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Hutchinson deep in the quiet wood by johnson

For a class project in ENGL 208 Children's Literature, we were asked to select a poem for children or young adults and "illustrate" it on the page to appeal to young readers.

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Hutchinson deep in the quiet wood by johnson

  1. 1. Are you bowed down in heart? Do you but hear the clashing discords and the din of L I F E? Then come away, come to the peaceful wood, Here bathe your soul in silence. Listen! Now, From out the p a l p i t a t i n g solitude Do you not catch, yet faint, elusive strains? above They are , around, within YOU, e v e r y w h e r e . Silently listen! Clear, and still more clear, they come. up They bubble in rippling notes, and swell in singing tones. Now let your soul run the w h o l e gamut of the wondrous scale Until, responsive to the tonic chord, It touches the diapason of God’s G R A N D cathedral organ, Filling earth for you with heavenly peace And holy harmonies.