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Grow a Digital Analytics tree with Google Analytics


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How to Use a Website Tracking Tool to Improve Fundraising - presented for The Chronicle of Philanthropy Google Hangout, March 2014.

Advance your group’s fundraising and outreach efforts with the use of functions and features of Google Analytics.

Presentation in Prezi:
Recorded Google Hangout:

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Sometimes we come into Google Analytics implementations that were set up years ago. Do those goals and conversion metrics make sense for the day-to-day today?
Did someone in another department forget that when you added that microsite/campaign last year that tracking needed to be updated across the other sites?
Organize what your organization finds important. It might take a while, but it will get everyone on the same page.

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Have meetings with other departments or teams to figure out how their daily tasks impact the greater goals and objectives. Read their marketing or business plans. Find the holes in process and tracking that you can help fix or fill with DATA!

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Don’t try and conquer this all at one time. Do it in phases it stages.
- Start with a simple tag audit – is it installed everywhere? Is it installed correctly?
- Do you have enough profiles/views to look at your traffic?
- Are your current marketing efforts tracked via Campaign Tracking? Especially Email and Social posts!
- Revenue – this isn’t top of mind for every organization, but an important one for all.
- Save the fancy stuff for later

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This is for Convio eCommerce/Donation tracking:
If you are on a different fundraising platform, check with their support teams or FAQs.

Slide 8:
YouTube Video tracking:
Download Tracking:
Fake or Virtual Pageviews:
Event Tracking in Flash:

Slide 9:
Avinash Kaushik | Evolve Intelligently: Achieve Web Analytics Nirvana, Successfully
In other words, let Avinash be your guide. He won’t steer you wrong!

Slide 10:
Some of the tactics to track rich media will already include event tracking, but you can really strike a cord with implementing Event Tracking on your core templates

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Grow a Digital Analytics tree with Google Analytics

  1. 1. Grow a Digital Analytics Tree How to Use a Website Tracking Tool to Improve Fundraising March 4, 2pm Chronicle of Philanthropy Google Hangout Sara Hoffman | World Wildlife Fund Picture: F6601ltif | djandywdotcom |Creative Commons
  2. 2. Foundation •What are your core Business Objectives? •Does your current GA Admin set up and JavaScript code make those objectives measurable? •Make it a measurement plan Picture: Dinosaurs From Chicken Eggs | craigdamlo | Creative Commons
  3. 3. 5 steps of a measurement plan Picture: After The Rain ~ Horehronie, Slovaki | msojka | Creative Commons Screenshot: Google Analytics Academy Digital Fundamentals | Unit 2.4, Creating a Measurement Plan
  4. 4. Stages • Javascript tag -- EASY! • Configure Settings/ Administration • Campaign Tracking • Revenue • Rich Media – flash, widgets Picture: Project 50 #33 - Watering Can | kriztofor | Creative Commons
  5. 5. Configure Settings • Create Profiles using Filters • Remove internal staff • Any cross-domain action?? • Configure Internal Site Search • Search Categories? • Set Goals - CONVERSION!! • Work with Upper Management • Work with writers, implementers, etc • Configure those goals within the code/sites! Picture: Greeningthe Blue | rabiem | Creative Commons
  6. 6. Campaign Tracking Build off the AdWords foundation: It's all about attribution -- Create a Framework Picture: Tree canopy | tscott | Creative Commons
  7. 7. Revenue •You collect $$, right? Make it work for you! • _addItem(transactionId, sku, name, category, price, quantity) • _addTrans(transactionId, affiliation, total, tax, shipping, city, state, country) • _trackTrans() Turn traditional E-Commerce into your donations. Picture: Canopy | basilisksam | Creative Commons
  8. 8. Rich Media There's a plugin for that: •Videos •Document downloads •Create Fake Pageviews if URL doesn't change •Flash (ewww) Picture: Pomegranatesat Casa de Mari - 10/10/10| marismith | Creative Commons
  9. 9. Avinash Kaushik | Evolve Intelligently: Achieve Web Analytics Nirvana, Successfully Picture: DSC08242 | captkodak | Creative Commons
  10. 10. Evolution and Maintenance •Work on Micro Goals •Social Shares •Event Tracking •Create New Business Processes Picture: Above the Rainforest canopy | buster-and-bubby | Creative Commons
  11. 11. Thanks! Check out the notes embedded in slides for more details, resources and how-to’s. Cool.