Ministry teams minutes May 2013


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Ministry teams minutes May 2013

  1. 1. Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes: 8 May 2013Ministry Team: YouthMembers Present: Beth Crow, Jane Weinberger , Michael Belmares, Jon Showalter, Sally Bloom, Stephanie AllenVestry Liaison: Fran KenneyAgenda Items Discussed:• Youth Minister: Discussion re hiring youth minister. Initially, Stephanie noted her resolution to hire someone bySeptember, probably 20 hours a week, with funding available through December 2013. It is still possible to hirewith another parish, but at present there is nothing concrete about this. We discussed how to increase pledges tokeep someone after that. Strategies were discussed to achieve this. We discussed hiring mechanism for thisposition, recognizing that a meet and greet program would be helpful in establishing trust and commitment fromall parties. Then there was discussion about ....What do we want a Youth Director to do?1. Take the program to the next level. Extend the program through their senior year--after pilgrimage.Continuity/energy/life-long faith/disciples/retention/grow?/Spirituality/Stewardship gifts/Role Model (teacher by example)Inspires/Spiritual guide/Expertise/Follow Baptismal Covenant2. CoordinatingCommunicating-Parish, Youth, Parents, Leaders, Parish, Community, Leader Development Volunteer Management.Expertise/Authority3. Relationship Building--to all of the above.We discerned that we to achieve what we want for this position, and to support someone in the position to be able toachieve our goals, we need a person with vocation, fulltime, for a salaried position. We discussed that ideally this personwould be Episcopalian, but not absolutely necessary, and that while not necessary that they join Nativity, we would hopethey would want to do so. Stephanie suggested going to the vestry asking to delay hiring until January, 2014, after arenewed push in Stewardship, with Jon agreeing to help head up Youth Ministry Team efforts on working with Vestry onStewardship. The discussion helped us recognize that we do have a mission for the youth program that we all believe.Now to find the words.Action Items Assigned/Tracked:Action Item Assigned To Due DateVestry Discussion re Youth Minister Position Stephanie next meetingLeader recruitment Sally, Fran, Jane ongoingYouth Formation: prayer, consideration Team ongoing
  2. 2. Ministry Team: CommunicationsMembers present: Gail Christensen, Ben Huckaby, Sarah Bernart, Jason PaceVestry Liaison: Babs FreemanAgenda/Items Discussed:• Graphics Guidelinesa. Update from Ben & Jason on templates for the brand guidelines documentb. Concepts need to be developed and implemented in Microsoft Word for flyers, brochures, PPTc. Also need to make a page on the site for the logos/make them more publicly accessible• Websiteo How do we show past events?o Need a new page that highlights some of the higher-profile past/recent eventso Also might need an archive page with search box included, post tags, whatever elseo Detail page about the church organ• Needs to be created, but Jason has all the content ready to go for doing thiso Discussion on proposed web roles• Web Content Manager (Provides content and updates the web. Owns the home page and allpages of church-wide interests.)• Web Programming Team (Manages the technical and programming aspects of the web site.Addresses technical questions and functionality (forms, registrations, etc.)• Web Specialty Authors (Own content for specific sub-sections of the web (music, youth, teamministries, altar guild, etc...). Authors have update access to the pages of the website which theyare authorized to access.Start off with some early adopters to try the Web Specialty Authors role:Music (Jason Pace volunteered), Youth Education, Outreacho How do we do event sign-ups and registration?• Google forms - a little more setup required, but does not require people to have an email (This isprobably our best solution.) Propose trying this out with the upcoming Vacation Bible Schoolregistration if they are open to doing it. Have both the paper sign up and the digital sign up andsee what people think.• Facebook events (Requires a Facebook account)• Evite (Easy, free, but requires email)o Listservs (Email Mailing Lists): Instead of having groups (such as the Ministry Teams) have to includeevery person’s email each time it was proposed that we look into setting up mailing lists.• Advantages:Keeps individual emails hiddenPrevents people from being left out of important emailsSimple and easy!• Disadvantages:1. Spam (Can be controlled via list permissions)2. Email firestorms (“Please unsubscribe me!”) (Also controlled via list permissions.)Action Items Discussed/Tracked:Action Item Assigned To Due DateBen and Jason work on design templates for brand guidelines Ben and Jason 6/12/13Gail will look into placement of Episcopal street sign Gail 6/12/13Schedule Wordpress training session for new authors Ben and Gail 6/12/13
