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Choice life


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Our Purpose, values and culture

Published in: Career
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Choice life

  1. 1. Our Purpose Recognising the inequality in bargaining power between consumers and businesses, the overall purpose of the Company is to work for fair, just and safe markets that meet the needs of Australian consumers.
  2. 2. Our values represent a core part of our identity. They define our organisation and guide what we care about, how we interact with others, and how we want to be known.
  3. 3. Truth We are fearless in finding the Truth. We speak it, hear it, see it, share it and live it.
  4. 4. Help We help each other, our members, and all consumers.
  5. 5. Impact We make an impact on the world around us with a mix of rigour and humour
  6. 6. Our Work Independent and member-funded, CHOICE ensures that Australian consumers get a fair go. We represent consumers needs, from saving money to choosing the best products and services, and we're constantly on the look out for dodgy or misleading practices that might stop consumers from getting the best deal.
  7. 7. Consumer Advocacy
  8. 8. Innovation
  9. 9. Health and Well-being In addition to our annual offerings there is the Core Foundation Program of: - Free seasonal fruit - Yoga and Pilates Programs - Massage Therapists come every second month to help our people feel rested and relaxed. - CHOICE has a few bikes available to staff to "loan".
  10. 10. We also walk the talk inside our organisation, CHOICE strives to: • use socially responsible procedures in-house; • contribute to consumer campaigns worldwide including pro bono assistance to local, national and international causes and organisations; • implement socially responsible investment and supply chain policies; • limit our environmental impact; • offer staff fair salary structures and regular input into working conditions and CHOICE's focus; and • regularly raise money for our chosen charities Social Impact
  11. 11. Social CHOICE has a thriving social scene, with an internally driven social committee that holds regular events.