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Made in seattle tagfee and innovation final for sharing 06 01 2015


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How Moz's TAGFEE values help foster a culture of innovation.

Innovation requires risk. How do you find the personal and organizational courage to take big risks?

This talk was made by Sarah Bird and delivered to the awesome Made In Seattle Week audience on June 1, 2015.

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Made in seattle tagfee and innovation final for sharing 06 01 2015

  1. 1. Inspiring Innovation Through TAGFEE Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz @Sarah Bird*Nothing in this presentation is original.
  2. 2. Transparent Authentic Generous Fun Empathetic Exceptional Hold me to it!
  3. 3. Moz Basics $35.6 million/year in total revenue
  4. 4. 155 talented team members Moz BasicsMoz Basics
  5. 5. Over 30,000 paying customers From all over the globe. Moz Basics
  6. 6. Moz makes software that helps marketers understand and improve their SEO, business listings, social media, links and brand mentions.
  7. 7. It looks a little like this…
  8. 8. And this…
  9. 9. And this…
  10. 10. Lots of Awards ‘N Stuff Best Places to Work
  11. 11. This is not a Thesis on Innovation.
  12. 12. Transparency. Autonomy. Empathy. Courage. Play.
  13. 13. Transparent Authentic Generous Fun Empathetic Exceptional
  14. 14. Transparent Authentic Generous Fun Empathetic Exceptional
  15. 15. Innovation Requires Transparency
  16. 16. As many ideas as possible must collide to find out what sparks.
  17. 17. Transparent
  18. 18. Share everything but salaries
  19. 19. Share the good and the bad news. So. This sucked.
  20. 20. Don’t worry. We’re kicking ass.
  21. 21. It’s not “lonely at the top” if you share the load.
  22. 22. Transparency without autonomy creates resentment
  23. 23. Transparency + Autonomy = Innovation
  24. 24. When people feel like they own the problem, they will innovate tirelessly to solve it.
  25. 25. Transparency and Autonomy Are Easier in Small Teams
  26. 26. Small teams are often more innovative
  27. 27. As we scaled, the e-Team had to give up power.
  28. 28. What if we could distribute autonomy throughout the org?
  29. 29. What if each team was responsible for coming up with its own roadmap?
  30. 30. MozOS A company-wide operating system to unite all levels of Moz for planning, organizing and executing.
  31. 31. We’re taking this peak! The extended leadership team sets the direction and creates the end of year goals.
  32. 32. MozOSEach team comes up with a 90 day plan on how it is going to contribute to the end of year goal.
  33. 33. Then teams present, rationalize, and prioritize over an intense 2 day period.
  34. 34. MozOSEveryone is a player.
  35. 35. The team owns the problem. No blame shifting to other teams or people. Initiative is required.
  36. 36. Self-Generated Accountability To The Team
  37. 37. Innovation is thriving with transparency, autonomy, self- generated accountability.
  38. 38. We’ll continue to adapt the system as we grow.
  39. 39. Transparent Authentic Generous Fun Empathetic Exceptional
  40. 40. Things are going to get a little personal…
  41. 41. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.
  42. 42. Innovation requires risk.
  43. 43. You’re giving up a known way of doing something, for the belief that it can be better.
  44. 44. What if you’re wrong?
  45. 45. Your worst fear, that you’re not good enough, could be corroborated.
  46. 46. Shame, even the fear of it, kills innovation.
  47. 47. If failure’s not an option, then innovation is not an option.
  48. 48. If you’re going to try something new, then failure is always an option
  49. 49. This being so, so what?
  50. 50. How do you let go of the fear so that you’re free to innovate?
  51. 51. How do you proceed in the face of failure?
  52. 52. The courage to continue comes from knowing that what’s really important is not at risk.
  53. 53. !Achtung! It might not be what you think.
  54. 54. We are all part of this culture that tells us what’s important.
  55. 55. We are all part of this culture that tells us what’s important. Money.
  56. 56. We are all part of this culture that tells us what’s important. Money. Good looks.
  57. 57. We are all part of this culture that tells us what’s important. Money. Good looks. Blah blah.
  58. 58. What creates happiness meaning for you? Can you separate it from what your friends, family, TV shows, commercials, are trying to convince you brings you happiness?
  59. 59. Live authentically. Know what is truly important to you.
  60. 60. We’re searching for connection.
  61. 61. Empathy is the antidote to shame.
  62. 62. “Shame can’t survive the two most powerful words to hear when we’re in struggle: ‘me too.’” --Brene Brown
  63. 63. Empathy allows people to feel vulnerable, instead of shameful.
  64. 64. Vulnerability is uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.
  65. 65. You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort. You cannot have both.
  66. 66. Our objective here is not comfort.
  67. 67. Normalize being Exceptional.
  68. 68. Cultivate the courage to be different.
  69. 69. These are skills you can learn. Invest in them
  70. 70. Transparent Authentic Generous Fun Empathetic Exceptional
  71. 71. Take care of the people, and they will take care of the product
  72. 72. Science sez that creativity and problem-solving improve when you take breaks for play.
  73. 73. We don’t track paid time off.
  74. 74. Just pull your weight.
  75. 75. Generosity is 150% Charity Match
  76. 76. $128K donated in 2014
  77. 77. It’s simple stuff.
  78. 78. Moz Fair Day
  79. 79. Moz HQ World Cup
  80. 80. St Paddy’s Day
  81. 81. It’s simple stuff.
  82. 82. Teams that play together, innovate together.
  83. 83. Transparent Authentic Generous Fun Empathetic Exceptional
  84. 84. Tonight we have the opportunity to help each other be more innovative.
  85. 85. Let’s play, listen to each other, and say, “me too.”