  3. 3. Ministry Team: NewcomerMembers Present: Tivey Clark, Sue Young, Cheryl Waechter, Kari Marotta, Jack HolmesVestry Liaison: Sue YoungAgenda Items Discussed:• Reviewed our Newcomer Google database. Cheryl has contacted newcomers through April; Brenda Johnston isassigned to May.• Next Newcomer Welcome Liturgy: Sue asked Ailsa Tessier and Evelyn Judson to bake bread. Athena to bringfood for 6/9, Kari to bring food for 6/16. Stephanie expecting to welcome as many families. Tivey to email Jennieto reserve room.• Next newcomer contact? VBS postcard. Tivey to send Cheryl dates/times/details.• Reviewed Narthex design ideas. Sue has emailed Nancy and Meredith re: putting together a formal proposal,budget. We will need to take that to Buildings & Grounds.• Reviewed “Episcopal Church…decoded” information Stephanie drafted. We will hand it out at next newcomerclass and put copies in sign-in binder.Action Items Assigned/Tracked:Action Item Assigned To Due DatePrepare for next newcomer class and liturgy team ASAPRedesign narthex and Estill House Team ASAPVBS postcard Cheryl JunePut up pictures of newcomers on board in Estill House Kari &CherylASAP
  4. 4. Ministry Team: WorshipMembers Present: Dan Laird, Carol Smith, Evelyn Judson, Charles Wehland, David LynchVestry Liaison: Susie HolmesItems Discussed:• Implementation of an Evensong service. The goal was to provide an alternative service to the 10:30 service. Wediscussed the level of formality and the need for acolytes, LEMs, ushers, etc. and decided it would be an informalservice. We talked about music and need to find parishioners who can play piano and guitar. We will intone partsof the service but not the entire service.o We will start in January 2014 on Sundays at 5 PM. We will hold it in the church. We can move it outside ifthe weather is nice. We will contact Kristen and Nina for hourly nursery care. We discussed the fact thatwe do not need a clergy person to have Evensong because the service does not include communion.However, people come to be fed, so we need to have Communion and a homily. There is no currentbudget for a supply priest to celebrate the Eucharist. That item needs to be added to the 2014 budget.Nancy Allison was mentioned as a favorite supply priest. The one concern is the conflict with YouthGroup.
  5. 5. Ministry Team: Children’s FormationMembers Present: Becky Showalter, Lori Special, Kellam Gaddy, Chris Chiavacci, Bobbi Feraco, Megan DouglasVestry Liaison: Judy GarcesAgenda Items Discussed:• Need someone to take pictures of the kids as Aiden can’t. Kellam will see if Riley can bring in camera for photosthis weekend.• Youth Sundayo Christie has chosen song and kids have practiced it. They’ll be dressed like a rainbow. PreK/K and 1-3graders will be singing. Teachers will be thanked with Great Harvest bread. A potential issue is that all ofour usual teen helpers for the PreK class will be also participating in the service so will be unable to helpout. Chris thinks that he and Rod and Michelle will be able to handle it. Bobbi has agreed to go in to helpif there are lots of kids.• We discussed the issue that if a child has to use the bathroom while in the Nursery there is no adult available totake the child. It might be possible to get teens to help, but there is the concern that with them helping out withPreK and Nursery they won’t be going to church enough. Another possibility is opening it up to all of the churchand seeing if there might be other adults who might be interested in helping out on an as needed basis.• End of year cook-out on June 2 from 10:30-2:30.o Becky created and sent out a Sign Up Genius to the Sunday School list. Becky will put it in SundayTidings. Kellam will buy hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers and buns and paper products and waterand condiments (ketchup, mustard, relish). 1 hamburger and 2 hot dogs/adult and half of each for kids.Becky will check on veggie.Megan will check with Charlie Kerr about lemonade and tea.Becky will checkwith Mark Marotta to see if he has a truck that can be used to transport grills on June 2.• Vacation Bible Schoolo Need additional volunteers for VBS. Meet again in early June. No teens signed up because they weregone. The helpers will be the rising 6thgraders, if they didn’t want to be participants. 5thgrade and underwill be participants in VBS. Catherine Shearin has the sign-up list, she also set up a sign-up genius forVBS. Kellam will ask again about decorations for VBS. VBS information needs to be posted on thewebsite to sign-up through the website. Tivey is writing something up for the website. The sign-up formneeds to include parent contact information. There will be a banner on Ray Road for VBS. No insurancewaiver needed, but we need specific pick-up information. There was discussion of providing incentives forbringing a friend to VBS. It was decided to wait and ease into the larger numbers since this is the firstyear in a long while that we will be advertising to the larger community.• SPARK Curriculumo Curriculum sheets are integral to the lessons. 20 sheets for the K, and 10 for each of the other classes:40 @ 4.99(2): $400.00 + 350.00 (online piece, registration, calendar, reminders, links to activity sheetsand coloring pages, videos to explain background on bible stories) = $750.00. We’ll do the Fall and thenevaluate then.• Make up of Sunday School Class next yearo Classes: (10:30) 3 – 5 and K-1st; (9:15) 2nd-4thgrade• Summer Sunday Schoolo Laura Cashion is organizing. Becky will order Spark online and will see if there are any parts can be usedin summer.• Sunday School Teachers next yearo Most teachers will move up with their classes. Need to work on getting teachers for the open spots. LisaAvery is taking time off with new baby, Chris Heagarty is moving to the YACs. Bobbi Feraco would like toteach with her husband, David the 2nd– 4thgrade class.• Music with Sunday Schoolo Christy wants to do more formal music in Sunday school. Suggested that Christy work with Waltye moreformally to have children do more singing in church. Have short term commitments for Christy to workwith kids, possibly after church, to make it easier for parents.
  6. 6. Ministry Team: OutreachMembers Present: Carl Sigel, Pat Watson, Pete Crow, Jane Heyward, Annette Hughes, Patti TrainorVestry Liaison: Annette HughesAgenda Items Discussed:• Discussion of Stop Hunger Now—lots of people jammed into vestibule and eating pizza; perhaps have a set-upcrew from 8 am service; low donations• Patti--possibility of attending church service; drop off supplies for food they would make; Paul Nelson of NCSUand student will plant five 10,000 sq. ft. garden, and perhaps we could help with one; May 26 Carl will do “SacredFoodscapes” June 23 adult education focusing on farmworkers; our “event” should be after that• Discussion of parking lot alternatives—Outreach Team prefers money used for paying-down mortgage and somemoney used for (outreach) project endowment; first would like to see voluntary approach to parking at Food Lionper Crow proposal• Carl announced Friday’s potluck dinner and movie at 6 pm (Rachel Carson)• Next time: be sure to address more specifically Carl Terry’s inquiry• Jane may not be here next 3 monthsAction Items Assigned/Tracked:Action Item Assigned To Due DateCheck w Paul on what we might do Patti May 15Annette will report back to vestry
  7. 7. Ministry Team: Adult Christian Formation TeamMembers Present: Carl Terry, Nancy Terry, George Douglas, Gail McNally, Stephanie AllenVestry Liaison:Agenda Items Discussed:• Welcome Gail McNally as a new member of our team, representing EFM and Blue Candle.• Reviewed remainder of Spring 2013 schedule to include Carl Siegel and the Faith and Ecology Forum which willrun through June 23.• Continue Bible Study beginning June 30 and each Sunday for the rest of the summer. Dan will lead in June 30-July.• Fall, 2013 offerings (begins September 8)The following are established programs:o October 20 – Ann Hodges-Copple, Suffragan Bishopo November 24 – Report from Conventiono December 1 – Annual Meetingo December 8 – Day of Giving –Outreach Teamo December 15 – Mini – Advent programo December 22 – Mini – Advent program Discussion ofo Other potential program: Do we have one offering, two, or three? How do we reach and include thenewer and younger members in Adult programs? Getting to the Why we do things. Do we need to offerthings at different times? Third offering could be a coffee and discuss contemporary, current issues(newspaper), etc. Possibilities:Nancy Titus – 2 sessions to share her Pilgrimage, HildegardeCarolyn Edge – Women of the Fourth Gospel – 4 sessionsGeorge Douglas – The Lord is my ShepherdGeorge Clifford – could do one session depending on when availableStewardship - More than just the stewardship program, but education. Why Stewardship?Angelo – Sudanese refugee who has a story to tell about a school in Sudan that he isestablishingStephen Ministry• Marriage/relationship enrichment – Carl and Nancy met with wife of the one couple who signed up for retreat.She had some suggestions about time of program and content. Sunday afternoon, monthly date night. Willexplore more with her family foyer group.