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Mobile Advertising Creative_Michael Hanley


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Part of the Mobile Communications Resource Center, this is one of several presentations created by Michael Hanley for Ball State University's College of Communication, Information and Media. All rights are reserved.

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Mobile Advertising Creative_Michael Hanley

  1. 1. Mobile Creative Mobile Creative Designing for the Small Screen Class 16
  2. 2. Mobile Creative Three Creative Categories • Type Ad • Text only • Sells product with words • Standard Display Ad • Images and basic interactivity • Sells product with pictures • Rich Media Display Ad • Images, Video, and high interactivity • Involves the audience with the ad
  3. 3. Mobile Creative Type Ad • Still prevalent, a large portion of advertising dollars still spent on type ads • The number of search ads (search engine optimization) is greater than visual ads • Examples include SMS, Search Ads, Mobile Coupons
  4. 4. Mobile Creative Type Ad Examples
  5. 5. Mobile Creative Display Ad • Common form of visual advertising. Present on mobile websites, in apps • Usually a portal to something else – an app, a website, an order form • Examples: in-app advertisements, banner ads,
  6. 6. Mobile Creative Display Ad Examples
  7. 7. Mobile Creative Rich Media Ad • Based on Flash or HTML5 • Possibilities for consumer engagement are significantly higher than standard display ads • Rich media ads can be implemented differently on smart phones and tablets, adapting to the different screen sizes for different capabilities
  8. 8. Mobile Creative Rich Media Examples
  9. 9. Mobile Creative Tablet “Tabvertising” • Tablet ownership is growing significantly,1 in 5 adults owns a tablet or eReader, and that number is growing fast. • Tablets are still classified as a “lean back” technology, whereas smart phones are classified as “lean forward.” This is becoming less and less true as tablets begin to replace traditional computers. • Tablets have different and more expansive capabilities than smart phones, but advertisers are still trying to figure out how to use these.
  10. 10. Mobile Creative Tablet Ad Examples ch? feature=player_embedded&v =T5sOhTzX5E0 Pepsi Max iPad Ad Rich Media Ad that uses every feature of the tablet
  11. 11. Mobile Creative The Future of Mobile Ads • Flash is becoming obsolete, so companies are using HTML5 • The capabilities are still being explored • Rich Media, as a result, will continue to evolve on tablets and smartphones Smartie Awards 2014 Mobile Marketing Association http://www.mmaglobal.c om/smarties/finalists/win ners