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Social media demographics for extension


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Presentation for National eXtension Conference on social media demographics.

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Social media demographics for extension

  1. 1. Social Media Demographics for Extension Sarah Baughman, Ph.D. eXtension @programeval
  2. 2. flkr creative commons t is particularly concerning that younger people – Extension clients of tomorrow – are the least likely to be familiar with Extension. It is crucial to take steps to improve Extension elevance among younger people. ~ Copernicus Study
  3. 3. Facebook 71% of online adults use usage among seniors increasing women more likely then men Twitter 18% of online adults use adoption rates high among young adults and African- Americans Instagram 17% of online adults use increases from 18-29 year olds (37% use) increases from African Americans (34%) Pinterest 21% of online adults dominated by women tend to be affluent & educated LinkedIn 22% of online adults tends toward affluent, educated and older users
  4. 4. 5 Social Media in Extension • Marketing / Building the Brand • Programming • Social Learning • Professional Development – building personal learning networks • Relevance • Building 21st Century skills in employees and clients