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Trabalho em inglês sobre revistas.

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Work done by: Sara Marques nº26 Raquel Grilo nº32
  2. 2. Origin • The first magazine was created in Germany in 1663. • At that time, magazines talked about specific topics and only with didactic texts. In the early 19th century, began to gain space about general interest titles, which dealt with questions of family and entertainment to life.
  3. 3. Origin The first magazine in the world created by Erbauliche Monaths- Unterredungen in 1663.
  4. 4. Types • There are several types of magazines, such as pink magazines, scientific, professional, sporting, decoration, for teens, for kids, etc.
  5. 5. Pink magazines • Pink magazines are focused on the intimate life of people known in society as millionaires, public figures, actors and actresses, singers, filmmakers and artists in general. • Usually your target audience are women.
  6. 6. Pink magazines British Portuguese
  7. 7. Scientific magazines • A scientific magazine is a periodical publication designed to promote the progress of science, usually by reporting new researches.
  8. 8. Scientific magazines British Portuguese
  9. 9. Professional magazines • Professional magazines typically contain advertising content centered on the industry in question with little if any advertising. They also generally contain industry-specific job notices, a highly pertinent aspect to many readers. • Usually your target audience are men.
  10. 10. Professional magazines British Portuguese
  11. 11. Sports magazine • A sports magazine is a featuring articles or segments on sports. It talks about, football, tennis, rugby, volleyball, basketball, etc..
  12. 12. Sports magazine British Portuguese
  13. 13. Decoration magazines • The inspiration for decorating, with originality, style and creativity is everywhere and traditional decorating magazines are easy to acquire. • Normally your target audience are women.
  14. 14. Decoration magazines British Portuguese
  15. 15. Teens magazines • With teens as your target audience this magazines has quizzes, jokes, games, horoscopes and more. • Includes the latest celebrity gossip, fashion and beauty and guy and relationship advice.
  16. 16. Teens magazines British Portuguese
  17. 17. Kids magazines • Educational magazine for kids. Covers different subjects each month. • Interactive magazine for kids. Features: fiction, monthly mysteries, poems, facts, games and puzzles.
  18. 18. Kids magazines British Portuguese