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Bringing Meaning To Your Practice


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Create meaning in your practice by aligning your personal values, corporate strategy, company culture, and brand.

Sarah Bird talks about lessons she learned a long the way to grow her leadership and create an authentic, human-centered organization.

This presentation was designed for and delivered at Avvo's customer conference Lawyernomics on May 15 2015.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Bringing Meaning To Your Practice

  1. 1. Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz @Sarah Bird*Nothing in this presentation is original. Bringing Meaning to Your Practice* Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz @Sarah Bird*Nothing in this presentation is original.
  2. 2. Transparent Authentic Generous Fun Empathetic Exceptional Hold me to it!
  3. 3. Moz Basics $35.6 million/year in total revenue
  4. 4. 155 talented team members Moz BasicsMoz Basics
  5. 5. Over 30,000 paying customers From all over the globe. Moz Basics
  6. 6. Moz makes software that helps marketers understand and improve their SEO, business listings, social media, links and brand mentions.
  7. 7. It looks a little like this…
  8. 8. And this…
  9. 9. And this…
  10. 10. Lots of Awards ‘N Stuff Best Places to Work
  11. 11. Brief Intro to Roger
  12. 12. Your new best friend, Roger.
  13. 13. Brief Intro to Me…
  14. 14. Yep. I’m an attorney.
  15. 15. Joined Moz as General Counsel in 2007
  16. 16. Values Alignment Framework
  17. 17. You Personal Purpose & Values
  18. 18. You Business Partners Personal Purpose & Values Strategic Alignment
  19. 19. You Business Partners Team Personal Purpose & Values Strategic Alignment Company Culture
  20. 20. You Business Partners Team Community Personal Purpose & Values Strategic Alignment Company Culture Brand
  21. 21. I know what some of you are thinking
  22. 22. Are you open to influence?
  23. 23. For me, it’s TAGFEE.
  24. 24. Obsession ≠ Advocacy
  25. 25. You’re a snowflake. So am I.
  26. 26. Hubspot’s Culture Code
  27. 27. Or be an asshole if you want…
  28. 28. But be open about being an asshole.
  29. 29. Are you being intentional about yours? Everyone has a culture.
  30. 30. Get Into Warrior Stance
  31. 31. You Personal Purpose & Values
  32. 32. We’re each on a journey.
  33. 33. My Personal Values: TAGFEE + Humility My Purpose: To create an inclusive environment where people learn and create something bigger than they could create alone.
  34. 34. Having values is easy. Living them is hard.
  35. 35. It takes technique.
  36. 36. It’s not like riding a bike.
  37. 37. It’s more like weight training.
  38. 38. Manage your energy Like an athlete.
  39. 39. Why?
  40. 40. Shit happens
  41. 41. Don’t pray for easy times, pray for the strength to endure hard times. --Bruce Lee “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” --Bruce Lee
  42. 42. Dig Deep
  43. 43. Personal Purpose & Values Visualize Your Legacy Personality Assessments Professional Coach Pay Attention To Your Moods Meditate. Run. Whatever works.
  44. 44. Business Partners Strategic Alignment
  45. 45. Every leadership team needs articulated values & purpose.
  46. 46. Business people call this “strategic alignment.”
  47. 47. Your purpose is why you’re in business. Your values are how you do business. Together, they make up your core promise.
  48. 48. Your purpose should be greater than yourself.
  49. 49. Values help you determine whether your culture is healthy.
  50. 50. The First Version of TAGFEE…
  51. 51. The values are TAGFEE. What is the purpose?
  52. 52. Confession: I hate marketing.
  53. 53. Confession: I hate marketing.
  54. 54. Marketing Obscures the truth Stops me from doing what I want to do Floods my inboxes without my permission Tries tell sell me on products I’ll never, ever need Doesn’t teach me anything Interrupts me during dinner Asks first Pollutes the scenery
  55. 55. Transparent Authentic Generous Fun Empathetic Exceptional The best marketing is…
  56. 56. The best marketing Educates me Is tailored to my interests Gives before It gets Is so good, I want to see it again and share it with friends Is the Scenery (rather than pollutes it) Appears when I’m looking for it Is clear about what it can and cannot do for me Entertains me
