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Improving NFIRS for Free


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Ok, so you have a data quality problem. You've always had one. Where do you start on improving? You don't have time for training and you don't have money. This presentation details easy ways you can start improving data quality today. Stay tuned for the next presentation on what to do with your reports now that they're cleaned up!

Note: I am aware that some elements are flipped. Slideshare has been unable to discover the cause. If you would like the un-flipped .pdf please contact me.

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Improving NFIRS for Free

  1. 1. Take Action to Improve Reporting In Your Fire Department FREE!
  2. 2. Report writing isn't a barrel of fun.
  3. 3. Sometimes you're back from a structure fire at 0-Dark-30.
  4. 4. Or you face a stack of reports with errors.
  5. 5. The SAME ERRORS you saw last week.
  6. 6. You want to do your best but there is a quality problem and you don't know where to start.
  7. 7. Start at the Top Leadership support is key for improvement. If there is a disconnect between Leaders and NFIRS (reports) it's difficult to do anything.
  8. 8. Grow Data Champions by expressing your support. Everybody in your department should know what NFIRS is, what it does, and how it affects the Fire Service.
  9. 9. are people who speak up about NFIRS and care about the quality of the System. Vocal leadership support creates more ! Data Champions Data Champions
  10. 10. Creating a department policy on NFIRS cultivates Administrative support with an added bonus of reducing errors.
  11. 11. NFIRS Policy Start with responsibility. Who will complete reports, who will check them, and who will submit them?
  12. 12. NFIRS Policy Detail expectations for data quality. Include what fields should be collected and standardize codes used.
  13. 13. NFIRS Policy Include when the reports should be finished, checked, and submitted. Submission should be in-line with your State's guidelines.
  14. 14. Don't forget to include updating reports! Failing to keep reports updated can cause problems later on.
  15. 15. A policy is great but how do you get the information in the first place?
  16. 16. Field Notes Form Location: Alarm Date/Time Call Type: Actions Taken: Incident Commander: Patient: Owner: Trucks Taken: Personnel: A good field notes form ensures that information is collected right from the beginning, even at 3am. Click here to see an example
  17. 17. Now about that stack of errors that you see again and again...send them back!
  18. 18. Think of it as an individualized training opportunity. If you keep fixing errors for everyone you'll keep seeing them. Send the reports back for correction with an explanation of the errors. Return to writer
  19. 19. Decide how many errors or which types of errors will result in a return to writer.
  20. 20. Further reduce errors by creating cheat sheets that are specific to your department. Cheat Sheets
  21. 21. Eliminate rarely-used codes from cheat sheets and use categories to bring order to the many options. Fire Medical MVA
  22. 22. 571-Gas Station 449-Hotel 571-KwikShop 449-Best Western Use names rather than generic descriptions. Property Use is a perfect place to use names.
  23. 23. Facing an error you just can't get past? Phone a friend.
  24. 24. There's no reason to struggle alone when hundreds of people are familiar with NFIRS. Your State Program Manager has probably fixed that same error a thousand times. Literally.
  25. 25. Hi! While you're at it, make sure your State Program Manager knows who the contact is for your department. You may be missing out on cheat sheets, training, and changes otherwise.
  26. 26. These steps are actionable, free, and within the control of all fire departments. Now it's time to put those great reports to use! Do you have tips on how your department cleans up data quality? I'd love to hear from you! -Sara That's it!