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Sara Mahmoud Resume - Trans

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Sara Mahmoud Resume - Trans

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Sara Mahmoud Page 1 / 3 PERSONAL INFORMATION Sara Mahmoud Ahmad Elsayed Cairo, Egypt. +20 1224261888, +20 1095233703 Sex Female | Date of birth 01/08/1987 | Nationality Egyptian. OBJECTIVE My belief in the mission of translation emanates from my knowledge that culture can reform whole nations. In addition, translating valuable books to the target language would enable the readers to know better about other countries and their cultures, the thing which creates a better understanding among people of different nationalities, hence, helping in the cultural exchange and lessening bigotry. Thus, I was searching for an encouraging environment where I could work efficiently putting my knowledge, skills and energy into effect. WORK EXPERIENCE JOB APPLIED FOR English- Arabic Translator and vice versa. From 09/2015 until now From 11/2010 To 09/2014 Translator Working as a voluntary translator for the websites: “Sasa Post” and “The Forgotten Writers Foundation” English Language Teacher Worked as an assistant teacher of English at “Kaumeya International School”. Summer 2011 English Language Instructor Worked as an English language instructor at “EAAC” training centre.
  2. 2. Curriculum Vitae Sara Mahmoud Page 2 / 3 EDUCATION AND TRAINING From 06/2009 To 08/2010 Translator and editor Worked as a translator at “Iqraa Foundation for Specialized Translation”, where I:  Shared in the translation of a book about safety in construction sites.  Translated materials for urban planning projects that took place in Libya  Translated four short stories which included the second and third winner stories in a yearly literary competition carried out by “Sphinx Publishing House”.  Translated a whole novel; “The White King” by Georgy Dragoman, for the same publishing house.  Translated the novella; “A Happy Boy”  I was also an editor; as I revised and edited my colleagues texts.  Gave translation workshops to beginners.  Interviewed translator candidates to work for the foundation. 2009 English Language Instructor Volunteering to give an English course prepared by me for around ten adults stressing on the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 2014-2015 Pursuing my post graduate studies by taking complementary subjects before being enrolled in the MA program. 2009 2005 Alexandria University, Faculty of Arts, English department, Literature Section. General Secondary Degree, E.G.C. Attended sessions and workshops on  Mind Mapping.  Leader Ship.  Team Work.  Lesson planning  Time Management.  Presentation Skills.  Communication skills.
  3. 3. Curriculum Vitae Sara Mahmoud Page 3 / 3 PERSONAL SKILLS ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ANNEXES Mother tongue Arabic Other language(s) UNDERSTANDING SPEAKING WRITING Listening Reading English EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT Soft skills ▪ Excellent presentation and communication skills gained through my experience as a teacher of English language. Job-related skills ▪ I am a hard and organized worker, a fast learner, as well as being eager for knowledge. Computer skills ▪ Very good command of Microsoft Office™ Word. ▪ Good command of Internet tools. ▪ Good command of Microsoft Windows. Other skills ▪ Accuracy. Interests Humanism, Education, Cultural interaction, Psychology, Literature and Arts. Social Activities 2007-2009: Fagr Alnahda Association for Development and Care, Cultural Committee, board member. 2006-2014: Fagr Alnahda Association for Development and Care, Orphans Care Project in Alexandria. 2006: Life Makers, Future Technology Project, trainee receptionist. 2005-2009: Founder and leader of the "Farafish" union which I accomplish with my younger sisters and brothers. ▪ To be presented upon request.