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Fitwell - Experience Design


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How might we develop a more natural fitting system that is easy to use and simple to understand one that builds community and empowers women to make their own decisions when it comes to choosing their style...regardless of size?

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Fitwell - Experience Design

  1. 1. DIGGING INTO FIT Sarah Anne White - Calif. College of the Arts
  2. 2. Whether physically or through connected technologies, shopping is still best experienced socially PSFK Future of Retail report Unfortunately, when it comes to shopping for ourselves, this often leads to an ugly mess of societal pressures to be a certain size or discomfort in “fitting in”, causing many to forgo the experience all together.
  3. 3. 64 The average American buys 64 pieces of clothing per year. That’s potentially 64 face to face brand interactions you can count on, and 64 potential opportunities at building selfesteem and inspiring community along with brand loyalty.
  4. 4. 14 Average American Woman’s “Size”
  5. 5. This issue is compounded with V ANITY SIZING Vanity Sizing refers to the labeling of clothes with sizes smaller than the actual cut of the items. Women, unfortunately, fall victem to this practice with much greater variability in size compared to men. A woman could be a size four in one brand and a size 10 in another. Additionally, the sizes used have grown gradually over the decades. A size 8 could have been a size 10 several years ago. There have been many studies done on the effect of such practices towards purchasing decisions but what’s truly interesting is the impact that it has on self-esteem and how this translates to brand loyalty and engagement.
  6. 6. CONSIDER...
  7. 7. How might we equip customers with better insight as to how things truly fit and wear?
  8. 8. How might we guide the future of retail Fashion experiences tow ards one that is more sensitive to our emotional needs and body positive?
  9. 9. Who is attempting to change the landscape and industry? Perfect Fit Personal Stylist Transparency CONTEXT Discovery Body Positive Shopping
  10. 10. Let’s look at creating a solution for this profile. american female Ages 22-36 size 10+ Shopping for Garmets poor body image
  11. 11. This profile is looking for a solution that provides the following meaning for them. BEAUTY & JUSTICEthrough V ALIDATION COMMUNITY empower autonomy. EDUCATE & HONESTY & ENLIGHTEN TRANSPARENCY give them access. arev alued.
  12. 12. BEAUTY & V ALIDATION empower autonomy. The ability to navigate size differences/fits/etc in a more intimate fashion, not needing to ask others for help, independence, ability to create/showcase their own style
  13. 13. EDUCATE & ENLIGHTEN give them access. Access to knowledge around true size and fit - many struggle because they simply don’t understand what will fit their body and the time it takes to find this “knowledge” is too long. People talk. They don’t want to be interrupted but they do want their conversation to be ignited and more valuable. People don’t share stuff because they notice it, they share it because they believe it’s valuable to someone else. Need to give the participant choice in where and how to participate (flexible platforms)
  14. 14. JUSTICE COMMUNITY through Plus size women simply aren’t being represented properly within retail or fashion in general. Many feel like others struggle with the same challenges but it’s rarely talked about. How might we spark natural conversations around how annoying it is spending an hour trying to get into your Spanx or the embarrassing fact that after one wash we can’t zip up our new pair of jeans or when you’re on your period and bloated, that mini skirt tends to ride up a little too much?
  15. 15. HONESTY & TRANSPARENCY arev alued.
  16. 16. but not like this. Few women actually know where or how to measure themselves and facing the numbers can be terrifying.
  17. 17. how might we develop a more natural fitting system that is easy to use and simple to understand one that builds communityand empowers women to make their own decisions when it comes to choosing their style... regardless of Size.
  18. 18. What If WE separated the numbers From The Action?
  19. 19. catalyst content conduit control
  20. 20. catalyst content conduit What If WE reassign the "smart"? control
  21. 21. An ECOSYSTEM flexible platforms
  22. 22. ITWELL F
  23. 23. YOU + BRANDS
  24. 24. THE NEW "TAILOR'S" KIT discretly shipped bluetooth low energy
  25. 25. syncs to app by holding center button beautiful materiality makes it something that’s a pleasure to recieve and use measurements are wirelessly transmitted to the app magnetic tip snaps to base and lets you know that your measuring appropriately small size makes it easy to ship between customers
  26. 26. win the number game
  27. 27. Baring it all to find your fit becomes a little less scary when some of the Body Positive heros of today are guiding you through the process. Laci Green
  28. 28. The magnetic edge ensures you won’t over or under measure providing just enough resistance to complete your Fit Profile.
  29. 29. FITWELLFITWELL FITWELL measurement 1 measurement 5 synthesis point FITWELLFITWELL Your FitForm
  30. 30. LL Save and secure your FitForm with biometric technology
  31. 31. What If We integrate size technology into experiences we already participate in?
  32. 32. FITWELL
  33. 33. Hello Jenny! Your FitForm is now up to date. shop save
  34. 34. ITWELL F ANALYTICS REAL numbers based on pattern data
  35. 35. Order from home using FitWell for the FitWell Guarantee FitWell connects you to BeauCoo’s community in-store and makes the information relevant. *If it doesn’t fit, ship it back and you’ll recieve credit. Best Fit: Size 14 order Check Fits for Madewell
  36. 36. FITWELL In-store, FitWell can pair with interactive, branded experiences to enhance the value of our service. (such as LED-enabled hangers that communicate via Bluetooth LOW to visually signal what size to try on.)
  37. 37. Need fitwell app tailor's kit or virgin fitting database creation (retailer motivation) 3rd party branded interactions beaucoo community
  38. 38. community interaction A+ s home fitting POSITIVE NEGATIVE purchase at store or order for home delivery order tailor’s kit previous shopping experience ^ download app shopping with FitForm finding something they love c
  39. 39. community interaction A+ s shopping with FitForm in flight and afterwards POSITIVE NEGATIVE purchase at store or order for home delivery previous shopping experience download app Virgin “Fitting” finding something they love airport security ^ c
  40. 40. + ITWELL F
  41. 41. how it delivers
  43. 43. THANK YOU Sarah Anne White - Calif. College of the Arts