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Planning name and font


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Planning name and font

  1. 1. PLANNING <ul><li>TITLE AND FONT </li></ul><ul><li>Sarah, Antonia + Lauren </li></ul>PLANNING
  2. 2. TITLES <ul><li>We came up with approximately 20 possible titles for our magazine. We then narrowed those down to our favourite four and conducted a survey with our target audience to see which name was more popular. </li></ul>PLANNING
  5. 5. PLANNING TITLE <ul><li>Our first survey produced inconclusive results as both ‘ The Edge ’ and ‘ Rumore ’ had 9 votes. We decided to conducted another survey, but this time only for the two highest names. We also included ‘ Edge ’ as one of our options because a number of people had suggested it. </li></ul>
  6. 6. PLANNING TITLE <ul><li>We chose the title ‘ THE EDGE ’ as we believe it relates more to the genre of our music magazine. It also reflects the views of our target audience as it scored highest in both the surveys we carried out. </li></ul>THE EDGE
  7. 7. FONTS <ul><li>We also had to decide which font to use for our magazine. We did this by creating moodboards of possible fonts, using ‘THE EDGE’ and our second choice ‘Rumore’. </li></ul>PLANNING
  8. 8. PLANNING FONTS <ul><li>We looked at various different fonts for both of our most popular music magazine titles, but found that the fonts we used for ‘Rumore’ were more suited to a celebrity magazine and therefore were not appropriate for out magazine. </li></ul>
  9. 9. PLANNING FONTS <ul><li>We tried various fun, unique fonts for ‘The Edge’ but did not find any that matched what we were looking for. </li></ul>
  10. 10. PLANNING FONTS <ul><li>We have chosen to use the font ‘Beatnik SF’ due to the fact that it looks sophisticated yet modern, appealing to our target audience of mostly young women. We have played around with the font, using various colours reflecting the colour scheme of black, white and red that proved to be the most popular in our questionnaire results. We aim to use a variety of these colours throughout our magazines depending on the backgrounds and images. </li></ul>