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Focus group summary of finished product

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Focus group summary of finished product

  1. 1. Focus group summary of finished product From this comment I am able to establish that my aim to make the newspaper attract readers through the masthead and bright colour scheme has been successful. The overall image of my newspaper looks very professional with the exception of that there are possibly more advertisements in other newspapers which I have not featured as much in mine. If I was to redo my newspaper this is definitely something I would improve. This also shows that my newspaper is likely to encourage readers to want to buy the newspaper as the feature stories stand out well. The fact my headline is in sans-serif font makes the newspaper look professional as this is a typical convention of a newspaper. The large image on the front page is also a typical convention and makes my newspaper look bright and attractive. This comment also agrees that my newspaper would be successful if it were a real product. After I had completed my newspaper, I created a group on Facebook and posted the images of the final product. I added people into this group and asked them to give me any feedback relating to house style, content, font style or anything else they thought was appropriate. I also asked them whether or not the newspaper would be successful and if it is effective.
  2. 2. As sport is a popular topic, the large image of Old Trafford at the top of the front page is likely to attract readers. It is iconic of Manchester and therefore establishes that the newspaper is local to Manchester. This comment also agrees with how the headline stands out well and is likely to attract readers because it is bold. It also agrees that my newspaper would be successful as it looks professional so I now know my main product has fulfilled its aims. This comment shows that I have used an even amount of text and images which makes the newspaper easy to read and interesting to look at. This also shows that the headline clearly states what is included in the newspaper without going into detail, making it more eye-catching. I can also see that my newspaper has been successful as they have said how it has been presented well, easy to read and is very descriptive. The fact I have used times new roman font to make my newspaper seem realistic has been pointed out in this comment as they believe the serif font makes it look more professional. The headline has definitely fulfilled its purpose to catch the reader’s attention as this comment also points out that it does. However, this comment also agrees with how I could have used more advertisements in my newspaper as they are usually very dominant within real newspapers.
  3. 3. The last comment for my newspaper believes that the colour scheme is very consistent, making the newspaper more attractive and professional. The stories and images used are typical of what you would expect from a newspaper which looks effective for the target audience. The landmark of Old Trafford has also been pointed out in this comment, proving that it establishes the local newspaper and attracts the many people who are interested in sport. This comment also believes my newspaper looks professional and stands out. Overall analysis: As you can see, from the comments I have received discussing my local newspaper I believe that my main product has been a success. The red, black and white colour scheme is very consistent throughout, making the newspaper appear professional but still remaining very eye-catching to appeal to the target audience. The large images and large headlines also make the newspaper grab the attention of the readers, encouraging people to buy the newspaper as intended. The feature stories also attract readers as they are bold and stand out well from the background. From these comments, the only thing that I would improve if I was to re-do this task is to include more advertisements as they are quite a dominant feature throughout regular newspapers. However, after reading these responses to my newspaper I believe that my newspaper looks very professional and would be able attract readers into buying the newspaper if it was a real product. The layout of my newspaper looks professional and very similar to real newspapers as I have intended. The text on the newspaper is bold and eye catching which I have also intended to do to make the newspaper stand out. Also, this comment shows that the story headlines are interesting and will encourage people to want to buy the newspaper to read on which shows that my newspaper has been successful as this is a main target that newspapers aim to achieve.

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