• EFM – recruiting for next year.• Need more members. All to be looking for folks to invite to Team. Think about the Why? And How?Action Items Assigned/Tracked:Action Item Assigned To Due DateContact Carolyn Edge to get more information, cost, etc. Nancy May, 2013Talk with Outreach committee re: Angelo and other potential offerings Carl May, 2013Relationship enrichment - Carl andNancyJune, 2013Recruiting EFM Gail,StephanieSummer,2013New Adult Formation Team members All On-going
  8. 8. Ministry Team: Buildings and GroundsMembers Present: Ken Tessier, David Johnston, Alfred ChristensenVestry Liaison:Agenda Items:• Rain water still coming into Estill House underneath some of the glass doors during heavy downpours.o According to the fire marshal, it is OK to caulk some of the glass doors shut – they are not emergencyexits.o Alfred has caulked lower part of the glass door in Jennie’s office and the one in the lobby of Estill House.o The caulk needs to be touched up with some bronze paint to better match the door frames.• Rain water also came into the Education building during a recent heavy downpour.o Water came into room 203 by the door (which may be an old issue), room 206 and room 208. In the lasttwo rooms it seems to have come in between the wall and the slab.o Photos were taken and the extent of water was documented.o We have met with the builder (Jim Edwards from Inland Construction). Jim has asked Al Andrews fromthe same company to contact us to plan actions.o In the meantime, the gutters need to be cleaned – they are not covered with leaf guard.o We also need to plan digging drain pipes into the ground to lead the rain water from the downspouts onthe western side of the building away from the building.• Termite problem in the church.o Spot treatment was done April 16.o Monitoring for traces of termites will be done by Dave Metzger during his weekly cleaning cycle.• Water coloring and sewage gas problems in the Education building.o No new reports of smelly problems.• We have had to repair one of the large 10 ton heat pumps outside the church for a total of $5,200.00.o The dual compressor unit needed to be replaced.o Work was completed May 6, 2013.• Marc suggested that motion detector-timer switches be installed in the bathrooms and storage areas (Postponedtill next meeting since Marc wasn’t able to attend this meeting).o Such detectors are installed in the bath rooms in the Education building. I believe they operate both theceiling fan and the lights.o We have five bathrooms in the church and two in Estill House (7 sensors needed).o We have one electrical / storage closet in the Worship building and one in Estill House (2 sensorsneeded).o That would be a total of nine sensors – let’s search for a good deal on those.o A sensor costs around $35.00 – the question is if we can install them ourselves or if we need anauthorized installer.o What is the total cost compared to the potential savings?• We also need to look at thermostat replacement.o We have a variety of thermostat brands and models – the two thermostats in the Nave are different.Some of them are programmable and some are not.o We need to be able to program thermostats: hour of the day, day of the week.o The most immediate need is to replace the two thermostats in the Nave.o There are three thermostats in the Education building.o There are two thermostats in Estill House.o We would eventually need 7 thermostats, but should start with the two in the Nave and the one in thehallway of Estill House.o I would prefer thermostats that are able to connect to our wireless network and be programmed andmonitored from a PC/laptop connected to that same network. Let’s look around for good deals on suchthermostats.o I did recently talk with our HVAC vendor about new thermostats. They recommend Honeywell VisionPROWi-Fi Programmable Thermostat (Model TH8320WF). All American would ask for about $300.00 perthermostat - installed.
