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Foraging for wild edibles in the Santa Monica Mountains


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This weekend I went foraging for the first time with some slow food enthusiasts. It was a first for me! Some of the plants were familiar to me. I did learn a lot about what you can and cannot eat. We saw Chanterelle, Lion's Main and another mushroom with a French name that people make soup from. It was awesome.

There were different types of lettuces and herbs which are edible and we had a light snack from Miner's Lettuce. It tasted very clean and almost citrus. Very nice!

I was re-creating my website this week and adding new services to our I.T. Service Menu. We have some really exciting changes that we have incorporated into the Support Subscription. There is just a ton of value every month. Happy with what we are going to being to our clients! So this weekend started on a positive note!

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Foraging for wild edibles in the Santa Monica Mountains

  1. 1. Wild Edibles Foraging in the mountains for organic food!
  2. 2. Not Everything is Edible! It is important to know what you can and cannot eat- Obviously!
  3. 3. It has been raining this week There were plenty of mushrooms growing on logs that were created by Firefighters in the Thomas Fire December, 2017 (Thank you Firefighters!)
  4. 4. Nacho The Truffle Hunter!
  5. 5. The burn areas Are turning a lush shade of green after the rain!