Ministry teams minutes 11-11-13


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Minutes of the Nov. 11 '13 ministry teams meetings

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Ministry teams minutes 11-11-13

  1. 1. Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes: 13 November 2013 Ministry Team: Newcomers Members Present: Cheryl, Brenda Johnston, Sue Young Agenda Items Discussed: I. Mentoring new members - Cheryl and Brenda volunteered to coordinate a new Nativity ministry, called the Shepherding Ministry. This team will be made up of volunteers who have a genuine passion for drawing new members into the life of the Church and will to be a welcoming and friendly ambassador for Nativity. II. Materials for Visitors – After a discussion on the topic, a decision was made not to offer packets of materials for visitors. The main reasons not to provide a welcome package were that visitors would be more interested in the service itself and people than reading a lot of printed material, on information they can get on-line. Any printed flyers or handouts that are thought to be useful can be made available in the narthex, especially once we get furniture in place there. Plan to have materials available at Newcomer breakfasts. III. Advent – discussed additional ways we can be welcoming and engage visitors during Advent. IV. Newcomer Breakfast on January 12, and the next Welcome Sunday liturgy on January 26 Action Items: 1. Glad Tidings article to recruit volunteers 2. Draft Advent calendar postcard to send to previous 6 months’ visitors 3. Update Newcomer welcome bulletin board 4. Schedule for advent Sundays – welcome table 5. Establish goals for Newcomers Team for 2014 Brenda and Cheryl Cheryl Cheryl Sue all
  2. 2. Ministry Team: Adult Formation Members Present: Carl Terry, Nancy Terry, Stephanie Allen, Gail McNally Agenda Items Discussed: 1. Reviewed items from fall 2013 schedule: • Report from George that he and George Clifford will do two Sundays. Working title would be “The two tales of Christmas.” Jane Vella had agreed to do the Bible Study but will be asked to do another time. • Reviewed the attendance at the Women of the Fourth Gospel. It has been disappointing. Some of the regulars have not attended. 2. Adult formation for 2014. See attached list. • George Douglas has volunteered to do a program on “What is Lessons and Carols” for 1/5/2013. Need to confirm. Alternative is to do Bible study or Get someone else to do the program. • Stephanie and Friends are scheduled for the “The Acts of the “Apostles” for seven weeks of Epiphany. 1/26/2014 is Newcomer Breakfast and Stephanie will not be available then. • Carl has confirmed Winston Charles for five Sundays including Palm Sunday. He will not be available for 3/16/2014. • Stephanie will work with Mike Belmares to do a program on 3/16/2013 on “Virtual Spirituality for Everyday Living” • Stephanie reported that the Community Bible Study with Liz and Mike Belmares had 10 people on Wednesday. That program is off to a good start. • George Douglas reported that George Clifford had volunteered to do a book study during Lent, “Without Buddha I could not be a Christian" by Paul Knitter Discussion of having this program compete with Winston Charles when he is a guest and paid speaker. George Clifford is popular and we want to ensure that both get attendance. (Winston will be doing the sermon that first Sunday so parishioners will get to know him) Two options for George, offer this as an alternative during Epiphany, or have it after Easter. • Lenten Evening Program: discussed three different schedule possibilities. Start with evening prayer, then dinner, then a brief program, then Eucharist. Another possibility, Start with dinner, program, Eucharist, Third possibility, begin with Evening Prayer, Dinner, program. (See schedule). Lenten program would be three weeks with Team Ministry Meetings coming before and after the three weeks. David Lynch was suggested as a possible program person. Would also have the Youth to plan and carry out a program for children during the program time. Decision is pending. • Discussed room arrangements when we have two offerings. Wanting to make the space more intimate and conducive to discussion and conversation. Can use the conference room for one offering. Set up the parish hall in a smaller space to bring people together. • Stephanie told us about a curriculum, Feasting on the Word. It is Lectionary-based and includes children and adults. Possible consideration for summer. • The Diocese is looking at a program for individuals who want to deepen their faith. Not as extensive as EFM. It is web based. Would want to have a group meet together to discuss their learning through this program. We could use at The Church of Nativity. This is a future consideration. • Gail reported that EFM is going well. They are studying Luke now. She and Harlan have developed a format that is working well. • Discussed Marriage Programs. Stephanie suggested that we get to know the younger couples. They do not know us. Determine what they would want and when. • Discussed paying for books as part of the budget discussion. We would have money to pay for those who could not purchase, but would expect that most would buy their own books. This is a change and we will have to work on how this is presented to participants.
