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Dec Ministry Teams Minutes


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from the Dec. 14th meetings

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Dec Ministry Teams Minutes

  1. 1. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – December 14, 2011Ministry Team – Finance and StewardshipAttendees – Dave McKinnon, Kevin Burke, Joel Kamya, Lucy Maloney, John Oldham, Tom McNally,Nancy GalliganAgenda Items Discussed - Combination of Finance Team with Stewardship team and roles immediately and longterm Review of 2011 budget spending and line items which might be eliminated or shifted John Oldham agreed to become the Team Leader; all team members agreed with this leadership Joel addressed allocations and use of Restricted Funds and we will tackle this after 2012 budget deliberations and approvalAction Items – Budget assignments and allocations must be given to Dave so that he can present a draft 2012 operating budget to the Vestry – All, 12/19/11 Kevin will give Dave a final Stewardship campaign tally before Tuesday’s Vestry Meeting – Kevin, 12/18/11
  2. 2. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – December 14, 2011Ministry Team – Buildings and GroundsAttendees - Alfred Christensen, Jon Showalter, Marc Marotta, Ken SpecialAgenda Items Discussed – Placementof the memorial gift (cross):Current plan is to suspend it from the ceiling. Some B&G members have concerns with how that is going to look. Team consensus is to let it go up as planned and we can then see how it looks - it can always be moved. Step out in front of Estill house: Short term is to paint a white or yellow stripe on the edge. Long term is to improve lighting. Outsidelights: First priority would be to replace the light on the pole in the corner of the parking lot (closest to Estill House) with high-powered (10000 watt?) motion sensor activated lights (two: one pointing out overthe parking lot, the other pointing down towards the front of Estill house).Second priority: install a light in the gable on the north side of the nave (towards the education building) to improve light in front of the education building.Third priority would be to install two or three lights on the west side of the education building, which is very dark when no lights are on in the class rooms. Fire alarm monitoring: What is the status of fire alarm monitoring? Other items for pew spare parts: Wood plugs to cover screws Team leader elected: Ken SpecialAction Items – Find out who the Progress Energy person is who worked with us on the education building and discuss with him/her about how to get such lights installed – Marc Paint stripe on curb outside Estill House – Alfred, 12/22/11 Determine the current status of fire alarm monitoring. Seems like it is being monitored: Simplex 1-888-746-7539 Acct # 210-3167 – Jon Pew spare parts: get some of the wood plugs also – Alfred Bottom pivot for one of the glass doors in Estill House – Marc
  3. 3. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – December 14, 2011Ministry Team – CommunicationsAttendees - Sarah Bernart, Gail Christensen, Becky Christian, Ben Huckaby, Karen Ridout, Emilie SigelAgenda Items Discussed – Reviewed action items from Novembers meeting and discussed progress on these items. Some of the updates included what needs to be done to move website design effort forward, upcoming budget submission, marketing of Facebook page and other social media, and communication survey progress. Communicationsurvey - a draft is in progress, goal is to get a final out by the end of January or early February. An article will be posted in the January Glad Tidings to alert the congregation to the upcoming survey. This surveys purpose is to figure out what communication channels the congregation prefers and what kind of information is desired across those channels Branding - Would like more information on what the goals of this effort is, and what deliverables it would entail. The problem is that there is not a sense of unity with how Nativity is currently presenting itself. KreativePromotions project:1) Take existing logo and create a standardized version that can be usedacross all visible representations of Nativity (signage, web, print, etc)2) Design brochure and printed media templates (not including Glad Tidings)Overall goal is to bring consistency to all of our publications and to create unified signage for directing people around Nativitys campus (and to Nativity itself). The signage needs to be done in a way that can be changed (canvas signs for around campus, vinyl wrap to cover the sign on Ray Road, building signs). A less expensive letter head is a secondary objective of this effort. Nativitys Logo: unanimously decided that the stylized Nativity logo is the one that we are going to keep. The picture of the stained glass version of the logo will not be continued in published media.Action Items – Find out who Nativitys website hosting provider is (ask Chuck Till) – Anyone, 1/10/2012 Research possible hosting providers and get an estimate to Gail – Ben, 12/17/11 Fill out Kreative Promotions design questionnaire – Communications team (Gail leading), as soon as possible Send Communication Plan grid out and have each team member fill it out individually to discuss at the next meeting – Becky Christian and Team, Prior to next meeting
  5. 5. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – December 14, 2011JANUARY 29FEBRUARY 5FEBRUARY 12FEBRUARY 19 JANE VELLANancy and Carl Terry offer six times a year to ministers on Couples’ Spirituality. This is an offering of theChurch of the Nativity.
