Social media for real estate


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The ways of advertising our changing. We are now in the generation of story telling and relationship building. This cannot be accomplished through newspapers or a billboard. Check out Social Media.

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Social media for real estate

  1. 1. Social Media for Real Estate Be where the people are and start building those relationships!
  2. 2. The Power of Facebook
  3. 3. 1.11 Billion Facebook Users
  4. 4. So a lot of people checking in EVERY day!
  5. 5. 67 Percent of American Adults are members on Facebook That means 67 out of 100 people you could be building relationships and trust with!
  6. 6. 751 Million!!
  7. 7. 141.5 Average Friends per User So your friend has 141 friends and they have 141 friends and . . . THINK OF YOUR MARKETING REACH!!
  8. 8. Promoting a post Advertising that will reach a large audience for a small amount of money. Compare this reach with other forms of marketing.
  9. 9. Photos!! 240 Billion uploaded photos to date (June 2013)
  10. 10. Tips for Facebook Content Keep posts short (80 Characters or less is known to get 27 percent higher engagement rates.) Use visually eye catching images (Photos have always gotten higher EdgeRank scores.) Provide actionable status updates by asking questions, making a fill in the blank status, or anything that generates an action by the fans. Share videos (property videos, videos that you make with tips, location videos . . .) Not too long though.
  11. 11. The Power of LinkedIn
  12. 12. Over 225 Million LinkedIn Members. In the U.S. alone there are 77 Million Members!
  13. 13. 79 Percent of LinkedIn Users are over the age of 34 years. U.S. LinkedIn Members earn an average annual household income of $83,000. The average age of a LinkedIn Member is 44.2 years.
  14. 14. Trust! • 87 Percent of LinkedIn Members TRUST the product related information they hear on LinkedIn. • 49 Percent of LinkedIn Members TRUST the word-of-mouth information they hear on LinkedIn.
  15. 15. 77 Percent of LI Members do product or service related research on the network. 60 Percent have clicked on an advertisement. 51 of LinkedIn Members HabitsPercent of online B2C marketers use LinkedIn. 83 Percent of online B2B marketers use LinkedIn.
  16. 16. How to make the most of LinkedIn Join relevant groups or create your own group Keep in contact with your connections and if they are potential client connections keep in contact and build that relationship. Maybe even offer to move the connection over to your other social media platforms. Keep your profile up date and complete Ask for endorsements and give endorsements Ask for recommendations Look at your profile or ask someone else to look at it and make suggestions on how you could enhance it Go ahead and advertise!
  17. 17. The Key to Opportunity is Here! What Will You Do With It?
  18. 18. Places to go for help in managing and creating content 1. Pagemodo – You can create your timeline photo, custom tabs, schedule posts, get contents for posts - A REAL GOLD MINE!! 2. Houzz – A place I like to go for visual content and even helpful tips. 3. Twitter – Another place to gather content. Just type a hashtag and the subject you are searching, such as #syracuseevents or anything you want to search. 4. LinkedIn – Often I go there to get ideas on content from what people are talking about or what I find in my newsfeed on there. 5. Pizap – A great place to put together photo collages and photo material for FB. 6. Picmonkey – Another great photo-fun place.
  19. 19. Sarah Cole VA on Demand Social and Internet Consultant “My passion is guiding the Real Estate Professional in the ever changing field of Internet and Social Media Marketing”
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