  3. 3. 3. Budget discussion: • $385 for Winston Charles • $300 for another speaker • $145 for the Feasting on the Word Curriculum • $200 for books Total_____ $1380 Go to the Google doc for the 2014 schedule. Action Items Assigned: 1. Nancy to talk to Jane Vella about not doing Bible Study for December 22. Done. 2. Stephanie will work with friends to facilitate “The Acts of the Apostles”. She will have someone to do the program on 1/26 when she has the Newcomers Breakfast. 3. Nancy to talk to George Douglas about his commitment for “What is Lessons and Carols?” 4. Stephanie will discuss with George Clifford about when he could do the book study, “Without Buddha …..” 5. Stephanie to talk to David Lynch about Lenten Evening Program. 6. Nancy and Carl and meet with the Community Bible Study group to get input on marriage offerings. 7. Nancy to meet with Moms group to get their input on marriage offerings. 8. Nancy to send John our budget request.
  4. 4. Ministry Team: Communications Members Present: Emilie Sigel, Gail Christensen, Jason Pace, Becky Christian Agenda/Items Discussed: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Budget issues - The 2014 budget has not been devised yet, but we understand that we will be responsible for the cost of Constant Contact ($126/year), but not for speakers for the nave, which is deemed a capital expense. Jason will speak with the Junior Warden about placement that will enhance intelligibility, not detract from it. Episcopal street sign - The Senior Warden requested that our Team buy and erect the standard Episcopal street sign, but this cannot be done off-property, according to local, county and state authorities, so the Team discussed where it could be erected on property. Gail will discuss placement with the Junior Warden. Phone directory - The Team agrees that a directory must be produced annually, and that time has come. Alfred Christensen has again offered to create the directory. He has to get input from Jennie Herrick, and we hope that can be done in time to deliver the directory to parishioners in time for them to mail their Christmas cards. Facebook "promotions" - The Team agrees that this is a useful, modern and inexpensive way to spend advertising money. For $5, we can "push" postings on our Facebook page to 1000 people, and for $20 to 5000 people. This was done to promote the Aurora Musicalis concert and we think it was very successful. A new feature of these promotions will concentrate the push to the Raleigh-Durham area. Brand guidelines - The Team strongly recommends that communications from Church of the Nativity have a common look and feel. This may be difficult with a church that is so much lay-driven and lay-led, but we must make the effort, and we hope the Vestry will back us up. We believe that all materials regarding stewardship, outreach, newcomers, direct mail, or that are in the pews should be seen by a member of the Communications Ministry Team before printing to ensure consistency, spelling, and adherence to guidelines, which we promise will not be so stringent that they will stifle creativity. We will be consultants, not obstructionists. Jason and Becky will pull together guidelines (most of which are published already on our Facebook page and are followed in Glad Tidings) and the Team hopes to present these to the Vestry in January. Jason recommends we standardize on the Aller font, which he used on the Flourish in Faith poster and which is free, clean, contemporary, and readable (for example, the lowercase l is distinguishable from the numeral 1). It is available in 7 font weights from Action Items Discussed/Tracked: Action Item Assigned To Placement of Episcopal street sign Gail Develop and finish Brand Guidelines for submission to the Jason, Becky Vestry Provide updated list of names and addresses of Jennie parishioners Due Date 12/11/13 1/8/13 11/30/13
