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Enroll today for Peace of Mind


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Computer problems seem to happen when you least expect them. What if you knew when an issue was starting before it critically effected your computer performance? Imagine the ability to get help right away before possibly losing valuable data, your time and money.

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Enroll today for Peace of Mind

  1. 1. DETECT PROBLEMS W H A T I F Y O U C O U L D Before they happened?
  2. 2. WHAT WE DO "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" Benjamin Franklin Hard drive health, making sure your back-ups are working, malware detection, network issues, failing laptop batteries, RAM memory, Distinct points of monitoring making sure your computer is running smoothly 100
  3. 3. WHAT IF YOU COULD AVOID TECH PROBLEMS? Many techical issues can be prevented A new powerful new solution has become available through Close to the Earth which has previously only been available at the Enterprise level is Computer Monitoring Services. 100 different issues are monitored and you will be notified if you are having computer problems, before they become a problem. With no downtime. Detecting issues before they effect you. Alerting a certified Tech before your issue costs you valuable time and money.
  4. 4. SILVER 1 computer Monitoring Plan. for 1 computer. Use the powerful detection tools for peace of mind. Up to 5 computers. Monitoring plus credit for 2 hours of remote support per month. Enjoy discounts on tech services any time you need them. PLATINUMGOLD P E A C E O F M I N D V.I.P. Service for 5-10 computers. Monitoring plus credit for 5 hours of included remote support. 15% discount for all on-site services. $100 MONTHLY $300 MONTHLY $500 MONTHLY ENROLL TODAY WWW.CLOSETOTHEEARTH.COM