAchelation.com