  5. 5. Ministry Team: Youth Members Present: Dave McKinnon, Jon Showalter, Jane Weinberger, Fran Kenney, Sally Bloom Agenda/Items discussed: 1. Team Membership update--Mike Belmares has asked to be removed from Youth Ministry Team. 2. Youth Ministry Mission Statement.. After discussion the unanimous consensus of the YMT was that the following will be the Youth Ministry Program Mission Statement: • Nativity’s mission is to provide an environment for teens to encounter the transformative power of Jesus Christ, through community, worship, prayer, and service. 3. Budget/Stewardship Updates Fran and Dave • General Notice re receipts: Please let Fran know when we have a receipt to be paid. She has a copy of the account codes in her folder as well. She needs to track expenses for youth accounts. FYI--Sally, this means you. Fran has placed a document in drive with all youth codes. Counters have been reminded how to code deposits. • The vestry asked the YMT to review the 2013 budget, to see where we can free up monies. Fran noted that 2013 monies allocated to J2A and Pilgrims were for trips, and she is having those amounts moved to the trips restricted funds. Remaining monies designated for education and training are being freed up for other uses by vestry. • Stewardship: Dave: 126 pledges, $311,000. This is amount pledged last year, with 8 fewer pledges than last year at this time. 50 outstanding pledges (people who pledged before) and 22 new pledges. $385,000 is target amount to be able to hire a youth minister. 4. Other Notes: • Jane: J2A and Pilgrim deposits have all been made and train and plane reservations have been made. There are 20 J2A youth going on the Urban Adventure to Baltimore, and 8 youth going to Costa Rica. Fran noted that there is $1200 from greens and poinsettias sales as profit for youth trips. • Youth Program in Progress--What’s Up? Fran reported that the nine COTN youth enjoyed the Christ Church diocesan gathering. numbers for trips this summer. New Business: 1. Brainstorm possible future YAC activities (for the rising YACS, for 2014-2015; they will be 11th and 12th graders). Sally suggested researching and possibly implementing the discernment aspect of the Mentoring Program from the YAC curriculum for the spring semester of the current Pilgrims’ classes. The idea is to get advance buy-in from the youth regarding participation next year when they are YACs, by raising awareness and interest in next year’s projects and opportunities. There was discussion of possible mentoring opportunities, and we recognized that we must allow youth the opportunities to express their interests. Jon noted how this is, like many objectives, a building process. We noted how in years’ past individual youth had the personalities and opportunities to express themselves in the life of the church. Beth wrote notes regarding the Diocesan Chartered Committee for Youth, and while we would like greater COTN youth participation on Diocesan projects, our focus re: rising YACs is to have them in church weekly. We would like to know what we can learn from or borrow from the DCCY program that helps make this happen. BETH: Please provide any information you can about how this program “raises up the youth.” A thought from Stephanie: What if one of the ministries one of the pilgrim/soon to be YAC decided to be part of was the Diocsesan CCY? It might not happen with this current group as they have not been as involved in Diocesan Events as the group below them, but future groups who have participated in Diocesan Youth Events, this could be their ministry. It was decided that we would review the mentoring program and talk with Pilgrim leaders about possible introduction of it this spring, if it seems doable. YMT will need to establish a firm list of possible mentored activities, opportunities. 2. Review Nativity Youth Assessment. We reviewed the history of the assessment and where we were in the process it established. Many of the tasks on the list have been done, others remain. Overall, we believe it is time to re-visit the Visioning tasks of the Assessment; AND to work on a written Strategic Plan for Youth Integration in the Church. Regarding Visioning: While it seems difficult to work on a long-term vision when we think of the difficulties in implementation, Dave stated that by looking longterm we can work backwards to action items that will help us reach a goal. And while we would like input from a possible youth minister, we also think it would be good to have a long term vision in place for this person to use as a jumping off point. Regarding Strategic Plan for Youth Integration: We believe that in many ways they are immersed in the life of the church, but documenting that immersion will allow us to find gaps and possibilities for more involvement, and also help set expectations for rising youth on upcoming opportunities, as well as allow us to communicate youth involvement to the parish and beyond. Finally, it would be the basis of possible mentoring suggestions for rising YAC initiative.
