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NeXC 2012 evaluating social media 101 presentation


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Social Media Evaluation 101 for NeXC 2012 Presentation

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NeXC 2012 evaluating social media 101 presentation

  1. 1. Evaluating Social MediaSarah Baughman, Ph.D.eXtension
  2. 2. 3
  3. 3. Evaluation BasicsEngage Stakeholders Focus the evaluation Collect your data Analyze & Interpret Use your results 4
  4. 4. Focus Your Evaluation Describe the program Define Purpose Determine use/users Evaluation Questions Indicators Design 5
  5. 5. Data CollectionKD Paine’s Framework Sentiment • Content Analysis Tools Attitudes, Perceptions • Survey Research Tools or Behavior Reach, Enagement or • Analytics Tools Action 6
  6. 6. Content Analysis Tools• 7
  7. 7. Survey Research Tools(Attitudes, Perceptions, or Behavior) • Survey Monkey • InstantSurvey • Zoomerang • Google Forms 9
  8. 8. Analytics Tools - Google Analytics 10
  9. 9. Analytics Tools – Facebook Insights 11
  10. 10. 12
  11. 11. Analyzing Pinterest - PinME 13
  12. 12. Other Analytics tools• SWIX• TweetStats• Klout or Kred• Google Spreadsheet• Pinterest tools emerging (PinMe, Pinnerly) 14
  13. 13. Tool Type So What? Pros ConsAtlas.ti Content Analysis Sentiment Deeper Understanding Expensive What’s really happening Difficult to useExcel for Combination Tool Sentiment Free Remember to runTwitter Analytics Nice charts regularly Content VersatilityGoogle All-Purpose Goals being met? Free ChangesAnalytics How are people interacting Fairly easy to master Requires IT support to with my page? get startedFacebook Analytics Reach Free Tendency to changeInsights Engagement Easy to Master Audience & TrendsTweetReach Analytics Reach Can be Free Pay to get full use Engagement Generates nice reports Remember to runKlout Analytics Personal level analysis Free Changes Influence Simple to use Less credibleSWX Combination Reach Engagement and Low-Cost Limited usefulness Trends across mediums Simple to useGoogle Combination Sentiment Free Challenging to getSpreadsheet Analytics Versatile started Content AnalysisPinMe Analytics Reach Free Limited usefulness Simple to use
  14. 14. What now?Take Actionon yourdata!
  15. 15. Contact InformationSarah it: Cooperative Extension 17