  6. 6. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – December 14, 2011Ministry Team – Youth FormationAttendees - Susie Holmes, Jane Weinberger, Elizabeth Clark, Becky Showalter, Megan Douglas, HeatherRook, Lisa Avery, Olivia HerrickAgenda Items Discussed –NurseryBecky Showalter to check with nannies on their interest in handling nursery every other Sunday.All action items from November meeting covered.ChildrenNeed a Children’s Coordinator – Heather suggested that we split it into 2 team leaders, one for childrenand one for youth.All committee members asked to think of folks who can handle the five events per year (job description:oversee all the classes, Beth B offered to organize the teaching schedule and snack, need other personwho handles St Nicholas, Easter Egg Hunt, Christmas store, VBS, etc. up through Rite 13, act as troubleshooter for all children’s functions). Corey Heyward wants to run VBS again in 2012.Had meeting with Sunday School teachers.Curriculum for children needs to be revamped (tabled for this meeting). Possibly having children’scurriculum be building blocks for Rite 13.YouthJ2A destination issue – documentation underway by Jane Heyward and Stephanie to ensure the policiesare written down and centrally located so the next class won’t go through so much discussionPolicy for non-church members on trips.If the child is a good fit and they have been involved with ourchurch, they can go but they have to pay the church portion and the family portion. Some of our ownchurch members’ children will be on the trip but aren’t often at Sunday School.Snack for pilgrims – kids are left with the responsibility of bringing it but they don’t. The kids are verybusy outside of church, their lives are stressful. The kids who don’t come every week feel left outbecause the core group hangs out together at church and outside of church so when the not-so-frequent attendees come, they aren’t included with the core group.Inclusivity – all are welcome but other kids get frustrated which can be equally disruptive as one personwho often interrupts.Youth Group Space – RJ Antonelli and Dave McKimmon got a foosball table, Duff McAdams helped put ittogether.Fundraising – J2A, separation of classes might not work as well as keeping them together. Need to spaceout fundraisers, it happened each Sunday for 2 months. All fundraising is for the Urban Adventure andPilgrimage, all are annual.
  7. 7. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – December 14, 2011Youth Formation TeamNeed Team Leader – split into 2 groupsNeed Secretary – ElizabethTeam Leader Training – need as many people as possible to do the trainingJane taking care of the Pilgrims issues, writing Glad Tidings blurbOngoing action itemsReview children’s curriculum - ongoingSet schedule for children – Lisa will follow up with Fran and Beth – Jan.Redefine the pilgrimage as mission trip– Jane and SusieAccomplish team leader and teacher training – all - SummerFind Team Leaders – split into children and youth team leaders – Susie – JanuaryFundraising – review and coordinate – Susie and Stephanie - Feb.Check on necessity for GT blurb and cover all Pilgrim issues – Jane – JanuaryCheck on availability of nannies for alternate Sundays – Becky – January
  8. 8. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – December 14, 2011Ministry Team – Parish LifeAttendees – Annette Hughes, Sandy EntrupItems Discussed – Were still recruiting for fellowship teams. Were looking for teams of 2, 3, or 4 people who will commit to taking care of Fellowship one Sunday a month. There will be 5 "teams" who will be responsible for the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth Sundays. Since there arent that many fifth Sundays, that team will be the first to be called upon if one of the other teams can not fulfill their duty on their specified Sunday. The church provides refrigerated cookie dough so all you have to do is show up on your Sunday (with some "healthy" fruit or veggie offering) and bake in our wonderful new convection oven. If the team chooses, you can always make your own special variety of cookies either at home the night before or in the parish kitchen on Sunday morning. Its a fun way to spend a morning and a good way to get to know more of the congregation! Contact Annette Hughes at if you are interested in joining this ministry. - Becky Showalter is planning a Meet and Greet for families who are interested in participating in Family Foyer. Were hoping to encourage some of our new families with young children to attend a get together at Monkey Joes in mid-January (date TBD) so that parents (and children) can get to know other families with similarly aged children who are looking to participate in this great activity! For those of you who arent familiar with Foyer, families sign up and are placed in groups of 4 and the group gets together once a month with each family hosting once. It provides a wonderful opportunity to get to know members of the congregation who are at a similar place in their lives. Check it out! - On the back burner: planning for Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper will get underway mid- January.
