Content as an Asset: Agencyside Back in the Black Workshop


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Why should agency account executives, managers, planners and the like care about content? Here's the business case for making content strategy a part of your agency's offerings.

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Content as an Asset: Agencyside Back in the Black Workshop

  1. 1. Content as an AssetSara Wachter-Boettcher, Off Madison Ave Back in the Black: April 28 – 29, 2011
  2. 2. WHY CONTENT?
  3. 3. Content is everywhere.
  4. 4. Content can be powerful.
  5. 5. Content entertains and engages.
  6. 6. Content educates and informs.
  7. 7. Content makes us buy.
  8. 8. Publishing is now the easy part. Creative Commons / Valeriana Solaris
  9. 9. Perhaps too easy.
  10. 10. Content is complicated.What do we do with… •  Too much content? •  Messy content? •  Bad content?
  12. 12. Content strategyhelps us make smart business decisions byplanning for content that’s useful, usable,compelling and findable.It creates a system for how content should becreated, published, managed and maintained.
  13. 13. Content strategy definesthe content lifecycle. Goals Business objectives? Content objectives? Success metrics? Governance Assets Who approves? What do we have? Who updates/manages? Where is it now? Are we reaching goals? Is it any good? Creation Audiences What information? Who are we talking to? What medium? Why should they care? Resources? What do they want? Editorial Plan Messaging? Voice, tone and style? Where/when to publish?
  14. 14. Content marketingcreates and publishes content to attract andengage with valuable, relevant information.It drives action by building credibility andloyalty between businesses and their targetaudiences.
  15. 15. Content marketingcomes in many shapes.
  16. 16. The key is, “good content marketingmakes a person stop…read…think…behave…differently.” - Joe Pulizzi
  17. 17. Content promotionincludes syndication and social sharing ofcontent.An extension of content marketing, promotionis how relevant content reaches and acquiresaudiences.
  18. 18. It’s about finding the right vehicle. From / via Chris Sietsema
  20. 20. It’s a content economy.Customers trade their attention for yourclients’ content – if that content informs,educates, inspires or entertains.In this way, your clients can make theircontent an asset…or a liability.
  21. 21. It’s an agency opportunity.We’ve alwayscreated content.•  Ad campaigns•  Brochures•  Press releases•  Media kits•  Corporate reports
  22. 22. You have the tools to recognizeand shape great content.Your clients may not.
  23. 23. It’s your friend.What’s in it for account managers? How about: •  Easier project management. Clear content plans prevent last-minute scrambling. •  Projects that ship on time. No more waiting for clients to “put their content together.” •  New uses for old skill sets. Traditional copywriting, editorial or communications people can learn this – and do it well. •  A new revenue source. Content takes expertise. Get paid for yours.
  24. 24. BUYING IN
  25. 25. It’s already happening.Who hires content strategists? These guys:
  26. 26. What role will you play?Content strategy is a process, not a widget.Be open to: •  Partnership between agency and client. Fewer grand presentations; more honest discussions. •  A consultative relationship. You don’t have to do it all – you’re often there to advise. •  Relying on internal experts. Clients know their business better than you. Use them.
  27. 27. Find your fit. If  you’re  good  at…   •  You  might  explore…   •  Editorial  Strategy:  Style  Guidelines  |  Publishing   Editorial  Process   Guidelines  |  Content  Calendars  |  Governance   CopywriAng/Content   •  Content  Marke<ng:  White  Papers  |  Blogging  |  Email   Development   Content  |  Video  &  PodcasAng   •  Website  Content  Strategy:  Audit  &  Analysis  |   UX  &  Web  Strategy   Content-­‐Focused  IA  |  Modeling  |  Metadata  Strategy     •  Communica<ons  Strategy:  Audience  IdenAficaAon  |   PR  &  Brand  Comms.   Key  Message  Development  |  Messaging  Architecture       •  Content  Promo<on:  Channel  RecommendaAons  |   SEO  or  Social  Media   SyndicaAon  Strategy  |  Content  OpAmizaAon    
  28. 28. Thank You Sara @sara_ann_marie