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Twitter - Measuring Reach and Engagement


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Copy of slides from eXtension webinar on measuring reach and engagement of your Twitter activity.

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Twitter - Measuring Reach and Engagement

  1. 1. Twitter: Measuring yourReach and Engagement eXtension Webinar March 22, 2012 Sarah Baughman, Ph.D Karen Jeannette
  2. 2. Audience Feedback
  3. 3. Reach
  4. 4. Engagement
  5. 5. Twitter metrics andwhat to do with the information#followers (Reach)• Who is following you?• Did you get an increase in followers on a particular day?• Demographics of followers - are they new? Meaningful?#tweets (Reach)• Are you tweeting regularly?• Does time of day or day of the week matter?#retweets (Engagement)• Calculate amplification rate (#retweets per tweet) o What type of tweets (content) are getting shared? Do more of that!• Times, geolocation and topics• Conversation rate (#replies / mentions per tweet)
  6. 6. Tools for Measuring Reach andEnagementTwitter "connect" tabTweetreach (free and paid versions)TweetstatsExcel SpreadsheetBit.lyMentionmapAnd many many more!
  7. 7. Twitter.comLook at Reach with#followers and whothey areUsing connect tabyou can examineengagement
  8. 8.
  9. 9. More evaluation options with Twitter• Content of tweets/retweets/responses (qualitative analysis)• Increased activity (followers, etc) around a specific event or hashtag, tweet or time period• Ask evaluative questions via twitter around specific event or topic (Ive had limited success with this and their are validity issues)• Direct message with a survey link
  10. 10. Putting it all together• Define your twitter goals o Why are you tweeting? o Who do you want to reach and engage?• Consider those goals as you tweet, helps "focus" the work• Base your metrics on those specific goals. o Start by consistently tracking and measuring a couple of specific metrics. o Use those metrics to learn and make changes
  11. 11. ResourcesUltimate list of twitter tools: Free Twitter tools Twitter Analytics excel/5 Tools for Measuring Social Media Influence Twitter related webinars from learn.extension.org