June Ministry Teams Meetings Minutes


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June Ministry Teams Meetings Minutes

  1. 1. Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes: 12 June 2013 Ministry Team: Newcomer Members Present: Tivey Clark, Athena Hahn, Sue Young Vestry Liaison: Sue Young Agenda Items Discussed: • Discussed first newcomer class (6/9 class). Went well, 2 couples and 2 men came. We are set for preparations for 6/16 class – Sue will bring food and Ailsa and Evelyn are all ready to bake bread. • The newcomer board looks great: kudos to Cheryl and Kari! • Any changes we should make to the class sessions? Should send out a survey. • Heather Rook is looking at various sign-in sheets (green sheet, narthex, pew card) to design more unified look. • Considering ideas for something to give first-timers. Maybe a couple of pages w/ info about Nativity and a COTN pen in a bag decorated by Sunday School kids. Seasonally (Christmas/ Easter), maybe a bookmark/postcard with upcoming worship schedule. • Second/third contact: need to clarify that Jennie/office volunteer is inputting sign-in info to google spreadsheet for MT members to use to make 2 nd contact. Tivey to take August/September 2 nd contact duty. Action Items Assigned/Tracked: Action Item Assigned To Due Date Prepare for 6/19 NC class Sue ASAP Email Duff/Jon/Mark Sue ASAP
  2. 2. Ministry Team: Outreach Members Present: Carl Sigel, Rene Garces, Pete Crow Vestry Liaison: Agenda Items Discussed: • Next major activity—related to farmworkers, probably working in a community garden at a farmworker camp: mid- July to mid-August; we need to know how we can help; is there a write-up in the grant saying exactly what is involved in creating these gardens so we will know what we will be doing; any kind of feedback from farmworkers about these gardens • Goals of farmworker activity: hands-on experience opportunity, not just giving money; we have had two adult education sessions on plight of migrant worker, and we know their living conditions are substandard—we directly show our sense of their sacrifice, a learning experience on how we can be helpful to them (so we need a chance at interaction). • Discussion of environmental stewardship and outreach: noted was Faith and Ecology series. Action Items Assigned/Tracked: Action Item Assigned To Due Date 1. Carl will find out what is involved, starting with Patti Carl June 19 2. Check w Stephanie on dates from late-July to mid-August Pete June 19
  3. 3. Ministry Team: Children’s Formation Members Present: Becky Showalter, Megan Douglas, Judy Garces Vestry Liaison: Judy Garces Agenda Items Discussed: • Spark Bibles are now available for the younger children. Becky has used them in Sunday school and is very pleased. There are very thorough online teacher guides available. • We now have 10 NRSV Bibles to use with the 2 nd -4 th graders. About 6 children attend on a regular basis. The team would like to consider having each child “own” their own bible and could take it home at the end of the year. These could be purchased by the church or we could ask for donations from the parents. • Teachers are still needed for Sunday School for the Fall. We have 2 teams but really need 4 more teams of two. Teachers are needed for the 3-4 year olds and the K-1 st graders. • Vacation Bible School – We have enough volunteers. Catherine Shearin is organizing the volunteers with specific jobs. The registration link is on the website, in Glad Tidings and in the Sunday bulletin. A sign is being ordered buy the Communications Committee. We still need people to decorate prior to VBS. The theme is outdoor/camping. We could use small tents, Christmas trees, blue fabric on wall with rocks at the bottom (waterfall and pond), make trees from scrunched up brown paper. Judy Garces would be able to help on 7/14 after church. • Sunday School picnic on June 2 went well. Approx. 100 people attended. There was plenty of food and drink. Thanks to Charly Kerr for his donations of lemonade and tea.
  4. 4. Ministry Team: Worship Members Present: Susie Holmes, Carol Smith, Carolyn Kerr, Evelyn Judson, David Lynch, Dan Laird, Randy Smith Vestry Liaison: Susie Holmes Agenda Items Discussed: • Evening service (Target Day: Sat. Start time is 5:30pm) -- with Eucharist o To consider: Work on a schedule with Stephanie and George. Need to contact Supply Priest Bulletin will be need to done for the service Nursery (cost @ $60) can start with teens until we see if the congregation with children begins to grow. Need greeters and ushers Acolytes Readers LEMs Altar Guild (Use Pottery) Future Idea presented was the possibility of doing a service on a Wednesday evening followed by dinner. This would be in addition to the Saturday service and at this point is merely an idea. o Why are we doing this? There might be a percentage of the parish that would value an evening service because of not being able to attend the Sunday morning services. Space issue for parking 10:30 service is growing Welcome new members