Woc Presentation Final (Groundwire)


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Model of Engagement presented by Shawn Kemp and Drew Bernard at Web of Change, 2009

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Woc Presentation Final (Groundwire)

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGY & TRUE LOVE Integrated Engagement Tracking Drew Bernard & Shawn Kemp
  2. 2. DURING THIS SESSION • Relationship Phases & Engagement Model • Channels of Engagement • Capturing and Tracking Information • Monitoring Progress • Example • Breakout Session
  3. 3. META POINTS • Engagement -> Relationships = Mission Accomplished • CRM is a key ingredient • Tracking & Measuring relationships • Connected technology makes all possible
  4. 4. State-based, Regional & National Social Change Organizations OUR CLIENTS
  5. 5. ENGAGEMENT  RELATIONSHIPS Engagement is the fuel of lasting, productive relationships.
  6. 6. ENGAGEMENT PYRAMID Traditional Outreach Word of mouth
  7. 7. el.icio.us FriendFeed MySpace Online Activism Email Lists SMS Social Media Collaboration Space Micro- bloggin ONLINE ENGAGEMENT Twitter YouTube ??? ??? Blog ??? Flickr ??? Email Social Media ??? AboutU Website Wiki Events Phone Activism In-Person Tabling Volunteer Ops True Love Requires Engagement The act of holding one’s attention. Inducing one to participate and take action.
  8. 8. Track – Measure- Use IF A TREE FALLS IN A FOREST?
  9. 9. IF A TREE FALLS IN A FOREST? Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Reaching Out Personalized Pulling In Learning More
  10. 10. Outreach Followers Supporters Organizers Leaders
  11. 11. Blogosphere Direct Mail Media PR Word of Mouth (FOF) REACHING OUT Twitter FlickrEmail Events & Tabling Phonebank Canvassing YouTube Outreach
  12. 12. Blog Word of Mouth (FOF) INSPIRING FOLLOWERS FlickrEmail YouTube Followers Newsletter Action Alerts Twitter EventsWebsite Drip Campaign
  13. 13. Membership Donations Newsletters EMPOWERING SUPPORTERS Volunteering Twitter Events House parties Rallies, etc. Activism Phone, Letters Petition, etc YouTube Website Website Online Discussions SMS Drip Campaigns Supporters Blog
  14. 14. COORDINATING ORGANIZERS Their Social Places/Blog Membership Donations Newsletters Volunteering Phone Banking Etc. Twitter Events House parties Rallies, etc. Activism Phone, Letters Petition, etc YouTube Website Online Discussions SMS Personal Contact Organizers Collaboration Space
  15. 15. CULTIVATING LEADERS Events House parties Rallies, etc. Activism Phone, Letters Petition, etc Collaboration Space Online Discussions Staff, Board Spokes People Advisors Membership Donation Personal Contact Leaders
  16. 16. Outreach Followers Supporters Organizers Leaders Data Captured -Name & Contact -Source Campaign -Date -Issues -Location -Activity -Demographics -Psychographics -Channel -Permissions Data Captured Activities -Events Attended -Email responses -Website usage -Social media Participation Campaign Associated -Dates -Issue -Location -Activity -Demographics -psychographics Data enhancement -Address/location -organizational affiliations Data Captured Activities -Events Participated -Donations -Advocacy activities -Volunteer Activities -Sharing with friends User Submitted -Quotes -Polls -Photos -Videos -Articles Data enhancement -Social graph -Facebook & Twitter -Blog -Etc… Data Captured Activities -Events Participated -Event Organized -Donations -Advocacy activities -Volunteer Activities -Sharing with friends -Recruitment of Friends User Submitted -Quotes -Polls -Photos -Videos -Articles Data enhancement -Social graph -Facebook & Twitter -Blog -Etc… Danger! Suddenly, we can create quantifiable goals for our outreach and cultivation efforts
  17. 17. • Public awareness • Media exposure • Website traffic • Conversion to contactable MONITORING OUTREACH Outreach
  18. 18. • Repeat visits • Email Response • Subscribers • Commenters MONITORING FOLLOWERS Followers
  19. 19. MONITORING SUPPORTERS • Response to action requests • Attendance at events • Participation in online dialogs • Sharing with friends • Becoming new donors/members • Renewal rates for donors/members • Quality and quantity Supporters
  20. 20. MONITORING ORGANIZERS SF Actions DB • Promoting action requests • Direct contact with organization • Hosting events • Leading online dialogs • Bringing in new followers • Renewal rates for donors/members Organizers
  21. 21. MONITORING LEADERS SF Actions DB• Personal Contacts with Org Leadership • Contributes to vision and direction • Renewal rates for donors/members • Serves as formal spokesperson for organization or cause Leaders
  22. 22. • New Friends Drip Campaign – Goals: • Acquire New Base for Climate Work In Salem • Capture information and move as many as possible from “Follower” to “Contributor” on engagement pyramid. "There was no model for how we sent out emails before. The proposal for the project actually sent someone out of the room screaming, literally." OEC’S CLIMATE COOLERS
  23. 23. • Prominent spokesperson going all over Oregon to get folks fired up. • Venue = Segmentation • OE…. WHO? • Opportunity to serve – Fired up – but what can I do? OUTREACH
  24. 24. CULTIVATION EFFORT Goals: • Move to Participate • Frame OEC as a resource. Strategy: Provide salient action that begins to help recipient use their voice. Results: Sent Opens Click Throughs Open Rate Click Through Rate 1261 603 211 26% 15%
  25. 25. ANECDOTAL RESULTS • Some great stories of people bubbling up to leadership levels. – "My neighbor doesn’t believe in global warming… can you send me some information to help explain the issue?” – Rural Oregon – "One participant from Brownsville called OEC two weeks ago because her newspaper had written editorial by editor and mayor of Brownsville characterizing global warming as conspiracy and she wanted help writing a Letter to editor…" OEC was happy to do so.
  26. 26. METRICS/RESULTS • 1800 new Climate Coolers • Highly strategic group • From all across Oregon All have direct connection with OEC and see them as related to Bradbury and Inconvenient Truth. 90+% of these are new to OEC.
  27. 27. BREAKOUT SESSION BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS Break out into 4 groups Group 1: Outreach Group2: Followers Group 3: Supporters Group4: Organizers Think about and answer the following questions: 1. What Channels will you use? 2. What info do need metrics will you use to measure progress? 3. How will you know if they are ready to be engaged at the next level.