  6. 6. It was decided that we will focus on these tasks in the January-March meetings, with assignments as follows (although some work to be done in December). NOTE UPCOMING YMT DATES ARE: December 11 (possible); January 8, February 12, March 12. Goal Task Assigned To Due Date From Assessment Plan Visioning and Strategic Plan for Youth (“SPY”) Review Assessment, REQUIRED, and annotate in your own color! All YMT members 12/4/11 SPY and rising YAC idea Contribute to Shared Document of CURRENT Youth activities in Whole Church ALL YMT members 12/10/11 A strategic plan has been developed for helping the youth become an integral part of the whole church, weaving the youth ministry into the fabric of the entire church. This plan may include creative ways to plug youth in leadership roles throughout the church. Build off the desire of youth and parents to make a difference in the world as well as their local community. The current outreach opportunities have been evaluated for effectiveness. Create a plan for promoting and exposing the youth to outreach throughout the year. SPY and rising YAC idea Contribute to Shared Document of POSSIBLE Youth activities in Whole Church All YMT members 12/10/11 A strategic plan has been developed for helping the youth become an integral part of the whole church, weaving the youth ministry into the fabric of the entire church. This plan may include creative ways to plug youth in leadership roles throughout the church. Build off the desire of youth and parents to make a difference in the world as well as their local community. The current outreach opportunities have been evaluated for effectiveness. Create a plan for promoting and exposing the youth to outreach throughout the year. Rising YAC idea Review Mentoring Manual for YAC program Anyone can, will share, but Jane, Sally and Fran to review for possible implementation 12/10/11 Rising YAC idea Discuss and Decide, using YMT Shared List of current and possible Youth Involvement possibilities 12/11/13 YAC IDEA Implement with Pilgrims. If it is decided to do so. Sally and Jane 1/15/14 Creating SPY Taking the input from above, write a narrative of these components to see how they fit into a plan to integrate youth and what Sally 2/10/14 based on 1/8/14 discussion [Whether we meet in person or virtually in December, we would need a decision on changes to Pilgrim curriculum for spring so can be implemented]. From Assessment: Christian Formation Plan: Define the purpose of the youth ministry and how the various components fulfill that purpose. Create an integrated template for connecting
  7. 7. each component of the ministry: J to A, youth group and Confirmation. else needs to be done Visioning Draft set of core values for visioning process and share for input on google docs Dave 12/10/13 Visioning Draft Three Year Goal(s) and share for input on google docs (three years means beginning of academic year 20162017?) or do you prefer calendar years? Jon 1/6/14 Visioning Revise and Complete 3 year goals Jon/Sally 2/11/14 Visioning Draft Benchmarks to reach 3 year goals, based on draft provided 1/6/14 and discussion on 1/8/14; share on google docs Fran 2/10/14 SPY Review/annotate Draft SPY on google docs All YMT Members 2/10/14 Visioning Complete Benchmarks Fran/Sally based on Completed 3 year goals 3/10/14 SPY Complete SPY 3/10/14 Sally Remember our mission: Nativity’s mission is to provide an environment for teens to encounter the transformative power of Jesus Christ, through community, worship, prayer, and service.
  8. 8. Ministry Team: Buildings and Grounds Members Present: David Johnston, Randy Smith, Alfred Christensen Agenda Items: • Follow-up on last meeting’s action list. Action Item Organize B&G work day Nave audio reinforcement system user guide Provide 2014 budget input to the Finance team • Due Date Nov 1 Nov 13 Comment Completed Saturday Nov 9. No new status Alfred Oct 11 Completed (number below) Budget input for 2014 o We are requested to evaluate our 2013 budget vs. actual status and provide any changes to the budget for the remaining months of 2013. Account # 65110 65100 65310 65320 65330 65340 65400 65500 65600 ?? 64920 o o o o • Assigned To Alfred Ken Tessier Account Name Budget Actual to-date 9/30 2013 Actual % of budget Left for rest of year Est. needed for rest of year $226 ??? $4,038 $1,714 2014 Budget Proposal Cleaning $1,000 $679 67.90 $321 $1,000 Maintenance $6,500 $6,857 105.49 $-357 $10,000 Power $14,500 $12,114 83.54 $2,386 $15,000 Telephone $6,000 $5,141 85.68 $859 $6,500 Trash $400 $181 45.25 $219 $60 $400 collection Water $2,500 $2,453 98.12 $47 $818 $3,000 Landscaping $4,000 $4,374 109.35 $-374 $400 $4,000 Insurance $15,000 $9,920 66.13 $5,080 $3,307 $15,000 BB&T Loan $46,961 $35,220 75.00 $11,741 $11,740 $50,000 Payment Long-term $0 $0 ?? maintenance Computer Hardware and $1,000 $2,836 283.60 $-1,836 $0 $1,000 Software We have used the maintenance budget for 2013. We know of at least one maintenance bill to come ($249.00 for repair of the A/V system in Corlett Hall), but apart from that we will do anything possible to avoid more maintenance expenses for the rest of the year. We have used up the landscaping budget for 2013. There may still be a bill in the mail from Fetsko, but we have asked them to not do any further activities for the rest of the year. Alfred will follow up on the power and telephone bills for the rest of the year. Any new computer hardware and software costs will be postponed till 2014. We have had multiple occasions where the A/V system control module in Estill House was not working and had to be reset (powered off/powered on again). The problem became permanent about a week ago. o I2Install has been out to look at the component and it is permanently broken. o A replacement component was installed 11/13/2013 and the system seems to be back working as usual again. o The cost of the replacement module was $249.00 – i2install did not charge any costs for labor (thanks).
