10 tips for engaging your audience in social media


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You'll like tip number two, you should try it out (it really works) and if you'd like the free report that goes with the post please stop by Sarkemedia.com

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10 tips for engaging your audience in social media

  1. 1. Social media lets you promote your content, expand awareness of your brand, and engage easily with your customers and potential customers.
  2. 2.    Start updating your “About” pages on your websites, and all your social media profiles. Your About pages, Contact pages and Social Media profiles are great places to cross promote. Use Specific Landing Pages for each social media profile
  3. 3. • • • When you share any content, always provide a little blurb to help pique interest and make your audience curious. You might say something like "Pay special attention to tip number 2" in your promotions. Ask them "What's your favorite tip? Come back and share in the comments."
  4. 4. There are so many forms of content to choose from: • • • • • • • Images Text eBooks Articles Infographics Memes Videos
  5. 5.     "share this with your friends“ "comment if you disagree, like if you agree“ "buy now“ Don't have too many choices, but always include one, and make it different than the last time.
  6. 6.    We often get so tied up with automation that we forget to engage with people. If you outsource, they don't need to act like robots. Let them show their personality too. Stay on message, but let your personality show through.
  7. 7. What is your audience interacting with the most?   Know what the numbers say and use that information to increase your efforts in a smart way and do more of what is working. Rely on the facts and figures that you can obtain.
  8. 8. • • Did you know that there are custom apps that you can use for Facebook that will help you run contests and more? Try Heyo to create mobile optimized campaigns for Facebook. Want to create Facebook Tabs, awesome cover photos, scheduled posts and more? Try Pagemodo.com.
  9. 9.    Apps on your smartphone enable you to speak with your audience at all times. Post from different locations; it shows that you're a busy person who cares about your audience. Use apps to schedule weekend updates.
  10. 10. Metadata is information that essentially summarizes data on your site, like the title, description, author, date and other things such as identifying images and more. It might not be looked at by search engines but it can be read and acted on by people.
  11. 11.   Send out a survey, answer questions, and more to find out what your connections what. The more you give them what they want, the more they're likely to engage with you in social media.
  12. 12. Stop by Sarkemedia.com