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Alevel media studies


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Alevel media studies

  1. 1. ALEVEL MEDIA STUDIES. Sarah Connelly
  2. 2. Different types of Genres:• Pop• Heavy metal• Rock• Acoustic• Alternative• Country• Jazz• Folk• Etc.
  3. 3. Folk Music - Folk music is an English‘Pop Music - term encompassing both traditional and contemporary folk music. The term‘The terms popular music and pop music are often used originated in the 19th century.interchangeably, even though the former is a description of anyform of music which is popular (and can include any genre)’Rock Music- Acoustic Music - comprises music thatRock music also drew strongly on a number of other solely or primarily uses instrumentsgenres such as blues and folk, and incorporated which produce sound through entirelyinfluences from jazz, classical and other musical acoustic means, as opposed to electricsources. or electronic means. The heteronym "acoustic music" appeared after the advent of electric instrumentsHeavy Metal –the bands that created heavy metal developed athick, massive sound, characterized by highlyamplified distortion, extended guitarsolos, emphatic beats, and overall loudness. Heavymetal lyrics and performance styles are generallyassociated with masculinity
  4. 4. Musical magazines allow the reader to understand what is occurring to their favouritebands. By associating many different bands with similar genres, magazine are created. Ker rang the magazine is a key example. This holds a heavy metal/rock theme all the way through the magazines. This is demonstrated with the use of: • Colour Scheme • Chosen Front Cover Models • Bands contained • Articles contained The title of the magazine itself implies the genre also!
  5. 5. Photo overlapping titleSimple colourscheme of MastHeadred, black, white andyelllow. Change of Cover font colour Lines Snippets of articles contained.Hooks Bar Code Insight to other stories within magazine
  6. 6. Photo’s dominated Different page, text dominated font page would be Quotes overwhelming and boring House colours Close up of band Page numbers and titles of other articlesInsight of Numbersother stories. separate pages & articles Photo’s attract attention
  7. 7. HeadlinePinkfont on Hooks‘free’ Quotesemphasizesterm Cover lines/hooks Significant colour scheme. Although this magazine is clearly for a female audience, the colour pink is not over used. Advertisements
  8. 8. House style is clear as this magazine has divided each articlewith the use of page numbers. The logo is used numerous times on the contents page, this will make the logo noticeable. Use of photo’s displayed on the contents page breaks up the text.The editor has wrote a small column at the left of thepage. This holds a conversational tone. The use ofinformal language allows the reader to relate to the writer.
  9. 9. HEADLINE: HOOKS AND COVERLINES:This key aspect is the name you These allow the reader to get anmagazine will be known as thus the insight of other smaller storieschoice of head line is vital. The headline within the magazine beforedemonstrates the genre of the magazine buying it. This allows you toand will draw in the targeted audience. promote other stories.For example: PHOTO’S CHOSEN: The photo chosen is vital. Generally, the photo chosen is of a famous celeb who relates to the chosen genre thus attracting readers.