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Workflowvs vs Flow 365 Saturday Amsterdam



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Workflowvs vs Flow 365 Saturday Amsterdam

  1. 1. Workflow vs Flow Sara Lagerquist
  2. 2. • • Twitter: @Powerthon • Hashtag • #365SatAMS • Social
  3. 3. Preventive measures Coronavirus: Wash your hands regularly with water and soap. Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow. Use paper tissues, but only once. Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes.
  4. 4. Sara Lagerquist @lagerquistsara
  5. 5. Agenda • Why change to flow • Features that differs • Features that’s missing • Rookie mistakes
  6. 6. We don’t have full parity nor is classic workflows deprecated. Why move to Power Automate?
  7. 7. us/power-automate/replace- workflows-with-flows Official documentation is not updated…
  8. 8. Feature is there – but not quite the same
  9. 9. Wait Conditions ▪ Timeout – X amount of time ▪ Wait until date occurs ▪ Wait until value of a field occurs ▪ TIMEOUT (as in abort the run): ▪ Never ▪ Timeout – delay X amount of time ▪ Delay until date occurs ▪ Can not handle delay until values of a field occurs ▪ TIMEOUT (as in abort the run): ▪ Flow : 30 Days ▪ Logic Apps : 90 Days ▪ CDS Solution Flow : 1 Year Workflows Flows
  10. 10. The new undocumented wait condition
  11. 11. On Demand ▪ Deploys well ▪ Can not handle input when started ▪ Can not be in a solution = not deployable ▪ Can handle input when started Workflows Flows
  12. 12. Run Time ▪ 2 min timeout ▪ Can be configured in Action Settings Workflows Flows
  13. 13. Visibility and Deployment ▪ All workflows visible under processes ▪ Users can see runs on a particular record ▪ Deploy: Lookups are not dynamic data ▪ Flows in solutions not visible in Flow area ▪ No way to see what Flows that’s been run a particular record ▪ Deploy of solution-based flow looks broken ▪ Only works if only used CD (current) -connector ▪ Needs an unmanaged layer if using other actions than CDS (current) (for now) Workflows Flows
  14. 14. Child-(work)flows ▪ Trigger and Child ▪ Child can’t get output from Parent and Parent flow can’t get output from Child ▪ Parent will succeed even if Child fails ▪ Child will not re-run if fails ▪ Only trigger or child ▪ Child Flow can get output from parent and child ▪ Parent flow will fail if Child fails ▪ Child flow can re-try 4 times (by default) before failing ▪ Only works in Solutions with CDS Current Environment Connector Workflows Flows
  15. 15. Features that are completely missing
  16. 16. List Records ▪ Only with a CWA, not OOB ▪ List Records of an entity and run ▪ Apply to each ▪ Apply until Workflows Flows
  17. 17. Trigger on Schedule ▪ Only with a CWA, not OOB ▪ Well YES! Workflows Flows
  18. 18. Real-time Workflows ▪ Validation and warnings to end user ▪ Run before a change is made 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ Workflows Flows
  19. 19. Trigger conditions – avoiding runs ▪ Workflow always run ▪ Use Stop Workflow action if not needed ▪ No API-limit or License restriction ▪ Configurable – but without intelliSense ▪ Can Abort Flow Run too ▪ License restrictions ▪ Using Trigger conditions will minimize flow runs, but will still count as an API-call Workflows Flows
  20. 20. Rollback of Changeset ▪ Steps succeeded will not be rolled back in asynchronous Workflows ▪ Rollback the whole changeset if one action in the changeset fails Workflows Flows
  21. 21. When a step fails 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ ▪ Configurable “Run after” on Actions Workflows Flows
  22. 22. Test ▪ Trigger from designer ▪ Trigger on data from former runs Workflows Flows
  23. 23. Connections outside of Dynamics ▪ Integration is needed ▪ Can handle connectors to different data sources and actions Workflows Flows
  24. 24. Tips and Tricks (and Rookie Mistakes)
  25. 25. Two CDS Connectors ▪ You need to define what environment your Flow runs in ▪ Can only trigger on one event ▪ Can not run Child Flows ▪ Can populate Lookups with only dynamic content ▪ Doesn’t handle N:N relationships in List Records ▪ Trigger OnDemand ▪ Needs change tracking enabled ▪ Solution based – runs in the environment it’s deployed to or created in ▪ Have a combined trigger for several events ▪ Can run Child Flows ▪ Lookups are not as easy as just dynamic data ▪ Can handle N:N relationships ▪ Can list records with FetchXML <3 ▪ Related record information in just one Action ▪ Will not work in “Copied Environment” ▪ Deploys as ON if only connector in the Flow ▪ Run Actions for ex: Close Opportunity CDS CDS Current Environment
  26. 26. Always use the CDS Current Environment connector when possible
  27. 27. Use Comments ▪ Add hidden settings in Trigger/Action comments
  28. 28. Use Expressions ▪ Expressions and some Actions are the same ▪ Avoid “Apply to each” by using for example first(“dynamic content”)
  29. 29. Avoid Nested Conditions
  30. 30. Rookie Mistakes
  31. 31. Dynamics 365 Connector is Deprecated
  32. 32. Name your Trigger and Actions
  33. 33. Don’t forget the “Get Record”-action
  34. 34. Always filter your “List Record”-action
  35. 35. Don’t create Loops
  36. 36. Use Compose instead of Variables
  37. 37. Turn on Paging if expecting big results in “List Records”-action
  38. 38. Turn off your Flows in Trial environments
  39. 39. Is there still a place for asynchronous workflows?
  40. 40. Feature Classic Workflows Flows WF Flow Wait Conditions Wait until field value --- Wait Conditions Never cancel run Cancel CDS run after 1 year Run Child --- Outputs from Child Run Child Parent continues even if child fails Parent will fail if child fails Run Child Child can retry if fail On Demand Can’t take inputs when run Can’t be included in Solutions Visibility Can see WF runs in App No visibility in App Lookups WF use static GUIDS for Lookups Lookups can be dynamic data Deployment Tried and tested Flows in solution still work in progress Take action on related records Only with custom code (CWA) List records an apply to each/until Trigger on Schedule Only with custom code (CWA) Yes Realtime workflows Provide feedback to user if failed Connections to other sources Need code integration Have 300+ OOB Connections Transaction Rollback Async WF does not run in transaction Flows can run in a batch transaction Error handling WF fails Configure “after run” Testability Must test inside App Can test in Designer Trigger Conditions --- Can avoid unnecessary runs
  41. 41. Tack!
  42. 42. Feedback • We really value your feedback. Log-in to the 365portal event page and click on the session title. • Make sure you have added the session to your schedule, and you have checked in. • You can now leave feedback which will help the speaker and improve our future events for the community.