Ministry team assessment #1


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from Sept. 2012

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Ministry team assessment #1

  1. 1. Church of the Nativity Ministry Team Program Assessment September 12, 20121. Group Assessment- Keep Ministry Team program– Done! Investigate holding meetings at another time along with Wed night, e.g. have a quarterly forum on Sunday to engage others or alternate meeting on Wed night and Sunday mornings – Stephanie and Jane to discuss Team communications: copy all members, Vestry liaison and Stephanie on emails – all Ministry Teams Clarify Team leader role, time commitment, training, and support, include Vestry liaison and team member roles as well – Stephanie and Jane are working on this Look into ‘job fair’ idea - Pending Standardize meeting minute format – Jane to send out meeting minute format for October meeting2. General Feedback Themes – Strengths: Sense of Community, service Vestry Support Collaboration, ownership, teams Visibility to minutes, budget, transparent Process, program is good Right teams Liked the Wednesday night meeting time Calendar coordination Opportunities for Improvement; How to get more membership and resources Review of what teams did, recaps, collaborate Vestry support Need to increase team leadership, rotate role? Commitment, sustainability Roles, clarity, authority More assessments, group discussions
  2. 2. Opportunity in communications, get folks outside of teams discussing Ministry Teams, format minutes, create a ‘buzz’, have a ‘job fair’, now do we increase awareness to membership? Duplicate efforts, competing events Understand, define team authority Flexible meeting dates, times? Understand budget, guidelines3. Small Team Feedback Comments-Team #1 Strengths: Team knows what to do Work in community Team is service Once a month is good Fast acting Bldg/Grounds very active Vestry support (some teams) Meeting duration Email Community Personal act of service Belonging to church Opportunities for Improvement; Need more team members Day to meet decided by team (can this happen?) Resources (personnel) Review time (all teams share) Are we reading minutes? Provide transparency Vestry support Church membership increaseTeam #2
  3. 3. Strengths: Collaboration Shift in ownership Recognizing shortcomings, process owners Team leadership Feeling of empowerment Opportunities for Improvement: How to maintain involvement? Strength in numbers More music in children’s programs Increase Team leadership and clarity, # of leaders Clear up Vestry liaison roles Increase exposure of activities and results More think tank time, broaden teams impact on 3 yr planTeam #3 Strength: We do think overall that we are better off than a year before Budget, minutes visibility Sunday Times working well Opportunities for Improvement: Worship Team – need clearer objectives, goals Need to increase communications about Ministry Teams, etc., distribution, alternative forms of communication, listserve is vastly undersubscribed Increase awareness of Ministry Teams – how to sign up Inter-team communication, mechanism to share projects Recruitment, leadershipTeam #4 Strength: 3 Education Teams – ok Bldg and Grounds – Ok Communications – Ok Worship – questionable
  4. 4. Finance and Stewardship – Ok Outreach – ok Good pathways Opportunities for Improvement: Proportional team membership Worship team – give ‘em more reins (clarity of purpose) Shift team members or ask for more? Quick recap every month Flexible meeting dates Budget knowledge, familiarity of processTeam #5 Strengths: Right number of teams Rotating leaders? Get minutes in a timely manner So many more people involved Discussions happening throughout month, after church at fellowship, etc Gives structure to meetings Short and sweet Empowerment is a learning process Opportunities for Improvement Need leaders!, identify and train, nurture How to recruit? Or how do you move from group to group? Competing church activities (EFM) Condense meeting notes Standard format for notes Have set time every Ministry Team night to collaborate among teams Budget guidelines, get input early on in the budgeting processTeam #6 Strengths: Process of developing Ministry Teams to be together
  5. 5. Meeting on one night Energy Increase number of participants Regular meetings Coordination of calendar issues Ability to communicate Specific time limits for each Ministry Team meeting Overall process, results are more transparent Building community Year round, no summer vacationOpportunities for Improvement: Clarify specific roles, authority How to invite more people to increase involvement ‘job fair’, invite community to join, short period of time, not commitment Expose Ministry teams to larger congregation Share minutes with congregation Alternative ways to share Ministry team work Increase awareness of Ministry Team members Bulletin boards