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Band and artist imagery

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Band and artist imagery

  1. 1. Sara Mcgranaghan Band and artist imagery In this picture of Beyonce high key lighting has been used which creates the effect that she is angelic. The very light background makes her stand out and as the image has been photo shopped she looks extremely glamorous. She is in the centre of the image suggesting how she is in the lime light and the glow behind her re-enforces the idea of her being heavenly. Her gold glittery costume and long waved hair also emphasises this as well as her femininity. Binary opposition has been used in this image as her facial expression and clothing suggests that she is celestial and makes her appear sexually provocative in comparison to the innocent aspects that have been created. This image of 50 cent is quite a dark image and the light coming in from the left side highlights the money in his hand emphasising how he is a powerful person. He is making direct eye contact and pointing towards the camera which suggests he is very intimidating. The photo has been taken from a slightly low angle and it is like he is looking down at us, this shows his dominance. Guttenberg’s principle of the rule of thirds has been used as 50 cent has been placed at the top left side of the image where the light is, creating the idea he is in the lime light. The amount of jewellery he is wearing and the money in his hand is suggesting that he is very wealthy and he wants to show this off which gives us an impression of what he is like. This image of Katy Perry shows that she is a striking, attention grabbing artist. Her blue hair suggests that she is a very bold person and also makes her stand out. Her nails are painted yellow and her blue hair both match the MTV movie awards logo which shows she has purposely colour matched to this. It almost seems as though she is advertising the awards show which has been done purposely as this will create a lot of media attention. The rule of thirds has been used in this image as well because Katy Perry has been centred to the left and her left foot ends more to the right side. The crystallised dress she is wearing emphasises how she is an eye catching celebrity and draws attention to her. She is making eye contact with the camera and her posture which both suggest how she is a confident and independent woman.
  2. 2. Sara Mcgranaghan In this picture of Westlife we immediately can see that they are a mainstream band which creates pop music. They are all dressed very smartly in suits and have clean haircuts which reflects their image as a group. High key lighting is used in the picture and the background being the sky emphasises a heavenly image for them. It also represents their music as it is mainly love music and ballads. The lead singer is making eye contact with the camera whereas the other three singers are all facing the other way. This is an image of My Chemical Romance who is a heavy rock band which targets a niche audience. Low-key lighting has been used which portrays the genre of music that the band produces. The lead singer has been placed in the centre at the front of the rest of the band emphasising how he is the main artist. They are wearing black uniforms which are quite sinister and dark make- up which also represents their genre of music. They are all making eye contact with the camera and look intimidating. In this picture of The Arctic Monkeys, low key lighting has been used. It is a low angle shot which makes them look dominant as they are all sat on a wall. They are wearing hooded jumpers and jeans which also emphasises how they could be intimidating. They are all sat in similar positions which reflect the unity of the band as they are sat together and the lead singer is not apparent.
  3. 3. Sara Mcgranaghan This image of the Saturdays is quite dark with bright colours used to stand out. The dresses that the group are wearing reflect the individuality and youthfulness of the group and also appeals to the target audience. They all equally stand out and this shows how there is no division amongst the group. The clothing they are all wearing is very feminine and as this girl group target a young female audience this appeals to them. They are all stood in confident, strong postures which makes them appear independent and fierce.