  9. 9. A similar thermostat costs about $150.00 at Home Depot, but we would have to install itourselves.• Stephanie has requested that the lock in the aumbry in the Nave be replaced by a wooden latch.o We need someone to look at this project.o David Johnston has volunteered to look into this.• The doors in Estill House seem to be left unlocked at times where they should have been locked.o Can we install a lock on the front door that will lock when the door is closed, so someone who leaves lateand doesn’t have access to a key can lock the door by closing it?o The glass side doors have also been seen unlocked.o I don’t think we can install self-locking locks on them.o Any other suggestions apart from posting a small message on each door that they must be closed andlocked again if ever opened?o Ken Tessier will look at the lock on the front door.o Alfred will put up small labels on the glass doors in Corlett Hall.• Flapper in toilet cistern in men’s restroom in Estill House.o Flapper was loose, but has been repaired (twice).o If repair does not last, there is a new flapper on the shelf in the corner closet in the printer room.• Request from the Communications team to start looking at selecting and installing a sound (speaker) system inthe Nave.o I assume it will be possible to hook into the existing system for hearing impaired by adding an amplifierand installing speakers in the back of the Nave.o Wiring for the speakers will likely be the most complex task.o It was suggested to investigate if we can use wireless speakers. Alfred will look into this option.• Grounds maintenance.o Fetsko did do the spring cleaning and mulching. The lawns are looking good at this point in time.o The mulch was placed too close to tree trunks and we need to rake some of it away from the trunks.o Alfred will try and rake some of it away from the tree trunks.• Walkway to the Memorial Garden.o The walkway discussion has been integrated into the works of a new memorial garden committee. KenTessier has become a member of that new committee.• Parking lot expansion – status of current planning activitieso We now have a design that is estimated to cost around $75,000 for 30 extra parking spaces (roughly$2500 per parking space).o We did end up having to put in a retaining pond for surface water runoff.o Permits have been secured.o The Vestry will vote on the project at the meeting in May.o David mentioned that parking lot crunch time seems to be between 10:15 where adult education stopsand 10:30 where the second service starts. Maybe it would be possible to reduce the crunch by startingadult education 15 minutes earlier and ending at 10:00 – allowing 30 minutes for the early risers to leaveand the 10:30 attendants to arrive.• Grounds sub team – so far no reaction to our article in Glad Tidings.o If we don’t get any volunteers, we may have to abandon the idea of a grounds improvement team.Action Items Assigned/Tracked:Action Item Assigned To Due DateTouch up caulk with bronze or black paint Alfred ChristensenClean gutters on education building Alfred ChristensenReplace lock in aumbry David JohnstonReplace lock in front door of Estill house Ken TessierPut labels on glass doors in Corlett Hall Alfred ChristensenInvestigate cost of using wireless speakers in the Nave Alfred ChristensenRake mulch away from tree trunks Alfred Christensen
  10. 10. Ministry Team: Pastoral CareMembers Present: David Lynch, Jane Wehland, Tammy Jenkins, Janet Alford, Randy SmithVestry Liaison: Susie HolmesAgenda Items Discussed:• Continuing research of options for Memorial Garden and review of current policy, conditions, and map, along withpictures of current markers provided. Randy is waiting on vestry decision to establish a separate committee topursue this project for planning future growth and policies for use of the Memorial Garden and its care.• Jane Wehland continues to manage the card pastoral care and has enough volunteers to keep this projectcurrent• Tammy had a quiet month for being team captain, fortunately, and has handed current needs to Fran Kenney forMay.• Plans for researching a pastoral care program for seniors who cannot regularly attend Nativity will be pursued.Action Items AssignedAction Item Assigned To Due DateFollow up requests to Stephanie or vestry for Sr. visitationguidanceTammy Jenkins June 1Contact other pastoral care team members for participationin senior pastoral careJanet Alford June 1