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'Emblem' Documentary Pitch


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Sussex University
Media Practice

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'Emblem' Documentary Pitch

  1. 1. Emblem Sonny, Sarah, Owen and Lexie
  2. 2. Our Idea Our original idea, ‘Fish & Chips’ was too commercial “The better ones do not promote a product or service” -Michel Rabinger
  3. 3. Our Idea Originally, we had the idea of tattoos as a backup When deciding what our new idea would be, we saw tattoos to be the most compelling, accessible and relevant to our environment and personal interests Large tattoo culture within Brighton and our generation Focus on simplicity, aesthetic appeal and conflicting topical views Tattoos generate personal interest
  4. 4. Key Influences Content, Style and Aesthetic Kevin MacDonald (Life In A Day) Exposing the thoughts, views and feelings of individuals in a given place Encouraging people to contemplate elements within our world Reflecting the content of the documentary within the aesthetics
  5. 5. Basic Aims of Our Documentary We are aiming too explore the conflict between the positive and negative associations of tattoos as well as the general diversity of opinions within a given area. We want our viewers to feel that we have presented a controversial topic with due impartiality. We want to present stories of human interest as we get to the heart of the debate between tattoo inspirations and tattoo regrets.
  6. 6. Basis of our documentary: Tattoo inspiration Exploring the positive associations with tattoos such as creativity, emotional expression and the ability to cover up scars that may be the root of anxiety for some. The fact that there is over 30 tattoo parlours in Brighton is suggestive of the overall sense of originality expressed by the local community. As such, we are in a prime location to form an impression of the popularity of tattoos that has risen in the past couple decades. Whilst exploring Brighton we were able to find a subject who is willing to talk to us about her feelings towards her upcoming tattoo. This will be the central point of human interest for the positive representation of tattoos. Google maps
  7. 7. Basis of our documentary: Tattoo regrets Exploring the negative associations of tattoos from the point of view of a subject with their own personal regrets. “76% of respondents from a survey said that visible tattoos and piercings can hurt the applicants’ chance of being hired” (Aaron Gouveia writer) “Dr Fritz Francois of New York University Langone Medical Centre did a study saying people with hepatitis C are four times more likely to have a tattoo” There are laws against getting tattoos when you’re intoxicated in the UK; however, this doesn’t stop adolescents from doing so in other countries (We will find our central subject in the coming week) 6th Nov 2014 Frankie Goodway The Mirror
  8. 8. Demographic 15 - 34 year olds, male and female We will appeal to our demographic by… Including subjects that are within the age group of our demographic so viewers can relate to them and their experiences Fast paced Avoid lingering on the interview, include cutaways and transitions for visual appeal Attempt to portray accounts of personal significance, thus creating human interest
  9. 9. Genre Performative genre - “A subjective experience and emotional response to the world… strongly personal, unconventional, perhaps poetic and/or experimental” -Bill Nichols Introduction to Documentary (2001) and Representing Reality (1991)
  10. 10. Characters Bonita M (Works at head office for Jamie’s Italian) Other subject/s is yet to be found We will also include cutaways of various members of the public who may have interesting thoughts and feelings towards the nature of our documentary or tattoos/stories of their own. (Students, parents, employers, police, tattoo artists, shop owners etc.) Contribution: opinions, stories, ideas and views
  11. 11. Narrative Pre-coded and follow up questions Mix of diegetic and non- diegetic interview responses Allow people to speak freely Unconfirmed subjectsImage source:
  12. 12. Short video: Image source:
  13. 13. Social Significance and Human Interest Connotations of ‘recklessness’ Employability Disease Gang culture Constructive Creativity Insight into peoples personalities, interests, events they have encountered, loved ones they have lost etc.
  14. 14. Tone Colloquial tone We predict different points of view and therefore different moods due to the nature of the subject
  15. 15. Basic Shots We are in the process of creating our shot list... Basic shots we will include: Establishing shots of new locations and shops Vertical panning shots of the subjects involved Intense close ups of tattoos, piercings and clothing items to visually describe the characters involved Mid shot interviews, one third of the frame including upper body, face and hands to portray body language and expression Over the shoulder shots of tattoo artists drawing designs and customers filling in forms
  16. 16. Possible developments We may find our own views being altered by the various opinions and discoveries that we make whilst researching and filming the documentary We may see one side of the argument emerge as heavier than the other despite presenting each side impartially We may find the subjects involved in the documentary to come across personal developments of their own
  17. 17. Access 32 tattoo parlours in Brighton We are waiting to hear back from one tattoo parlour if we are able to film in their studio and reception area We have consent from one participant to film the interview in her house We may have issues interviewing employers as they may not want to discuss their companies policies. We will investigate this later in the week.
  18. 18. Resolution Brighton is known as a creative and expressive community and thus the responses may be more in favour of tattoos than other areas of the UK. Nevertheless, we will remain impartial and our lasting word will be one of objectivity.