Starting out with a VLE - what to expect


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Starting out with a VLE - what to expect
Presentation for the Sheffield International College, May 2012
Sarah Horrigan, Learning Technologies Manager, University of Sheffield

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  • Image source: brunkfordbraun, ‘Idea’,
  • Cardboard box question - what do you typically use a cardboard box for? I use it for putting stuff in - for moving offices etc. My children use them for any other thing - robot, space ship, house, cave, puppet show, boat... Don't be afraid to experiment and play with the spaces you've got online. You'll develop your own teaching style.
  • ... but first, I'm going to ask you a question - what was your most positive learning experience? Any volunteers?
  • Image source: SkyWaker kj2043, ‘ 海風輕吹 ... 樂逍遥 ’ ,
  • * Source: Shirky, C. (2008) “Here Comes Everybody”, p.105 Image Source: ArtByChristi, ‘Flourish’,
  • Aim for consistency - whether that's agreeing that there is a common standard of materials to be provided in every module - handbook, assessments, revision materials etc or a common use of colour to help students know where they are.
  • Image source: cuellar, ‘Unforgiven’,
  • * Source: OFSTED, (2009) “VLE an evaluation of their development in a sample of educational settings”, [online], p.4
  • * Source: OFSTED, (2009) “VLE an evaluation of their development in a sample of educational settings”, [online], p.4
  • * Image Source: Max Braun, ‘Heinrich’, Source: OFSTED, (2009) “VLE an evaluation of their development in a sample of educational settings”, [online], p.4
  • * Insert video:
  • Narrative, clarity of writing, signposting, linking in and out of each section etc…
  • Image Source: Fabian Blanca, *
  • You don't need to worry too much about what system they're using (it's Blackboard Learn 9.1 if you're interested!)... what's more important is that you get them used to finding their course materials in one place, that they're using to navigating a VLE, that they know where to find any course announcements / emails etc and how you'll be handling assessments.
  • Image source: Jnarin, ‘The One Chosen…’,
  • Image source: Jnarin, ‘The One Chosen…’,
  • Starting out with a VLE - what to expect

    1. 1. Starting out with a VLE... what to expect... Sarah HorriganLearning Technologies Manager, CiCS
    2. 2. …what is this going to be about?
    3. 3. Ideas!Image source:
    4. 4. Some things to think about…Source:
    5. 5. I’m going to share asecret with you…
    6. 6. InterestingNot useful Useful Dull
    7. 7. Interesting Things your Engaging 6 year old says learning Chocolate Marking teapots scriptsNot useful Raincoats Useful Watching paint Virtual learning dry environments Dull
    8. 8. VL Es aren’tthat e xcitin g Source:
    9. 9. “… communications tools don’t get socially interesting until they get technologically boring”Source: Clay Shirky, 2008Source:
    10. 10. Get the basics in place
    11. 11. M inim izecha os!
    12. 12. ... don’t aim But um! or the minim fSource:
    13. 13. “… The best VLEs reviewed allowed learners to reinforce their routine work, or catch up on missed lessons. In those best cases the material offered was fun and helpful and was being used well by learners…”Image source: Maccio Capatonda,
    14. 14. “… In the least effective examples,documents had been dumped on thesystem and forgotten.” Source: OFSTED, 2009Source: Sandman, ‘Storm Cell at Sunset’,
    15. 15. “The common factor in effective VLEs wasthe enthusiasm of the subject teacher;that is enthusiasm for the subject andteaching and learning as much as anycompetence in computing”Source: OFSTED, 2009Source:
    16. 16. Make the most of its potential
    17. 17. Writing style...Source: Jenna Carver,
    18. 18. Some guidelines…Make Text Scannable‘…Highlight keywordsProvide meaningful headings andsubheadingsInclude one idea per paragraph
    19. 19. Some guidelines…Keep your tone reader-friendly:Be conversationalBe welcomingTry to get a sense of narrative runningthrough your text
    20. 20. Above all… use plain English!Image Source: Fabian Blanca,
    21. 21. Other uses? development Staff Commun ities of pr act ice ial spacesSoc Shari ng resour c es
    22. 22. How to prepare studentsfor their online learning with TUoS?
    23. 23. But... theyre not using Moodle...Source: amarola,
    24. 24. What’s the difference?Source:
    25. 25. (it doesnt matter too much)Source:
    26. 26. What is expected ofstudents at the University of Sheffield?
    27. 27. varies
    28. 28. Last thoughtsand questions...
    29. 29. Further resourcesJISC InfoKit, Effective use of VLEs VLEsMoodle FAQs -, University of Sheffield -