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  2. 2. SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE Directed by Danny Boyle 2009 This film was created as a deliberate attempt to write a novel thatwould be popular using recognisable global standard modern English…..ALTHOUGH! The film contains Indian settings, characters andculture.
  3. 3. BRITISH OR INDIAN?Slumdog millionaire although it holds many Indian aspects, it is stilldebatable whether or not the film is English or Indian. However asthere is not dominant decision, this concludes in the film appealing toboth countries thus creating a larger audience.Also as the film contains both English and Indian cultural factors, this expands the target audience.
  4. 4. BRITISH SIDE.. Director, writer, lead actor, key members of the film crew wereBritish; two-thirds of the dialogue was in English; the initial fundingfor the production was British; the production company and producerwere British. It was passed as British by the UK Film Council and thus receivedtax allowances.
  5. 5. INDIAN SIDE The highest profile films with the most promotion and usually thebiggest box office (by revenue) are the 200 or so Bollywood filmsmade in Hindi. The remaining 200 films are produced in other so-called ‘regional’languages, including Bengali, Marathi, Bhojpuri etc.
  6. 6. THE AMERICAN DREAM FAC T O R ? . Many of the same reasons the rags to riches story resonateswith the idea of the American Dream where anyone can make it as asuccess, no matter your background. However, flashy as thecamera work and editing are, there are none of the explosions orspecial effects that are normally associated with big box office hits inthe US.
  7. 7. MUSIC Boyle sent a rough cut on DVD to A. R. Rahman, major composeron the World Music scene who has scored many Indian films ofvarying styles and who has a huge fan base in India, so he could writea soundtrack – another selling point for the film. Rahman teamed up with M.I.A. for two tracks, thus adding to themovie’s appeal to an audience interested in World music. Onetrack, Paper Planes, was nominated for a Grammy for Song of the Year
  8. 8. GLOBAL MEDIA Global media is concerned with media forms that are produced inseveral different production contexts around the world, which thencirculate in more than one market and in so doing influenceproduction in the second market. In this way the medium isincreasingly globalised as domestic industries mutate through aprocess of interaction.
  9. 9. DANNY BOYLE Danny Boyle built up a reputation, largely based on his successfulBritish pictures (Shallow Grave (1995), Trainspotting (1996) and 28 DaysLater (2002)), for stylised cinematography and fast cutting. A featureof his work has been partnerships with cinematographers and editorsprepared to work in his style (much of which recently has beendeveloped using digital cameras).
  10. 10. … Slumdog has quickly become one of the most discussed films ofrecent times. This is perhaps less to do with the film in terms of itsnarrative (although audiences seem genuinely entertained by its ideasand their presentation) and more to do with its status as a culturalobject. Range of debates around the film which make it a candidate for aglobal or possibly ‘globalising’ product.