  9. 9. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – December 14, 2011Ministry Team – Congregational DevelopmentAttendees - Geyer Longenecker, Kari Marotta, Ed Entrup, Sue Young, Babs Freeman (vestry rep)Agenda Items Discussed –•Sign-In Sheet changes: use a separate sign-up sheet/card for each newcomer; ask for name andaddress; ask if and how Nativity can communicate with the newcomer (email, phone, visit);•Newcomers packet: will include a card explaining the contents; content can include a Glad Tidings,Sunday Tidings, ministries information and education information; will be mailed after rectors letter.•Weekly follow-up: will consist of a phone call on the following Friday; caller will use script; caller willconfirm that visitor received rectors letter and newcomers package; caller will offer to meet withnewcomer, or arrange a meeting with the rector or other church representatives.•Quarterly newcomers event: first meeting tentatively scheduled for Sunday, January 29, 2012; meetingcould be a special fellowship after 10:30 service; meeting will include breakout sessions withrepresentatives from ministries, youth.•Ushers: the team discussed the role of ushers in greeting; the team will invite a representative toattend the January 2012 team meeting.Action Items –1. Reformat/revise sign-in sheets Kari Marrota January 11 meeting2. Create draft newcomers package Geyer Longenecker January 11 meeting3. Compose newcomers package cover note Geyer Longenecker January 11 meeting4. Develop phone script for follow-up call Sue Young January 11 meeting5. Organize January newcomers meeting Sue Young January 11 meeting6. Invite ushers representative to next team meeting Sue Young January 11 meeting
  10. 10. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – December 14, 2011Ministry Team – OutreachAttendees - Carl Sigel, Judy Garces, Beth Crow, Pete Crow; special guests: Stephanie and Jane HeywardAgenda Items Discussed – Three jobs of this committee according to Jane: Our job as a committee o 1. Budgeting recommendations o 2. Work on scheduling major events (w/ Jennie and Communications Team) o 3. Direct parish effort to identify a theme each year (to focus Sunday School, projects, and big intergenerational event) and coordinate the program throughout the year. Our first job is to help the congregation identify the theme for this year--shoot for Easter, April 8. Feb. 22 is when Lent startspossibilities: world poverty and hunger; stabilizing climate and use of natural resources; young adult ministry; immigration; social justice; racism/discriminationrange: church community? local? world? Plan of action going forward -Help congregation identify theme, beg. now, getting congregation involved Feb. 22, vote on Palm Sunday, and arriving at a conclusion by Easter, April 8.Action Items – Determine GT deadlines for next 4 mos – Carl, 12/30/11 Write GT Jan – Jane, 12/16/11 Write Feb. and Mar. GT – Pete brainstorm themes to reach three or four, with possible ways they might be played out – Team, 2/8/12 material to be distributed – Team, 4/1/12 designing material to be distributed – Team, 3/14/12
  11. 11. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – December 14, 2011Ministry Team – WorshipAttendees – Not noted in minutesAgenda Items Discussed –Ash Wed.Three services : 7am, Noon and 7pmHoly Week Services:Wed. 7pm Stations of the CrossThursday: 5pm. Childrens Service 7pm. Foot Washing Service with musicGood Friday: Noon Service with music 7pm. Seven Last Words of Christ -Haydn with AuroaMusicalis Chamber GroupEaster Services : 8am. spoken Service9am. Service with Music 11am. Service with MusicCommittee also discussed setting up Chapel. Two locations were discussed : Moving the Parlor to theroom on the right off Corlett Hall and turing the Parlor into the Chapel.Second option: moving Nurseryto the Education Building and turning the Nursery into the Chapel. Lock will have to be out on doorleading to hallway outside of the Nursery. Question would this be a fire violation ? Also, is there room inthe Education Building? Another discussion centered around alternative services. 1. Morning Prayer - it would be good to start this during Lent once a week as a test2 Mid- Week (Wed.) Compline or Evening Prayer 3. Alternative Services for Young Adultsa.Poll our young adults to see what kind of service they would like. b. Talk with leaders from ECM programs at local colleges to get an idea of how we can engage ouryoung adults.No specific assignments were made, however follow- up is needed on all items discussed.
  12. 12. COTN Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes – December 14, 2011Ministry Team – Pastoral CareAttendees - Chuck Till, Gail McNally, Randy Smith, Sandy EntrupAgenda Items Discussed:• Vision of What Pastoral Care will look like over the next 5 years.• Congregational Survey to be published on Survey Monkey, discussed and edited.Action Items:Action Item Assigned to Due Date“Glad Tidings” Article re: Survey Chuck Till As soon as possibleDraft Survey to Stephanie for review Chuck Till As Soon as possiblePublish Survey online at Survey Monkey Chuck Till On or about January 2, 2012