PR in Nonprofits


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PR in Nonprofits

  1. 1. Non Profit Public RelationsSara McClendonFood Drive Outreach AssistantOzarks Food Harvest
  2. 2. Ozarks Food Harvest OverviewA Member of Feeding AmericaFeeding America is the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity (formerlynamed America’s Second Harvest; more than 30-yr history) 200 61,000 37 MILLION AMERICANS FED FOOD BANKS AGENCIES ANNUALLY 70K+ programs (all 50 states)
  3. 3. Feeding Missouri
  4. 4. 1. Donations are madeOzarks Food Harvest secures donations from the food and grocery industries, governmentagencies, individuals and other organizations.2. Food is storedOzarks Food Harvest ensures the safe storage of donated goods until distribution to local charitableagencies. The Food Bank will also buy any high-demand products that it did not receive through donations.3. Food is movedOzarks Food Harvest moves donated food and grocery products through programs and memberagencies, including soup kitchens, food pantries and emergency shelters.4. Food reaches those in needDonations are provided to people in need through 250 member agencies and via direct serviceprograms such as the Weekend Backpack Program, Kids Cafe or the Mobile Food Pantry. How we Work
  5. 5. 28 counties or 1/3 of Missouri
  6. 6. Ozarks Food Harvest OverviewOur ScorecardExperiencedWe’ve been pursuing our mission for nearly 30 years (since its founding in 1983)EfficientFor every $1 donated, 96 cents is used to feed hungry Ozarkers, and $1 can provide$10 worth of food distributionEstablishedOur facility is named the O’Reilly Center for Hunger Relief after ourlargest supporters; partner with other reputable, recognizable names.Received top awards.
  7. 7. New distribution center 46,000 sq. ft. (50% cooler/freezer space)
  8. 8. Food Sources Where the food comes from Government Food Drives Purchased Food 3% Corporate FoodCommodities: nearly 3% Donors: about 60% 40% Examples: Where the food goes 170,000 individuals annually: 40% Children, 50% Families & 10% Seniors Children’s Programs Hunger Relief Partners Mobile Food Pantry™ Direct relief to at-risk children Hunger relief agencies such as Distributes food & necessities through Weekend Backpack shelters, soup kitchens, senior to rural, underserved Program & Kids Cafe® centers, pantries & daycares communities
  9. 9. The reality of hungerin southwest Missouri
  10. 10. 1 in 4 Ozarks children isfood insecure Food insecure means they don’t know where their next meal is coming from
  11. 11. In the Ozarks1 in 6 adults arefood insecure
  12. 12. Every week, on average, the number of people whoaccess Ozarks Food Harvest’s pantries & siteswould fill the SpringfieldCardinals’ stadium nearly3 times to capacity
  13. 13. My job at Ozarks Food Harvest
  14. 14. Food Drive Outreach Promotional support Press releases for major food drive events, promotional and informational materials Appreciation Thank you letters, trophies, social media Working with various donors Interpersonal communication important when dealing with different types of people Soliciting new donors Finding new ways to get information about hosting food drives to potential hosts
  15. 15. PR at OFH Branding Consistent visuals and copy Social media Letting supporters know our need, promoting events and thanking donors Event planning Being detailed about every aspect of the event, determining impact of events, outreach, etc
  16. 16. PR in Non-Profits
  17. 17. Similarities to other types of PR Appreciation of key stakeholders Non-profit: Donors, volunteers, advocates Other: Customers, clients, shareholders, etc Media relations Media lists, press releases, interviews, etc Deadlines Every type of PR works with some sort of deadline. Details Being detail-oriented is vital in any type of PR.
  18. 18. Differences from other types of PRMany hatsWide range of responsibilities and skillsneededAudienceMore audiences in non-profit: people youserve, volunteers, Board of Directors, etcDaily working environmentNumber of employees, officespace, organizational environment
  19. 19. Remember this PR campaign?
  20. 20. Important Factors in Non-Profit PR
  21. 21. Must-haves in nonprofit PR Testimonies – BIG IMPACT From donors, volunteers, those you serve Stories Compelling storytelling and a way to tell stories Social media Key in donor appreciation and in spreading awareness Mission statement Simple, but powerful AP style skills Write like a journalist. You want them to not only pick up your story but use your press release directly
  22. 22. Powerful OFH Testimonies
  23. 23. Powerful OFH Testimonies
  24. 24. Don’t forget about the donorTHANK the donorNo matter how large or smallTHINK like a donorFor example: some donors don’t likethat we have a color news letter.They’re concerned about what we’reusing their donation dollars on.TALK to your donorThe impact their donation had. Forexample, instead of pounds we convert it intomeals.
  25. 25. Landing your first PR job/internship (Non-profit or otherwise)
  26. 26. My experienceWork hardYou won’t know everything, your hard workwill set you apartAlways ask questionsIn interview and after you’re hiredLearn to writeAP style, knowing the difference betweenpassive and active voices, etcGet onlineTweet, Facebook, Blog, LinkedIn