  57. 57. It’s not about the software.
  58. 58. Moz empowers businesses to succeed by creating their best, most TAGFEE, marketing.
  59. 59. …Making the world better for ourselves and everyone.
  60. 60. What values resonate with you? Communication Respect Integrity Excellence
  61. 61. Enron Values
  62. 62. Your values and purpose are your core promise.
  63. 63. When you fall out of alignment with your values and purpose, you’re breaking a promise.
  64. 64. Are you working ON your business? Or IN your business?
  65. 65. Team Company Culture
  66. 66. I have a lot to say on culture because it’s so important to me and to Moz.
  67. 67. Culture ≠ Perks
  68. 68. Culture is “how work gets done around here.”
  69. 69. Culture is made up of a thousand small decisions.
  70. 70. Use your values to judge the ‘health’ of your culture. Your culture is dynamic; It will evolve.
  71. 71. Transparency
  72. 72. Everything but salaries.
  73. 73. Share the good and the bad news. So. This sucked.
  74. 74. Don’t worry. We’re kicking ass.
  75. 75. It’s not “lonely at the top” if you share the load.
  76. 76. MozOS A company-wide operating system to unite all levels of Moz for planning, organizing and executing.
  77. 77. Authenticity: Pretend you’re talking to a friend.
  78. 78. No more performance reviews!
  79. 79. Real time feedback is Harder than filling out a long form twice a year.
  80. 80. We don’t track paid time off.
  81. 81. Just get your work done and pull your weight.
  82. 82. Generosity is 150% Charity Match
  83. 83. $128K donated in 2014
  84. 84. It’s simple stuff.
  85. 85. Moz Fair Day
  86. 86. Moz HQ World Cup
  87. 87. St Paddy’s Day
  88. 88. It’s simple stuff.
  89. 89. “Fun” doesn’t really capture it.
  90. 90. Bring positivity to work with you.
  91. 91. Give someone the benefit of a doubt— Invent a good story.
  92. 92. Mozzers believe things can be better, and that they can affect change.
  93. 93. But Sarah, this is a business.
  94. 94. Employees who aren’t engaged leave physically or mentally.
  95. 95. Engaged employees are loyal in good times & bad.
  96. 96. Fraud Reduction
  97. 97. Happy people are better at serving clients.
  98. 98. Recruiting is easier.
  99. 99. Strong cultures can suppress diversity.
  100. 100. Culture Recruit, review, release, and retain employees on TAGFEE Do employees refer their friends and spouses? Is there productive conflict in meetings that result in sustainable agreements? Enlist your team to help you get closer to your values. They own the culture too.
  101. 101. Community Brand
  102. 102. We are all looking for our tribes.
  103. 103. Create loyalty, Not transactions
  104. 104. Your customers will stick with you, and refer their friends.
  105. 105. Moz is and always was a community first.
  106. 106. Rand, our Cofounder, blogged about learning SEO
  107. 107. 2,000,000/month visits/month
  108. 108. Content is Co-Created and Curated
  109. 109. Practicing What We Preach
  110. 110. Earn Moz Points
  111. 111. Draw Roger Contest
  112. 112. 800k marketers joined the Moz Community to support each other, and try to become their best professional selves.
  113. 113. Come for the content. Stay for the Software.
  114. 114. There is no loyalty without trust.
  115. 115. Admit Mistakes
  116. 116. Password Eff Up
  117. 117. Corporate Resiliency
  118. 118. Raving Fans
  119. 119. Do your business practices support your culture?
  120. 120. What brands have found their tribes?
  121. 121. Seattle Divorce Services
  122. 122. Seattle Dad’s Rights Attorneys
  123. 123. Check out this video.
  124. 124. You’re probably really uncomfortable after watching that video
  125. 125. It goes so strongly against unspoken but known conventions. Initial conditions
  126. 126. This Is Water by David Foster Wallace
  127. 127. “The most obvious and important realities are often the hardest to see and talk about.”
  128. 128. We’ve inherited layers of culture.
  129. 129. Cultural Anthropologist
  130. 130. Does your brand experience integrate your culture, strategic alignment, personal purpose and values?
  131. 131. You Business Partners Team Community Personal Purpose & Values Strategic Alignment Company Culture Brand
  132. 132. Where are you on your journey? Pick one area to work on when you get home.
  133. 133. It’s not where you come from that matters; It’s where you’re going.
  134. 134. @SarahBird