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Tracx Capabilities Deck July 2015

  1. 1. July 2015 Capabilities Overview
  2. 2. •  See your social activity at a glance, including how engaged your audiences are, what themes drive their conversations, and how your social landscape is changing in real-time. •  Understand how your social activity breaks down by network and how it is trending over time. •  Toggle between earned, owned, or combined view of your social presence by selecting your desired source.. Tracx Social Business Management Platform
  3. 3. •  Tracx collects full conversation threads, not just keyword or product mentions. This provides you with more context and deeper insight into customer perceptions than 1st generation social platforms. Social Conversation Orientation
  4. 4. •  Monitor the evolution of any social conversation over its life span, including the rate of interactions, demographics, and sentiment trends as the conversation evolves. Conversation Analysis
  5. 5. •  Get a full view of an individual’s social presence with Tracx ID Unification, which automatically stitches together multiple social profiles operated by the same person. •  Compare influencers to each other across key metrics such as volume, reach, impact, and quality. •  Compare an influencer’s actual vs. potential reach, and identify their most active days and times to post. Influencer Management
  6. 6. •  Measure the performance of your social channels across all of your KPIs. •  Compare your owned accounts to each other and against competitors. •  See which pages are the most active and engaging, and which have the most reach. Owned Media
  7. 7. •  Optimize your content for maximum consumer engagement with data-driven recommendations on what type of content to post (text, link, photo, or video) and which audiences to target.   Community Management
  8. 8. •  Gain instant access to top trends on the social web, including the most popular videos, images, links, hashtags and more. •  Seamlessly embed trending content directly into the publishing module where you can customize your post. Community Management (cont.)
  9. 9. •  Publish to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. •  Attach and shorten links, embed and videos, geo-target posts, use pre-approved templates, and schedule posts on an editorial content calendar. Publishing
  10. 10. •  Build social streams configured by topic, network, sentiment, geography, owned social pages, and many other attributes. •  View original posts and interactions, respond inline or submit for approval, re-tweet, favorite, like, or send posts to CRM. Social Streams / Engagement
  11. 11. •  Team managers can define targets to measure their teams against, including average time to find, reply, and close posts. •  Cases can be tracked throughout the lifecycle of their workflow stages. •  Individual team member statistics indicate how many cases are assigned, open, and closed per team member. Collaboration: Team Performance
  12. 12. •  Assign posts to colleagues or teams, apply a custom tag, or indicate a workflow stage such as “in progress.” •  Notify colleagues by email that a social post has been assigned to them and action is needed. Cross-Departmental Workflows
  13. 13. Social Discovery: Trend Search •  Enter ad hoc searches to see the hot trends, new trends, and popular URLs associated with your search. •  See which trends are ascending, descending, and what their distribution looks like across social networks over time.
  14. 14. •  View hotspots of activity by geography at the global, country, regional and street-level views. Tracx Geo Heat Maps
  15. 15. Geo Heat Maps: Post-Level View •  Visualize social posts at the street level and leverage geographic context to tailor your responses.
  16. 16. •  Overlay social activity with web analytics (Google Analytics, Omniture, Facebook Insights) to understand the impact of social campaigns on web traffic. Web Analytics Integration
  17. 17. •  Tracx Social Leads mines conversations across the social web to automatically identify relevant sales prospects for your company – at every stage of the customer buying cycle. Better target your communications based on exactly where customers are in the buying process, while providing a way to show real return-on-investment (ROI) for your social programs. Social Leads Management
  18. 18. •  Send a Social Lead to your CRM system with a single click. •  Lead is automatically injected into your existing CRM system dashboard and workflow. •  Relevant post content is included in the “description” field to provide added context to your sales or contact rep. CRM Integration
  19. 19. •  Download 9 customizable reports with a single click, and generate your preferred file type (PDF, Excel, CSV, XML, JSON). •  Reports can be pre-scheduled for automatic delivery (daily, weekly, monthly) to email distribution lists. Reporting
  20. 20. v   •  Design your own dashboards, using intuitive drag-and-drop widgets to select, position, and customize the display of any chart or metric in Tracx. •  Custom dashboards can be assigned to specific users, who can then edit and save their own views. •  Drill into any widget to generate data streams, and export custom dashboards as PDF reports. Custom Dashboards
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