  9. 9. • Buildings and Grounds work day follow-up o We had a great day with good participation. o We managed to get almost all activities completed – including moving the 15 cubic yards of mulch. We could have used more mulch, but our old backs were probably happy we didn’t have any more. o There were a few activities we did not manage to complete – notably the gutter cleaning, which we will try to reschedule as soon as all leaves have fallen. o We will try to arrange a spring cleanup work day when spring comes to make the campus look nice for summer time. Task Number Task 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Prune bushes around Estill House Spread mulch on the playground area (first mulch priority) Clean gutters and downspouts on Estill House Plant Daffodil bulbs Inspect all outside doors and renew weather stripping where needed Clean and re-stain the wooden cross on the front of Estill House Remove dead tree in front of Estill House 15 Prune bushes around the Church building Clean up under the big oak tree and spread mulch in the “sitting” area (third mulch priority) Clean gutters and downspouts on the Education building Remove the old breaker panel on the side of Estill House Inspect all drinking fountains for leaks and make appropriate repairs Remove small Gum tree next to the children’s playground Blow leaves off all parking lot areas Spread mulch in the Memorial Garden (second mulch priority) 16 17 Prune bushes around the big oak tree Plant pansies 18 Clean refrigerator coils in the kitchen Replace bulbs in three EXIT signs in Estill House with LED bulbs 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 19 20 21 22 23 • Clean up nature walk and spread new layer of mulch (fifth mulch priority) Spread mulch in natural areas in the parking lots (fourth mulch priority) Repair leak in roof over the backdoor into Corlett Hall Repair threshold into the conference room Fetsko landscaping services. o Fetsko has provided their last service for 2013. Tools needed Pruning shears, electric hedge cutter Wheelbarrow, fork, leaf rake, rake Ladder, cleaning tool, buckets Trowels, shovels, bulb drill Status DONE DONE DONE General toolbox tools Brushes Spade, pull Pruning shears, electric hedge cutter Wheelbarrow, fork, leaf rake, rake Ladder, cleaning tool, buckets General toolbox tools DONE (stain not needed) DONE DONE DONE Could not be done, panel is "hot" General toolbox tools Chainsaw? Blowers Wheelbarrow, fork, leaf rake, rake Pruning shears, electric hedge cutter Trowels, shovels Special tools (Chris has them) DONE DONE General toolbox tools DONE DONE (no mulch spread – ran out of mulch) Wheelbarrow, fork, leaf rake, rake Wheelbarrow, fork, leaf rake, rake Ladder General toolbox tools DONE DONE DONE DONE Ran out of mulch! DONE DONE
  10. 10. • Parking lot expansion – status of current planning activities o The Vestry decided to move ahead with the project. As soon as we get into some of the detailed planning, the team will be involved in the work. o We are still waiting for cheap dirt. Many projects in the area have been delayed due to the very wet summer we have had. o We just checked again with the project manager and there is no change in status as of early October. • Memorial garden o A question was raised if it would be possible to remove the old well head in the Memorial garden. Alfred will look into it. o If we eventually decide to remove the trailer, we need to consider having that done before any major changes to the Memorial garden are implemented as a result of the Memorial garden landscaping design. The removal of the trailer will likely have to be done through the existing space between the Memorial garden and Estill House. • A cabinet door in the cabinets above the coffee maker doesn’t close correctly. o Alfred will try to adjust the hinges and possibly install a magnet to hold the door closed. Action Items Assigned/Tracked: Action Item Can old well head in the Memorial garden be removed? What is the status of the Memorial garden landscaping design activity? Complete gutter cleaning Fix door in cabinet over the coffee maker Check water fountains for leaks Nave audio system reinforcement system user guide Assigned To Alfred Due Date 12/11/2013 Alfred 12/11/2013 Ken T and Alfred Alfred David Ken T 12/11/2013 11/20/2013 12/11/2013 12/11/2013 Comment