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Company Presentation

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Company Presentation

  1. 1. Wordattachment Company Profile
  2. 2. Mission: We are the result of experience, knowledge and the will to do better. A concept that became a reality after careful thinking and long discussions about what works and what does not work so well, about what can be improved in the practice of translation and how we can innovate to achieve greatness. Our core purpose is to be flexible, flawless and fast. Some may see this as a Utopia, but we thrive on a good challenge. We understand that sometimes it is difficult for a freelancer to be a translator, a project manager, a CFO, a CEO, and whatever roles they face on their daily work. We also understand that for our clients (whether it is a translator, agency, a large corporation...) time is precious, so an intermediary partner that can expedite things is always welcome. Therefore, our partnership was designed to be both the guarantee of flexibility, quality and reliability for the client, and the support and trusting mediator for the freelance translator.
  3. 3. Goal: • Our aim is a sustained growth with strong foundations and transparent objectives to provide excellent customer service. • We are looking for strong and reliable agencies / companies to establish fruitful and long term business relationships. • We wish to always meet our clients’ needs and demands delivering high quality products in the shortest period of time. We aim to make you grow so that we can grow with you…
  4. 4. Areas of expertise: Area: Type of document: Telecommunications industry User guides and Operating instructions, UI and UA Localization IT industry Software localization, Product Manuals, App Descriptions, Websites, Training Documents, Help files Engineering and automation industry User guides and Operating instructions Construction and machinery industry User guides and operating instructions Manufacturing Description, user manuals, material constitution, content description Household appliances User guides and operating instructions Automotive industry Owner’s manuals, bulletins, magazines, newsletters, repair manuals Life sciences/ medicine/ chemical/ pharmaceutical Software localization, user manuals and operating instructions, documentation for training, medical procedures, hospital and surgical; equipment for diagnosis, health forms, laboratory tests, surgical equipment Economics/Marketing Entrepreneurship, Business General, Banking and Financial, Business Administration and Management, Newsletters Entertainment Flyers, brochures, books, websites, marketing material Tourism and travel Flyers, brochures, books, websites, marketing material Cosmetics and fashion Description, user manuals, material constitution, content description and marketing materials European Union official documentation Technical, legal and financial documents for oficial purposes
  5. 5. Language combinations: Source Target English European Portuguese English Brazilian Portuguese English European Spanish German European Portuguese German Brazilian Portuguese German European Spanish French European Portuguese French Brazilian Portuguese French European Spanish
  6. 6. It continues… Yes, it’s great I know!!! Source Target Spanish European Portuguese Spanish Brazilian Portuguese European Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese European Portuguese Portuguese European Spanish Italian Brazilian Portuguese Other language combinations can be handled upon request – especially into English, German, French and Latin American Spanish.
  7. 7. CAT Tools: • Trados 2007 • Studio 2011 and 2014 • MemoQ • Passolo 2009 and 2011 • Idiom • Across • TM tool • XTM • Others…
  8. 8. Quality Process: Our quality process is quite strict, all our rates include TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) done by different translators and editors to make sure that the stages are always completed using a “fresh pair of eyes”. We also spellcheck and QA all our jobs before the delivery to the client and terminology databases are created for each client as well as guidelines to make sure that the correct terminology and jargon are used in each job. • Translation Spellcheck • Editing Spellcheck • Proofreading Spellcheck Terminology databases and guidelines • QA
  9. 9. Services provided: • Translation • Our translation services include editing and proofreading (TEP), unless otherwise agreed. Translation only projects are not a regular policy for us. We believe that regardless of how good the translator is, no one is flawless and thus all translations should go through the TEP process to achieve the high quality standards we pride ourselves of. • Editing • The translation is compared to the source text, and the translated text is reviewed as a whole. The editor should check for things like word choice, clarity, conciseness, consistency, jargon, and register. The editor should be an expert in both languages and should also know the subject matter deeply • Proofreading • A careful inspection. At this stage, the goal is to clean up the text, the source text is not read to compare and the translated text must stand on its own. A proofreader may be monolingual only and may not be expert on the subject, but should be expert on the writing style guide used within the target language and target audience. • DTP • Desktop Publishing Services • Project Management • Even if you have your own localization project managers, but would like to outsource some of their work to a language service provider, our project managers can help you with that. Working alongside your in-house project managers, we can be responsible for specific assignments: special projects, vendors, accounts, target language or other unique tasks you may have for us.
  10. 10. Wordattachment Contacts Address: Centro Empresarial MAPFRE Rua Gonçalo Cristovão nº 347 Sala 201 P.: 4000 – 270 Porto Portugal Telephone: 00351 220 926 133 Website: